Michael Vick 2014 NFL Free Agency Destination: Washington Redskins


November 11, 2012; Philadelphia, PA, USA; Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick (7) passes the ball beyond the reach of Dallas Cowboys outside linebacker DeMarcus Ware (94) during the first half at Lincoln Financial Field. The Cowboys defeated the Eagles 38-23. Mandatory Credit: Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

The log jam at quarterback is something to behold for the Philadelphia Eagles.  What makes it even more interesting is the lack of a clear front-runner.  Granted, Michael Vick seems like a favorite because of his experience and his natural fit in the offense of new head coach Chip Kelly.  The problem is Kelly may want to move on with a young option at quarterback.  Besides that Vick enters NFL free agency in 2014.

Nick Foles and Matt Barkley ready to push Vick for starting job

Perhaps no freakier athlete has played the position of quarterback like Michael Vick has.  Yet, at the end of the day, he proved no less human than the rest of them.  Whenever a quarterback gets hit a lot, he doesn’t play well.  In just 10 games last season he was sacked 28 times, not counting a ridiculous number of shots he kept taking from opposing defenders.  As a result former Eagles coach Andy Reid benched him in favor of rookie Nick Foles.  Now with Reid gone, Vick has one last chance to reclaim his starting job before his contract expires.  Otherwise he faces a lot of uncertainty in free agency at age 33.  Foles will certainly try to challenge him, as will promising 4th round draft pick Matt Barkley.  What it comes down to is what head coach Chip Kelly sees.  Vick seems to have an early edge because of his ability to run, but that doesn’t offer any guarantees.  Kelly, like any other coach, wants to see a quarterback who runs the offense right, not the best athlete.  That is why experts, and a lot of fans, expect 2013 to be Vick’s last in Philadelphia.

Kirk Cousins could become prime trade bait after Robert Griffin III returns

The question then shifts to where he might go next year.  At his age the likelihood of landing a starting job is remote at best, especially with a promising quarterback class expected in the next NFL draft.  However, there could be a number of viable backup jobs teams would love to have him for.  One of the bigger surprises on that list is the Washington Redskins.  The reason for that is what the season holds for their current backup Kirk Cousins.  He showed off some serious skill last season, winning key games while helping Washington to their first playoff berth in seven years.  What lay ahead for him depends on the health of starting quarterback Robert Griffin III.  If the Rookie of the Year returns without incident from his torn ACL, the need for Cousins will diminish, while his trade value will skyrocket.  History shows teams love bringing in experienced quarterbacks who are still very young, which he is.  If Washington did this it would leave their backup slot exposed.

That is where Michael Vick comes in.  His skill set of mobility and big arm would mesh well with the pistol offense the Redskins like to run with RGIII.  Best of all his price would be affordable given age and injury history.  If anything else he could by them time until they find another young backup to develop.