Kenny Britt 2014 NFL Free Agency Destination: Cincinnati Bengals


Oct 28, 2012; Nashville, TN, USA; Tennessee Titans wide receiver Kenny Britt (18) runs after a reception against Indianapolis Colts corner back Vontae Davis (23) during the first half at LP Field. Mandatory credit: Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

As enigmas go in the world of football, there isn’t bigger one, literally and figuratively, than wide receiver Kenny Britt.  Built with the size and speed combination of a superstar in waiting, he has continually found ways to put his career in jeopardy whether through injuries or off-the-field incidents.  Nobody knows what the future holds for him.  That is why the 2013 season could mean everything.

Tennessee Titans can use Justin Hunter to help or replace Britt

Optimism is sky high for the Tennessee Titans for the 2013 campaign.  Their offensive line is revamped with arguably the best guards free agency and the draft had to offer.  Jake Locker will have better protection and Chris Johnson should see more holes in the running game.  Perhaps the biggest addition to the offense from a pure potential point of view is Tennessee Volunteers receiver Justin Hunter.  While not as polished as teammate Cordarrelle Patterson, Hunter drew a lot of eyes from scouts who believe his ceiling is huge if the Titans can develop him properly.  At 6’4” with 4.4/40 speed he should have an impact.  What some fans wonder is just what does the future hold for him?  Is he merely a wing-man to Britt and Kendall Hunter or an eventual replacement?  Given that Britt has had arrest issues in the past couple years along with injuries to both knees, his fate is tied heavily to 2013, especially since his contract expires before 2014 NFL free agency.  If he can’t rise to the occasion, then they have Hunter waiting in the wings to take over once he leaves.

Marvin Lewis proved with Adam Jones that troubled players aren’t bad players

By that point one might think Britt, physically skilled as he is, would not garner interest from teams because of the red flags about his health and law troubles.  Then again such things haven’t stopped the Cincinnati Bengals.  Much like the old Oakland Raiders teams from back in the ‘70s, this franchise headed by Marvin Lewis has become a “halfway house” of sorts.  Troubles off the field don’t bother them if they think a guy can play.  Some shining examples include corner Adam Jones (40 tackles and a sack) and linebacker Vontaze Burfict (127 tackles and a sack).  Both have had issues with police in the past but got reprieves from Cincinnati, who has reached the playoffs two-straight seasons.  Adding Kenny Britt is not only something they would do, it makes a ton of sense too.  The Bengals need a secondary target for Andy Dalton opposite A.J. Green.  The thought of putting the 6’3” Britt across from the 6’4” Green would make any reservations about arrest records white noise.

Whether something like that happens rests on the fate of the Titans offense.  One more slap of the handcuffs or visit to the infirmary could set events in motion pretty quickly.