2013 NFL Draft: Pittsburgh Steelers Draft Grade


April 26, 2013; Pittsburgh, PA, USA; Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker Jarvis Jones (left) is introduced at the UPMC Sports Complex by Steelers president Art Rooney II after being selected the Steelers number one pick in the first round of the 2013 NFL Draft. Mandatory Credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

1st Round 17th Overall — Jarvis Jones OLB, Georgia — A+

This is one of the best picks of the 1st round. Teams get too caught up in measurables and don’t look at production. Jones dominated the SEC in back to back years and was an absolute playmaker. Jones should have been a top 5 pick.

2nd Round 48th Overall — Le’Veon Bell RB, Michigan State — C+

I like Le’Veon Bell a lot, but with better backs on the board this wasn’t a great pick. I think they could have gotten him a round later. He does catch the ball very well which will help him get some playing time.

3rd Round 79th Overall — Markus Wheaton WR, Oregon State — A-

This was another great pick by the Steelers. Wheaton can come in and take over the downfield threat that Mike Wallace once was. Wheaton was a 2nd round prospect so this is very good value.

4th Round 111th Overall — Shamarko Thomas S, Syracuse — B+

Thomas is a small player who also has some injury concern. He has a lot of talent and is a good value here though. Many see him being a player much like Bob Sanders in that when he is healthy is is really good, but how often can he be healthy.

4th Round 115th Overall — Landry Jones QB, Oklahoma — D+

I’m not a Landry Jones fan at all. I didn’t have him in my top 10 quarterbacks, so that he was drafted this early is a little mind boggling to me. Jones really doesn’t do well under pressure and Pitts line isn’t known for top notch pass blocking.

5th Round 150th Overall — Terry Hawthorne CB, Illinois — B

Hawthorne has good size for a corner to match up with any receiver outside. He doesn’t have a great backpedal yet and wants to catch interceptions with his body. He is still inconsistent in his coverage as well.

6th Round 186th Overall — Justin Brown WR, Oklahoma — D+

Brown wasn’t a prospect I had getting drafted and I thought there were a lot better prospects on the board. He does have good size, but he doesn’t run good routes and I’m not sure he has the speed to play in the NFL.

6th Round 206th Overall — Vince Williams LB, Florida State — B+

I really like Vince Williams as a player and is a really good value in the 6th round. He has a lot of talent and could possibly be a starter in Pitt in a few years.

7th Round 223rd Overall — Nick Williams DT/DE, Samford — B+

With the disappointment of some of the DE’s on Pitts line, Williams could possibly stick. He is a hard worker, who I thought would go in the late 5th/early 6th.

Overall — B+

Some of the picks the Steelers made were great picks. However, some of the picks the Steelers made just didn’t make any sense to me at all. Jones has a chance to come in and be the best pass rusher out of this draft right off the bat. Wheaton can step in and help the Steelers downfield passing game. Thomas gets to learn behind one of the best safeties in the NFL in Troy Polamalu. Bell will probably get a lot of playing time since the Steelers don’t really have a good running back.

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