Interview: Sio Moore, LB, Oakland Raiders


Oct 15, 2011; East Hartford, CT, USA; Connecticut Huskies linebacker Sio Moore (3) celebrates after making an interception against the South Florida Bulls during the second half at Rentschler Field. Mandatory Credit: Danny Wild-USA TODAY Sports

1. At the East West Shrine game, you opened some scouts eyes by dominating the competitors. You then solidified your skills with a solid performance at the Senior Bowl. The NFL Combine was the next event on your path to the draft. What were you thinking knowing that your stock was rising tremendously?

I was thinking that I’ve got to keep out performing others no matter what the last thing I was doing was. I was glad to see that people started to take notice to who I was and my university, but it just made me more aware of how hard I had to keep working.

2. While at the combine, you took part in multiple interviews for NFL teams. Which teams stuck out to you as the most memorable? What was the strangest question anyone asked you during the process?

The interviews went well. I didn’t have very many, but they all asked about my background and who I was. There were no crazy questions.

3. Being drafted in the third round has to be an honor. Tell me about your experience on draft day. Who were you with? What were your emotions when you got the phone call? Etc.

It was a crazy one. My friend wanted to get a shirt and I picked one out that said “living the California dream” earlier in the day, which was ironic. Also, my entire family was wearing black at our little gathering, so that was kind of cool. The first emotion was saying “Grandma, we did it.” I went to tears when I saw my name on the screen. It was a surreal moment for me and my family.

4. You finished your college education and got a degree in political science. Should more college athletes stay and graduate before entering the draft, or declare early?

There isn’t a lot guaranteed in the NFL being that everything is contingent on your play. It only makes sense to stay in college and further your education, but as well can help with the player you grow into before leaving college.

5. You were a political science major. What are you looking to do once you retire from football?

In 15 years, when I retire, I plan on being a great dad and husband, if the opportunity presents itself. I would love to be a coach and give back to kids. There is no greater feeling than working with and giving back to the kids.

6. What was your most memorable moment in college football? What was your most memorable moment during college in general?

I’d say when we won the Big East championship in 2010. That was a tough and trying year. It was great to see the team come together to do what we did.

7. You have mentioned before that you are the best linebacker in the 2013 NFL draft class. Do you think the confidence you have in yourself will help you become a successful NFL linebacker?

It will only drive me to work harder than anyone else. That’s all that I can control; how hard I work and the effort I give.

8. Tell me and all of the NFL, especially Raider Nation, about yourself.

I’m a guy that is dedicated to being great. I want to win and do whatever it takes for my team and coaches to believe that.

Justin Bales