2013 NFL Draft: Jacksonville Jaguars Draft Grade


Apr 25, 2013; New York, NY, USA; NFL commissioner Roger Goodell introduces offensive tackle Luke Joeckel (Texas A

1st Round 2nd Overall — Luke Joeckel OT, Texas A&M — C+

Joeckel is a great prospect, but they already have Eugene Monroe who is a very good LT. Spending the 2nd pick on a RT just isn’t a great pick to me when there were some dynamic pass rushers available. The only reason this didn’t get a lower grade is because of Joeckels talent level.

2nd Round 33rd Overall — Jonathan Cyprien S, Florida International — A

Cyprien had a top 20 grade to me, so getting him with the 33rd pick is a great value. He will come in straight away and start for the Jaguars.

3rd Round 64th Overall — Dwayne Gratz CB, Connecticut — B-

The Jags needed a CB and Gratz has talent, but there were better CBs available. His teammate Blidi Wreh-Wilson is one the CB prospects who was still on the board.

4th Round 101st Overall — Ace Sanders WR, South Carolina — B

Sanders is a guy who should be able to contribute in the slot in the future. He can also contribute in the return game straight away.

5th Round 135th Overall — Denard Robinson RB/WR/KR, Michigan — B-

This is an interesting pick, especially since he was announced as a RB. Robinson will give them some versatility with some trick play potential as well as being able to help in the return game as well. He is also very elusive.

6th Round 169th Overall — Josh Evans S, Florida — A-

The Jags needed 2 safeties and they got a great value in Evans here. I had him as a 4th round prospect, so getting him in the 6th was great. Him and Cyprien are both very versatile safeties.

7th Round 208th Overall — Jeremy Harris CB, New Mexico St. — B

Harris is a tall CB who fits the mold of what Bradley likes. He fits the range of a 7th round pick too.

7th Round 210th Overall — Demetrius McCray CB, Appalachian State — B

McCray is another tall, strong CB who fits what Gus Bradley likes. The Jaguars needed CBs badly so taking 3 was probably a good idea

Overall — B

This draft was a very good one after the 1st pick. If they had taken Dion Jordan or Ezekiel Ansah this could have been an A draft. Cyrpien was a great pick and will start from day 1. They got some special teams weapons in Sanders and Robinson and then some value in Evans at the safety position.

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