NFL Power Rankings

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NFL Power Rankings are always a big source of debate (and hate mail lobbied to this writer– if you want to get in), but they’re still fun anyway, which is why  I continue to do them week after week during the regular season despite the time and effort they take.

This year should be a fun year, while the same cast of characters will get preseason top billing there are bound to be some surprise teams. And finally I think the N.F.C. West has caught up with the rest of the N.F.C….now only if they had better quarterback play. Here’s my shot at the preseason NFL Power Rankings.

32. Cleveland Browns-

I was not a big fan of Brandon Weeden. I think that was a huge mistake. I really want this team to be good. I don’t like seeing the same teams be bad all the time.

31. Jacksonville Jaguars-

Blaine Gabbert has looked good in preseason!!!! Who Cares??  Show me something when it matters.

30.  Oakland Raiders-

This team is headed in the right direction. Their G.M. has maneuvered very well this off-season despite all of the limitations placed on him. This year though, could be a step back.

29. St. Louis Rams-

Sam Bradford bouncing back would be a great thing. Rams fans shouldn’t fret about this year anyway. The RGIII trade has set them up very well for the future.

28. Indianapolis Colts-

Andrew Luck is already impressing. Still a transitioning defense, a rookie QB, and underwhelming pieces on offense should lead to an abysmal record.

27. Miami Dolphins-

I never think much of the Dolphins, I’ve been more right than wrong with that sentiment in the past five years.

26. Minnesota Vikings-

They’re going to get beat on by their divisional opponents, but Adrian Peterson and Jared Allen are two of the best players in the league. Should be enough for a few wins at least.

25. Arizona Cardinals-

After drafting Larry Fitzgerald in my money league I’m hoping for huge things for this offense. I really like the defense. I wanted to put them higher, but am struggling to find a place. Maybe I’ll switch them with the Seahawks after this week.

24.  Tampa Bay Buccaneers-

Maybe the most disappointing team in the league last year. I hope they bounce back. Vincent Jackson will help that offense.

23. Washington Redskins-

I’m not expecting the world out of this team, but they have a good defense. Solid pieces on offense. Can RGIII stay healthy? Brutal division.

22. Tennessee Titans-

They are better than the Colts and Jaguars which means they should be in second place in their own division, and therefore are appropriately ranked here.

21. Carolina Panthers-

Not expecting a sophomore slump from Cam Newton but they need more pieces on defense. Another team I will not at all be surprised if they end up near the top 10, or in the playoffs.

20. New York Jets-

They could be better and it won’t surprise me. I really think their defense can be very good. Their offense looks putrid, however.

19. Seattle Seahaws-

They should have a good run game, they have intriguing receiving options, but rookie QB are always at a chance to struggle.

18. San Diego Chargers-

Philip Rivers and the Chargers always have a long bout of inconsistency that really hurts their Superbowl aspirations. The New York Giants do that too, but they have overcome it in a big way. Can the Chargers.

17. Kansas City Chiefs-

I don’t think much of Cassel, but I like the rest of the team a lot and the rest of the division doesn’t look unbeatable.

16. Dallas Cowboys-

They should be about an average team, which is what they are here. Really worried about their offensive line.

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