Prospect of the day: Devin Street, Pittsburgh Panthers


I wanted to have a prospect of the day as a daily feature during the summer, but unfortunately that did not happen. I’ll pick it up now and do it as a semi-regular feature at the very least, and possibly parlay it into a regular daily feature. Today we’ll look at a player who is not getting a ton of publicity, but is the type of prospect who could explode in the upcoming season. He’ll definitely wow in the pre-draft process and get himself in position to be a first round pick. Pittsburgh Red-Shirt Junior WR Devin Street. While Pittsburgh is not known as a powerhouse for wide receivers there are a few very good in the NFL who played at Pittsburgh, the most well known current player is of course Larry Fitzgerald. Most recently Jon Baldwin was drafted in the fist round by the Kansas City Chiefs, and Baldwin is poised for a big season.

The first thing you’ll noticed about Street is his terrific size/speed combination. Street is listed at 6’4 (probably closer to 6’2, 6’3) and a 190 pounds and while he is not bulky he has good long range speed.  Street has not been consistent game in and game out for the Pittsburgh Panthers but has flashed major talent.  Street has had good, but not great production for the Panthers. Last year he hauled in 53 passes for 754 yards and two touchdowns. The Panthers will be transitioning to a more pro style offensive system this year, which should help Street improve in his route running and fine tune his technique. Street could also catch the ball cleaner. But despite his flaws, Street is a name to follow because he has the ideal size and plus speed that coaches can’t teach which could lend itself to big plays in the N.F.L.

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