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Miami Dolphins 2012 NFL Draft Preview


Preview provided by Brian Miller. Head to Phin Phanatic for more on the Miami Dolphins.

What are the needs for the Miami Dolphins?

A lot. Which is why there is no consensus top choice. A pass rushing OLB/DE is probably the biggest need, followed by RT and RG. QB is a need but even that takes a backseat to the first two. To say nothing about a safety after Yeremiah Bell’s release and of course a number 1 WR after the trade of Brandon Marshall. Add to that depth at almost all the positions and the Dolphins could literally go BPA in every round and find a use for that player.

Who are the prospects I would like to see end up with the Dolphins?

I’m on board with Ryan Tannehill, Melvin Ingram, Fletcher Cox, or Michael Floyd in round 1. In round 2 I really like Kirk Cousins or Kevin Zeitler. Would also like to see a guy like Chandler Jones or Nick Perry as well. Beyond that, I finally want to see players that will contribute and make an impact instead of simply being unnoticeable depth players and special team staples.

What would represent a successful draft?

The Dolphins need to make smart moves not publicly motivated moves. If their plan is to get more stringent on defense than draft the best player and do it. The Dolphins can’t afford to take risks or make reaches for players that don’t fit their system or will be added to the mix of also-ran free agents. The team needs to find playmakers not simply find players. Whether that is with a QB or any other position.

Bold prediction for the team?

I think the Dolphins will trade their 8th overall pick to Philadelphia and move back where they will take a pass rush specialist with the 15th pick and then try and get a QB in round 2. They may not even draft a QB until round 4 where they could opt to get Brock Osweiller.