Cleveland Browns 2012 NFL Draft Preview


Preview provided by Steve DiMatteo. Head to Dawg Pound Daily for more on the Cleveland Browns.

What are the team needs for the Browns heading into the draft?

The better question might be what isn’t a team need for the Browns heading into the draft? The biggest needs for the team certainly lie on the offensive side of the ball, with running back and wide receiver remaining gaping holes that need to be addressed. Other positions – like right tackle, linebacker, cornerback and even quarterback – are needs, but the Browns have to address both running back and wide receiver early to ensure there is marked improvement on offense in 2012.

Who are some prospects you’d like to see end up with the Browns?

Ideally, the Browns will select running back Trent Richardson with the fourth overall pick, but no one should lose any sleep over the selection of wide receiver Justin Blackmon, either. If the Browns do miss out on Richardson, Doug Martin is another running back prospect worth looking into. If the Browns do select Richardson, players like wide receiver Kendall Wright, wide receiver Stephen Hill, and quarterback Brandon Weeden remain some of the top prospects to target.

What would represent a successful draft in your opinion?

With 13 total picks, the Browns have plenty of ammunition. With so many selections, a successful draft would come in the form of at least three to five solid starters on either side of the ball. People have an inflated idea of how many players in each draft class become contributors, and the only reason the guess is as high as five is purely due to the quantity of picks. As long as the Browns address running back and wide receiver within their first three picks, it can automatically qualify as a success.

Give us a bold prediction for your team.

The Browns select cornerback Morris Claiborne at No. 4, Doug Martin at No. 22, and Brandon Weeden with the 37th overall pick.