Washington Redskins 2012 NFL Draft Preview


Preview provided by Kevin Mawyer. Head to Riggo’s Rag for more on the Washington Redskins.

What are the team needs for the Redskins heading into the draft?

The Redskins are obviously in desperate need for a franchise quarterback. This issue should be addressed with the second overall pick in selecting Baylor QB and Heisman winner Robert Griffin III. The Redskins also have several other holes to fill on the offensive side of the ball. Look for the Skins to target an offensive lineman (probably a tackle) and another receiver on offense. Washington is also a little thin at linebacker and corner on the defensive side of the ball so don’t be surprised if they pick up a DB in the later rounds.

Who are some prospects you’d like to see end up with the Redskins?

Most Redskins fans have been consumed by the phenomenon that is Robert Griffin III. They believe that Griffin is the more talented quarterback between himself and Stanford’s Andrew Luck. I believe Griffin is more suited to run the Shanahan’s offensive system and should flourish once he gets his rookie mistakes out of the way.

The Redskins have also been rumored recently to possibly be trading up to get Griffin’s team mate from Baylor, wide receiver Kendall Wright. The Redskins went through a rash of signings at the beginning of free agency, but could look to add Wright should another spot open up.

What would represent a successful draft in your opinion?

A successful draft? If Robert Griffin III makes it through an entire NFL season without injury and the Redskins continue the upward trend (despite their record), then I would consider this a successful draft. There hasn’t been a moment like this Thursday in Washington, DC sports history in a very long time. This draft, season and the next ten to fifteen years of football hinge on this kid’s right arm.

Give us a bold prediction for your team.

The Washington Redskins will absolutely destroy the decimated New Orleans Saints in week one and ride that momentum to a 9-7 record and a sixth seed in the NFC playoffs. Match-up issues in the first round will give the Redskins an edge and we will have our first playoff victory since 2005.