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Tennessee Titans 2012 NFL Draft Preview


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What are the team needs for the Tennessee Titans heading into the draft?

The Titans have a few needs heading into the draft, though thanks to free agency they aren’t completely desperate in any one position. That being said, this should be a defensively heavy draft for the Titans. They will be looking at DE, DT, OLB, and S on the defensive side of the ball. As for offense, they could look to add a big name receiver early on, as insurance for the ever fragile Kenny Britt. You can also expect them to add a center and possibly a guard.

Who are some prospects you’d like to see end up with the Tennessee Titans?

I’ve got a few guys I’d like to see land with the Titans. My first round hopefuls include DE Nick Perry of USC, S Mark Barron of Alabama, or maybe even WR Stephen Hill of Georgia Tech. Later in the draft they could look to add DE Vinny Curry of Marshall, DE Tyrone Crawford of Boise State, or even DE Ernest Owusu of Cal.

What would represent a successful draft in your opinion?

A successful draft for the Titans would be adding a playmaker of what ever sort in the first round, whether it be a big receiver or a great guy on defense. Other than that, hitting on all the points I was hitting on earlier: DE, DT, S, OLB, G, and C. That’s what would make a successful draft for the Titans.

Give us a bold prediction for your team

By the time the Titans turn to pick comes, their top rated players are off the board. They drop back three or four spaces and are able to pick up an extra pick as well as a big receiver. Jake Locker gets himself another big target to help him grow into the franchise QB the Titans hope he can be.