Seattle Seahawks 2012 NFL Draft Preview


Preview provided by Keith Myers. Head to 12th Man Rising for more on the Seattle Seahawks.

What are the team needs for the Seahawks heading into the draft?

The Seahawks definitely need help at LB, and they could still use a pass rushing DE, but it doesn’t have to be someone capable of playing every down; just someone who’s able to come in and provide some edge pressure on 3rd downs.

The Seahawks could also use some WR and CB depth, and every team can also use more OL help.

Who are some prospects you’d like to see end up with the Seahawks?

A top LB like Luke Kuechly or Melvin Ingram would be nice, or at least a 2nd tier guy like Lavonte David. I’d also like to see the Seahawks get a speedy RB who can compliment Marshawn Lynch. Someone like LaMichael James if he falls to them in 4th round would be nice.

What would represent a successful draft in your opinion?

  1. A LB who we know can step in and start on day 1.
  2. Avoiding trading away picks in next year’s draft to pick someone in this draft.
  3. Avoiding wasting a pick on one of the “project” QBs in this year’s draft

Give us a bold prediction for your team

Despite only having 6 picks going into the draft, the Seahawks pick 2 LBs in the first 3 rounds.