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Carolina Panthers 2012 NFL Draft Preview


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What are the team needs for the Carolina Panthers heading into the draft?

Defensive Tackle, Cornerback, and Offensive Tackle.

Who are some prospects you’d like to see end up with the Carolina Panthers?

I really like Luke Kuechley. He reminds me a lot of Dan Morgan. He’s got the drive that you hope every football player has, and he’s one hell of a tackler. Also, I wouldn’t mind seeing Ryan Broyles the WR from Oklahoma. He’s a bit undervalued in my opinion, but I think he can do wonders for the team. I have to throw these names out there: WRs J.J. Hayes and Marcus Jackson from Lamar University. I saw every Lamar game this season, and as late-rounders or UFA’s, both will make a splash on a team, I just hope its Carolina.

What would represent a successful draft in your opinion?

To me the most important thing is to get two instant defensive starters. Carolina’s D was horrid last season, and Rivera likes building through the Draft, so we get to see if it works.

Give us a bold prediction for your team:

NFC South Champions. New Orleans is about to get hammered with suspensions, Atlanta is on the fast track to mediocrity, and Tampa Bay has Josh Freeman.