Redskins vs. Browns: RG3 Sweeps


I don’t get it. I’m not saying that for effect, I mean it: I just don’t understand how so many ‘draft experts’ have the Skins picking Claiborne (CB, LSU) at #2 – admittedly, the caveat being IF we don’t trade up to get RG3.

There is so much wrong with this line of thinking.

First, if you’ve been watching our drafts the last few years, you will notice the concentration on young defensive players. That was the plan, remember? Which means, the plan this year is to draft good offensive talent, and yet, most think the Skins are picking a cornerback? I do recall the defense being quite good, considering how pedestrian the offense was. I think we need more talent at CB, sure, but not with our #2 overall pick!

Secondly, the Redskins ARE drafting RG3. End of story.

Oh, sure, there’s some validity to the argument that the Browns might trade up to get the #2 pick. I suppose those with that opinion also have a very low opinion of Colt McCoy. I’m not sure why, seeing as though he doesn’t have much around him as far as weapons go. Most Browns highlights I saw from last year were of McCoy running around for his life or getting demolished by opposing defenses. Also, as an aside – and perhaps just to upset ‘Bama fans J – I think Texas would have won the BCS Championship game if he hadn’t gotten hurt early. Anyway, I think the Browns have more pieces to fill. They’re projected to be some $21 million below the cap next year, so I see them being busy in FA too. Again, IMO, gathering players to compliment the QB they already have.

But let’s say, for the sake of argument, the Browns and Skins want to deal with the Rams for their #2 overall pick. Granted, the Browns have two first-round picks and could potentially “outbid” the Skins with draft picks in trade. True. However, draft picks aren’t the only reason trades are done and the highest bid doesn’t necessarily always carry the day. I hear Shanny and Fisher have a very deep mutual respect. Don’t underestimate the power of personal relationships! Additionally, isn’t Hillis a FA for the Browns? My money is on him going somewhere else … so, the Browns could save picks and easily get Richardson (RB, ‘Bama) at #4. That leaves them with another first-round pick, whatever they did in FA and a TON of money to spend.

All of that said, there’s another reason the Skins will get RG3, and I know most people won’t necessarily feel me on this, but I have to say it: RG3 is supposed to come to Washington. Call it Fate, call it Destiny, Karma, whatever. Our owner is behaving like an owner. Our coaching staff is top notch, and the prevailing attitudes around Redskins Park are ones of positivity, teamwork and new direction.

This is the right young man for all the right reasons, coming to the right team at just the right time. And besides, we passed on McCoy and Dalton already, two solid Texas quarterbacks. RG3 is the third in line … wait a minute, maybe we’ll trade with the Vikings and he’ll be the 3rd overall pick!

I like it when things just FIT.  🙂


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