Manning to Redskins Rumors: Enough Already!


All humility aside, I thought with my last blog that I had successfully, for once and for all, dispelled all rumors about Peyton Manning coming to Washington. Short of dissipating, however, on Monday morning after the Super Bowl, the rumors have found new life. Sigh.

Evidently, according to someone with CBS/Philly, “two people close to the Manning family” have allegedly implied Peyton will play for the Skins in 2012. This is a new one, btw, from just this Sunday during the Super Bowl.

Now … what to say? First, what does “close” to the Manning family mean? Are these the next door neighbors of Archie, distant relatives or moms in the local Indy PTA? Actually, I don’t really care who those sources are … what is Mike Shanahan saying?

From other sources, I’m reading that the Skins are pursuing Matt Flynn, Manning *and* Kyle Orton. Heck, what about Drew Brees or Alex Smith? Campbell and McNabb are available again. As long as we’re pursuing everyone else’s QBs, why not consider one of our former QBs?

Honestly, this is all so ridiculous. I’ve blogged about Manning before, but most of my points are easily applicable for other QBs. We don’t need someone else’s guy. We need OUR guy. And I think the Shanahans feel the same way, so I’m not really all that worried they’ll reach for a Manning or an Orton.

Which makes me wonder: why is so much attention paid to rumors and wild speculation? I learned a long time ago not to take anything I read or heard as gospel, and that I shouldn’t count on something until it actually happened. I’ve also learned to look at things from various angles and perspectives and not just my own. So in that light, I offer this:

The Shanahans have a system. A tried and successful system, in fact. To the chagrin of many pundits and talking heads, the Redskins aren’t simply looking to get a great talent at QB and change their system to take advantage of one person’s specific skill set. The people they have in the offense right now, and those they will draft, were brought in because their talent matches – in some measure – the system in place. Sure you can tweak thing a little bit, and change the game plan from week to week, but by and large you need to get talent that fits the system. Could it be done the other way around? Sure, and it has been. It CAN work both ways, as long as you stay true to what you are doing and everyone buys in.

Viewing the situation in light of this knowledge, I not only don’t see the Skins going after Peyton, I don’t think Peyton would want to play for the Skins. Right, wrong or indifferent, Peyton Manning is not a system quarterback. Of all the FA quarterbacks, I see Matt Flynn as a good fit, with potential to grow and build a great career here in D.C. Of course, my money is on RG3, but getting Flynn would allow us to save draft picks and get some more supporting players on the offensive side of the ball.

One way or the other, the Redskins need a top-notch QB and everyone knows it. Let’s just not jump at every bright light … instead, let’s try and find out what few quarterbacks best fit our system, and go after them with a purpose. We’ve brought in all the names and made the big splashes previously. It didn’t work for us before, and it didn’t work for the Eagles in 2011.

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