2012 NFL Mock Draft 2 Round Update With Trades. Colts Grab Luck?

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Andrew Luck is First, but what about the rest?

This will be a 2012 Mock Draft 2 rounds with trades.  Next week NFL Mocks will launch their first 2013 NFL Mock Draft.  I will use this draft to determine what teams will do by listing trades.

Round 1

1. Indianapolis Colts 0-7 Andrew Luck Quarterback Stanford Junior Redshirt If the Colts get the #1 pick I am inclined to believe that they will select Andrew Luck.  Luck is just too good of a prospect to pass on.  Plus it would not hurt for the Colts to draft Luck and groom him for the future.  I think Manning may consider retirement.  People say the guy has 5 years left, but he only has 2 good years left if he recovers from his injury because age is quickly catching up with Manning.  The Colts will never have a better chance to grab a quarterback of the future.

2. St. Louis Rams 0-6 Matt Kalil Left Tackle USC Junior Redshirt Drafting Matt Kalil would really allow the St. Louis Rams to solidify any long term issues the team has on the offensive line.  Saffold can move to right tackle allowing Jason Smith to plug inside to guard.

3. Miami Dolphins 0-6 Matt Barkley Quarterback USC Junior The Miami Dolphins need a signal caller.  After Andrew Luck the quarterback who provides the most experience and the best chance to win in a pro style offense is Matt Barkley.  Barkley has the intangibles, the accuracy, and leadership that you look for in a signal caller.  His completion percentage is higher than Landry Jones.  You know Barkley has the intangibles.  You cannot say the same thing with Landry Jones.

4. Minnesota Vikings 1-6 Jonathan Martin Left Tackle Stanford Junior Redshirt Martin reminds me of Jonathan Odgen with the high character of Max Starks.  Martin is exactly the kind of blindside the Vikings need.  He can excel in pass protection keeping Christian Ponder healthy while paving the way for running back Adrian Peterson.

Trade Cleveland Browns Trade 14th overall pick the one they own not the 2012 first rounder from Atlanta and a 2013 first round pick to the Arizona Cardinals.  The Browns 14th pick is worth 1,100 points on the trade value chart.  A 2013 first round pick is worth 600 points on the trade value chart.  The 5th overall pick is worth 1,700 points on the trade value chart so the trade is fair on both sides.

The Jaguars will not pass on Quinton Coples if he falls to #6.  Cleveland makes this trade to get Coples and Arizona makes this trade because they need a left tackle.  There are no left tackles worth taking at #5 overall.  Riley Reiff and Ricky Wagner are both major reaches with a top 5 pick.  The other thing to account for is that the Arizona Cardinals have no 2012 2nd round picks due to the Kevin Kolb trade they made with the Philadelphia Eagles.  Moving down gives the Cardinals more flexibility.  This trade between Cleveland and Arizona would make sense on too many levels.

5. Cleveland Browns from Arizona Cardinals 1-5 Quinton Coples Right End North Carolina Senior Coples could become the sack artist that the Browns desperately need for their 4-3 defense.  The Browns would have a pass rush with Coples playing right end and Jabaal Sheard playing left end for the 4-3 defense.

6. Jacksonville Jaguars 2-5 Justin Blackmon Wide Receiver Oklahoma State Junior Redshirt I would probably go in a different direction with this selection if I were the Jaguars GM because Blackmon lacks the size for a flanker.  The thing is Jacksonville likes speedy undersized route runners with soft hands and outstanding production.

That is exactly what Justin Blackmon brings to the table so I have to believe that the Jaguars take Blackmon with the 6th pick.

7. Carolina Panthers 2-5 Alshon Jeffery Wide Receiver South Carolina Junior Cam Newton will want a flanker to throw to.  You have to believe that Newton will get what he wants at the end of the day.

8. Seattle Seahawks 2-4 Dre Kirkpatrick Cornerback Alabama Junior Seattle keeps Pete Carroll for another year because he beat the Saints in the wild card game.  The Saints pass on Landry Jones to take a corner irritating tons of Seahawks fans.

9. Philadelphia Eagles 2-4 Vontaze Burfict Middle Linebacker Arizona State Junior The Eagles will take the best player available that fits a need here.  That player will be Vontaze Burfict.  The reason I believe this could happen is because the Eagles have 2 2nd round picks.

The Eagles have their 2nd round pick and the 2nd round pick they got from Arizona in the Kevin Kolb trade.  The Eagles could use those 2 draft picks to move back into the first round to obtain a right tackle.  The Eagles may opt to do this.

10. Denver Broncos 2-4 Trent Richardson Running Back Alabama Junior The Denver Broncos need a back for the future.  Willis McGahee turns 30 and Knowshon Moreno is averaging 2.6 yards per carry.  Richardson can average nearly 7 yards per carry.  The Broncos have to take Richardson by building around him.

11. Dallas Cowboys 3-3 Landry Jones Quarterback Oklahoma Junior Redshirt Surprise Surprise. I have Landry Jones going to Dallas in this mock draft. Word on the street is that Jerry Jones has taken a huge liking to Landry Jones.  Jerry Jones brought in Cam Newton for workouts last year and many people believe Newton has had a fabulous rookie campaign so far.  Why would Jones want to miss out on a quarterback prospect that he really likes?

Another thing to consider is that Romo is getting up there in age.  Dallas may use this pick to groom a successor for the future.

When I watched the Dallas Cowboys defense play New England the defense looked solid.  I believe the interior offensive line is the Cowboys biggest issue to address.  Too bad there are no lineman worth taking at #11.  Some more depth on the Cowboys defense may have enabled Dallas to defeat New England.  This defense is not as bad as draftniks are making the Cowboys defense out to be.

Dan Snyder and Washington will want to take a quarterback at #12.  The only quarterback that I believe will be available is Landry Jones.  I think Robert Griffin III is a better quarterback than Landry Jones.  At the end of the day I see Robert Griffin III returning to school.

If Jerry Jones knows that his rival owner Dan Snyder wants a quarterback at #12 he may draft Jones as a successor to Romo.  The reason that this would be smart is that it would force the Redskins to address another position other than quarterback.

The Dallas Cowboys would have less to worry about in the NFC East if the Washington Redskins went another year without a quarterback.

12. Washington Redskins 3-3 Luke Kuechly 3-4 Middle Linebacker Boston College Junior The Washington Redskins will need a smart instinctive linebacker to succeed London Fletcher.  Kuechley has recorded 100 or more tackles in 3 consecutive seasons at Boston College.  Kuechly appears to be the ideal successor for Fletcher.

The Redskins will only resort to drafting Kuechly if no first round quarterbacks are available to draft.  The Redskins will anticipate the Titans wanting to draft Kuechly because

Another trade.  The Titans have tons of needs.  Their main need is a defensive end.  Other needs include a middle linebacker, wide receiver, cornerback for depth, and safeties for the later rounds.  The Titans will put their faith in Jason McCourty and Alteraun Verner to start.  This draft is deep at cornerback.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers want to address one main need.  That need is cornerback.  I have Morris Claiborne listed as a top 5 talent and my 7th best overall player.  If Claiborne falls to #13 overall the Buccaneers will make a trade to move up.  The Buccaneers will offer the 21st overall pick worth 800 points on the trade value chart and the 54th overall pick worth 360 points.  That adds up to a total of 1,160 points on the trade value chart.  That is 10 points more than what the Titans pick is worth.

13. Tampa Bay Buccaneers from Tennessee Titans 3-3 Morris Claiborne Cornerback LSU Junior Morris Claiborne is a highly coveted cornerback prospect.  With Ronde Barber on the brink of retirement, Aqib Talib with his off the field issues, and Myron Lewis being a nickel corner with #2 corner ability at best Tampa needs to bring a cornerback in.

That cornerback could be Morris Claiborne.  Claiborne has the man, zone, and press coverage ability you look for in a corner.  Claiborne has good speed, footwork, and a habit of anticipating where the football is which can sometimes result in Claiborne performing a pick 6.

14. Arizona Cardinals from Cleveland Browns 3-3 Riley Reiff Left Tackle Iowa Junior Redshirt Arizona needs a blindside.  The Cardinals select Riley Reiff with this pick making him Kevin Kolb’s blindside.

Chiefs trade this pick to the Eagles.  The Eagles give up their 2nd round pick 40th overall worth 500 points on the trade value chart in addition to a 2013 first rounder adding up to 1,10o points on the trade value chart.  The Eagles really want a right tackle and Ricky Wagner the Wisconsin offensive tackle is my top player available.  The Chiefs pick is only worth 1,050 points on the trade value chart so they take this deal in a heartbeat.

15. Philadelphia Eagles from Kansas City Chiefs 3-3 Ricky Wagner Right Tackle Wisconsin Junior Redshirt Ricky Wagner is 6 foot 6 320 pounds.  Wagner played right tackle for Wisconsin when playing next to Gabe Carimi.  The Eagles need a right tackle who can be Michael Vick’s blindside so they select Wagner’s pick here.

16. New York Jets 4-3 Michael Floyd Wide Receiver Notre Dame Senior The Jets take a flanker to pair up with Santonio Holmes.  Michael Floyd is an outstanding receiver and the New York Jets realize that the Cleveland Browns and the Chicago Bears could both be targeting Michael Floyd.

17. Cleveland Browns from Atlanta Falcons 4-3 Manti Te’o Right Outside Linebacker Notre Dame Junior The Cleveland Browns need a right outside linebacker for their 4-3 defense.  Manti Te’o is the best player available plus he is an amazing run stuffer.

Adding Quinton Coples and Manti Te’o to the Browns defense makes them a threat defensively.

18. Chicago Bears 4-3 Michael Brewster Center Ohio State Senior Michael Brewster has better intangibles than either of the Pouncey brothers coming out of Florida.  Brewster was a 4 year starter at center for the Ohio State Buckeyes.  Chicago has solidified their offensive tackle problems long term with J Marcus Webb at left tackle and Gabe Carimi at right tackle.

Chicago moved Roberto Garza from right guard his natural position to center.  Chicago’s offensive line will have no more inconsistency once they draft a center with Michael Brewster’s skill set.

19. Cincinnati Bengals from Oakland Raiders 4-3 Stephon Gilmore Cornerback South Carolina Junior Stephon Gilmore can pair up with Leon Hall on the Bengals secondary.  Both players are excellent man coverage cornerbacks.

Trade The Ravens want to keep the Houston Texans from drafting 6 foot 5 350 pound nose tackle Dontari Poe.  The Texans pick 22nd.  Jim Harbaugh trades his 1st and 2nd round picks to Baltimore to move up 10 spots for a shot at Poe.

20. San Francisco 49ers from Baltimore Ravens 4-2 Dontari Poe Nose Tackle Memphis Junior The 49ers use this pick to draft the best available player by adding another nose tackle for depth.

21. Tennessee Titans from Tampa Bay Buccaneers 4-3 Brandon Jenkins Right End Florida State Junior The Titans have Derrick Morgan playing left end.  The Titans need a 2nd pass rusher.  The Titans use this pick on Brandon Jenkins to boost their defense.

22. Houston Texans 4-3 Robert Lester Free Safety Alabama Junior Redshirt The Texans try to trade down, but there is nothing they like.  The Texans are forced to reach for Robert Lester by addressing a critical need at free safety.

23. Cincinnati Bengals 4-2 Brandon Thompson Defensive Tackle Clemson Senior The Bengals draft a 4-3 defensive tackle for more depth on the defensive line.  Thompson is one of the best defensive tackles in college football.  The Bengals should add more talent to their defense with this pick.

24. New York Giants 4-2 Cordy Glenn Left Guard Georgia Senior The Giants desperately need to find a starter at left guard.  Cordy Glenn is hands down the top left guard available here.

25. Buffalo Bills 4-2 David DeCastro Right Guard Stanford Junior Redshirt Buffalo tries to deal this pick only to find no suitor.  The Bills plug David DeCastro into a right guard role next to center Eric Wood to make one of the best run blocking units even better.

You see the Bills take the best player available ignoring their needs every year in the draft.

26. San Diego Chargers 4-2 Courtney Upshaw 3-4 Right Outside Linebacker Alabama Senior The Chargers finally get their 3-4 pass rushing linebacker to boost their defense.  Shaun Phillips is a good left outside linebacker for the 3-4.  The Chargers need a younger guy on the right side playing next to Phillips.  This is where Upshaw comes into play.

27. Detroit Lions 5-2 Andre Branch Right End Clemson Senior Redshirt Andre Branch is the best available player plus Kyle Vaden Bosch turns 33 in November.  Branch commanded double teams when Bowers had his breakout season last year.

28. New England Patriots from New Orleans Saints 5-2 Melvin Ingram Right End South Carolina Senior Redshirt Melvin Ingram is a very versatile 4-3 right end.  Belicheck needs a pass rusher and something tells me he will be impressed.

29. Pittsburgh Steelers 5-2 Dont’a Hightower 3-4 Middle Linebacker Alabama Junior Redshirt Dont’a Hightower has had a career season at Alabama so far in 2011.  Hightower has 48 total tackles, 6 tackles, for a loss, 1.5 sacks, and an interception while playing at the 3-4 middle linebacker position for the #1 overall run defense in the country.

Hightower has the resume that the Steelers are looking for when it comes to drafting an heir apparent for James Farrior.

30. Baltimore Ravens from San Francisco 49ers 5-1 Chase Minnifield Cornerback Virginia Senior Redshirt The Ravens use this draft pick  to add another cornerback to pair up with Jimmy Smith.  There are no 3-4 middle linebackers or free safeties available so the Ravens just take another player on secondary to compliment Jimmy Smith.

Trade New York Giants trade 2013 first rounder to New England Patriots so they can use a 2nd first round pick on a defensive player.

31. New York Giants from New England Patriots 5-1 Zach Brown Right Outside Linebacker North Carolina Senior The Giants finally address their woes at the weak side linebacker position.  Brown is the best player available so the Giants select him adding a huge upgrade on the defensive side of the ball.

32. Green Bay Packers 7-0 Chris Polk Running Back Washington Junior Redshirt The Packers simply take the best player available here.  That would be Washington back Chris Polk.

Polk has had back to back 1,100 rushing yard seasons as a freshman and sophomore redshirt.  Polk has managed to do this with a weak offensive line weighing in at 6 foot 222 pounds while averaging 5.8 yards per carry.  Polk has the ability to run a 4.3 40 time as Chris Polk could get pushed up draft boards.  Just imagine what Polk could do in Green Bay.

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