I think Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin III will return.  Where will he stand..."/> I think Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin III will return.  Where will he stand..."/>

Chris Ransom’s Top 200 Draft Board


I think Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin III will return.  Where will he stand on my top 200 if he declares?

In this list I will list all underclassmen that could declare.  If I think that underclassmen will return a * symbol will be listed next to where I have that player being ranked.

There will be in depth write ups for the top 32 players on my draft board.  I was going to due 64 write ups for the first 2 rounds of prospects, but I will wait another month for that.

Maryland Safety Kenny Tate is out for the year so he will be removed from this 2012 NFL Draft board since he will possibly seek a medical redshirt.

If there is a player that most critics have going much higher or much lower than I have after the first round I will mention that player with an in depth write up.

1. Andrew Luck Quarterback Stanford Junior Redshirt Franchise Player Andrew Luck is the clear cut #1 prospect in the 2012 NFL Draft.  Luck is the best prospect to turn pro since Peyton Manning.

The only remote flaw that I have seen with Andrew Luck is that his mechanics on deep passes have been inconsistent when defenses pressure him.  You rarely see Luck get pressured due to the outstanding pass protection at Stanford.  Even when Luck does get pressured he recognizes blitzes beforehand by releasing the football early making the proper read.

Luck is not just a quarterback he is an athlete too.  Luck can scramble out of the pocket.  He is like Tom Brady with Elway’s scrambling ability.  There was a play last year where Luck tackled a USC defender after a fumble and there was another play this year where Luck lined up as a receiver to make an outstanding catch.

There are NFL teams who would sell their soul to obtain this signal caller because Luck is such a rare prospect.  By soul I was referring to the teams draft picks.

2. Matt Kalil Left Tackle USC Junior Redshirt Top 5 Talent Lots of people believe Matt Kalil is the best left tackle in the 2012 NFL Draft.  Its hard to argue against that at this point.  After all, Kalil beat out Tyron Smith for the left tackle job at USC.  Tyron Smith went 9th overall in 2011.

Kalil can play left tackle, right tackle, left guard, right guard, or center.  Kalil can play practically anywhere on the offensive line.  I said this exact same thing about Maurkice Pouncey coming out of Florida on my youtube channel in addition to mocking him to Pittsburgh.  Look how that turned out?  Odds are though that Kalil ends up at left tackle because teams who draft offensive lineman in the top 5 often play left tackle.

I think that the top 3 players on my draft board who have the best chance of heading to Canton 20 years from now are Andrew Luck, Matt Kalil, and Quinton Coples.  At the same time if one of these players is going to be a major bust I will put my money on Kalil because he is undersized at 6 foot 7 295 pounds.

Kalil is a very effective pass blocker and run blocker at the collegiate level.  Will the lack of size come back to bite Kalil in the NFL?  Only time will tell, but Kalil looks very impressive so far.

One could argue that after Andrew Luck, Matt Kalil is the clear cut #2 overall prospect.  Will Kalil play like the #2 overall pick on Sunday’s?  That remains to be seen.

3. Quinton Coples Right End North Carolina Top 5 Talent Quinton Coples is a very versatile player.  Coples can be used as a pass rushing right end or a run stuffing left end in a 4-3 defense.

You can move Coples to a 3-4 defense if he loses the weight.  Coples could plug himself in into a 3-4 outside linebacker role.  Coples can play either the right side or the left side in a 3-4 outside linebacker role.

Coples could bulk up by adding some weight.  If he does you can plug him into a 3-4 defensive end in the 5 technique role or make Coples a 4-3 defensive tackle playing the 3 technique.

Coples is a very versatile player who has that first step off the edge that Julius Peppers had coming out of North Carolina.  Coples has no character or medical questions like Robert Quinn did which may explain why Quinn fell to #13.

4. Jonathan Martin Left Tackle Stanford Junior Redshirt Top 5 Talent Jonathan Martin is going to be a very productive left tackle in the NFL.  Martin is 6 foot 6 304 pounds and he is Luck’s blindside on Stanford.  Martin reminds me of Jonathan Odgen with Max Starks high character off the field.

Worst case scenario Martin is the next Bob Whitfield.  Come to think of it Whitfield was pretty productive as the Atlanta Falcons blindside during their only Super Bowl appearance.

5. Matt Barkley Quarterback USC Junior Top 5 Talent Matt Barkley is my highest graded quarterback after Andrew Luck.  That is because Barkley plays in an NFL caliber offense.

Barkley plays in a pro style offense operated by former Raiders head coach Lane Kiffin.  Former Trojans head coach Pete Carroll coached Matt Barkley during his freshman year before Carroll went to Seattle to coach the Seahawks.

Barkley was the #1 overall recruit coming out of high school in 2009.  Barkley has been very impressive as a junior.  Andrew Luck has thrown 20 touchdowns and 3 interceptions so far in 2011.  Barkley has thrown 19 touchdowns and 4 interceptions.

6. Dre Kirkpatrick Cornerback Alabama Junior Top 5 Talent Dre Kirkpatrick is a hard hitting cornerback.  Kirkpatrick has the speed and feet to be an effective cornerback.  Kirkpatrick can play man, zone, and press coverage.  He has the size at 6 foot 3 190 pounds plus he could bulk up to 215 running a 4.4 40 time.

7. Morris Claiborne Cornerback LSU Junior Top 5 Talent Morris Claiborne was a #2 cornerback behind Patrick Peterson last season at LSU.  In 2010 Claiborne recorded 5 interceptions.  Claiborne has improved his coverage ability in 2011 as quarterbacks have began to throw away from Claiborne.

Claiborne has excellent coverage ability in man, zone, and press coverage just like Patrick Peterson.  Claiborne is undersized at 6 foot 1 185 pounds with a 40 time in between 4.38 and 4.45.

Claiborne is playing like he could rival Dre Kirkpatrick for the top cornerback spot.  The game against #2 Alabama and #1 LSU on November 5th will decide who the #1 corner in the 2012 NFL Draft is.

8. Trent Richardson Running Back Alabama Junior Top 10 Talent Trent Richardson teamed up with Mark Ingram in Alabama’s backfield the last two seasons.  This season Richardson had 989 rushing yards with 17 rushing touchdowns on 149 carries through 8 games.  Richardson has averaged 6.6 yards per carry through 8 games.  Richardson had 6 consecutive 100 rushing yard games in 2011.

Richardson is one of the most complete running backs.  Listed at 5 foot 11 225 pounds Richardson has the elusiveness of Barry Sanders along with the power running ability of Emmitt Smith.

Richardson is one of the most coveted running back prospects to come out in years.  Richardson could very realistically end up going in the top 5 in April.

9. Vontaze Burfict Middle Linebacker Arizona State Junior Top 10 Talent Vontaze Burfict is excellent at pass rushing, run stuffing, and lining up in zone coverage as a middle linebacker.  Burfict was the #1 overall middle linebacker recruit coming out of high school in 2009.

Burfict has the size at 6 foot 3 250 pounds.  He had 61 total tackles as a freshman and 89 total tackles as a sophomore.  Burfict had 150 total tackles over his first 2 seasons at Arizona State.

Burfict’s production has declined in 2011 with only 36 total tackles because Burfict has a history of committing too many penalties.  Despite this, Burfict is too complete of a middle linebacker prospect to decline significantly in the rankings.

Burfict can be utilized as a 4-3 middle linebacker or a 3-4 middle linebacker.  Burfict had 4 sacks in his first 2 games this season.  He has had 0 sacks since these 2 games so Burfict could drop if he continues to perform this sloppy.  At the end of the day though I still see Burfict going in the first round.

10. Alshon Jeffery Wide Receiver South Carolina Junior Top 10 Talent AJ Green had Andre Johnson’s size and Calvin Johnson’s talent.  Alshon Jeffery has Calvin Johnson’s size and Andre Johnson’s potential.

11. Riley Reiff Left Tackle Iowa Junior Redshirt Top 10 Talent Reiff redshirted in 2008.  In 2009 Reiff played left guard with Bryan Bulaga and Kyle Calloway 2 NFL offensive tackle prospects being utilized as bookend tackles.

As a freshman redshirt Reiff had 7 starts at left guard, 3 starts at left tackle, and 1 start at right tackle.

Once 2010 rolled around, Riley Reiff became the Hawkeyes full time starter at left tackle.  Reiff has never looked back since.

Reiff left a game against Penn State which dropped his draft stock a few weeks ago.  A strong game against Indiana has propelled Reiff back into top 10 consideration.

*12. Robert Griffin III Quarterback Baylor Junior Redshirt Top 10 Talent Even though I believe Robert Griffin III will return to school I have been a fan of the Baylor signal caller dating back to June.  I was the only person in the drafting community to mock the Baylor signal caller in round 1 of my mock draft dating back to June.

Robert Griffin III also known as RGIII has it all.  Griffin has the arm strength, throwing power, throwing motion, mechanics, ability to play in a pro style offense, football IQ, zip, accuracy, and ability of a dual threat quarterback with that skill set to scramble on any given play.

Robert Griffin III has thrown 22 touchdowns and 2 interceptions while completing 78 percent of his passes.  Despite being 6 foot 2 220 pounds those numbers are better than the numbers that Andrew Luck has posted in 2011.  It really would not shock me one bit if Griffin creeped up draft boards only to rival Luck for the top pick in 2012 only to end up going 2nd overall behind Luck.

Robert Griffin III has gone 142 for 182 on passes in 6 games while throwing for nearly 2,000 passing yards racking up 1,950 passing yards for the Baylor Bears through 6 games.

Griffin has completed 70 percent of his passes in each one of Baylor’s first 6 games this season.

Even though I believed that Griffin would be a first round pick, Robert Griffin III took most college football fans by Storm in 2011 the way Cam Newton did last season.  Robert Griffin is the best dual threat quarterback that I have seen coming out of college since Michael Vick.

Griffin does not have the character issues off the field that Vick had.  RGIII is very mentally disciplined and he will find a way to succeed regardless of whether he goes pro in

13. Ricky Wagner Left Tackle Wisconsin Junior Redshirt Top 10 Talent Wisconsin left tackle is the next Wisconsin offensive tackle that is bound to go pro.  Wagner played right tackle next to 2011 first round pick Gabe Carimi last season.  This season Wagner has adjusted to the left tackle role in the NFL.

Wagner has proved himself as a pass blocker protecting Scott Tolzien and Russell Wilson.  Wagner has proved himself as a run blocker paving the way for Montee Ball and James White.  I want to see Ricky Wagner prove himself in a zone blocking scheme before I am convinced he is a legit starter on Sunday’s.  His footwork appears sloppy at times on film.

Wagner has more potential than Carimi.  The downside is Wagner is a bigger project.  Carimi is a 2 year project who can become a decent starter at left tackle.  Wagner is a 3 year project who can develop into a potential pro bowler with the right development.

While Wagner may have the long term potential coming out of Wisconsin a team will not wait 3 years to find out whether he develops that potential.  Even if he reaches this potential he will never be as good as former Badger Joe Thomas.  Wagner is your classic high risk high reward selection.

Wagner is 6 foot 6 320 pounds.  Wagner has the size to play on Sundays.  Will Wagner translate to the NFL?  That is the only uncertainty with Ricky Wagner at this point.

I believe Wagner can be a productive player.  He has to be placed in the proper situation and a team has to be patient with him.

14. Luke Kuechly Middle Linebacker Boston College Junior 1st Round Talent Luke Kuechly leads the nation with 118 total tackles.  The 6 foot 3 237 pound middle linebacker can be utilized as a 4-3 or 3-4 middle linebacker.

Kuechly is a smart instinctive tackler who covers well in zone coverage with outstanding play recognition.  Its not unrealistic to believe that Kuechly could jump Vontaze Burfict at some point in the draft process if he continues to perform this well.

Kuechly has 118 total tackles in 2011.  This is the 3rd consecutive season that Kuechly has had 100 or more tackles.

15. Michael Floyd Wide Receiver Notre Dame Senior 1st Round Talent I had Notre Dame wide receiver Michael Floyd graded out as my top wide receiver prior to last week.  Floyd had 4 receptions for 28 receiving yards in a 31 to 17 loss to the USC Trojans last week.

Floyd has the size 6 foot 3 224 pounds to be an effective flanker who can stretch the field.  Floyd has outstanding jumping ability he can make plays in the red zone.

Floyd has outstanding route running along with the ability to catch the football in traffic.  Floyd commands double teams from secondaries which can take him out of the passing game.

16. Michael Brewster Center Ohio State Senior 1st Round Talent Ohio State center Michael Brewster has the intangibles and mental skill set to become one of the top starting centers in the NFL.  Brewster has a better mental makeup than either one of the Pouncey twins did coming out of college.

Brewster has been starting at center since his freshman year at Ohio State.  Brewster is a 4 year starter at center so consistency is not an issue with Brewster.  Michael Brewster weighs 6 foot 5 305 pounds.

17. Dontari Poe Nose Tackle Memphis Junior 1st Round Talent Donatri Poe is a 6 foot 5 350 pound nose tackle.  Poe can play in a 4-3 or a 3-4 scheme.  Poe looks like he will go in the top 20 of the 2012 NFL Draft.

18. Manti Te’o 3-4 Middle Linebacker Notre Dame Junior 1st Round Talent Manti Te’o can play middle linebacker in a 3-4 scheme.  Te’o can also be used in a 4-3 scheme as a right outside linebacker.  Te’o could play the WILL, MIKE, or SAM role.  He probably will be utilized at the weak side playing right outside linebacker if he plays in a 4-3 scheme.

Te’o is hands down the best run stuffer among the 3 middle linebackers in this draft along with Burfict, Kuechly, and Te’o.  Te’o also has the most versatility among these linebackers.

19. Cordy Glenn Left Guard Georgia Senior 1st Round Talent Cordy Glenn weighs 6 foot 5 348 pounds.  He has started at left tackle for Georgia this season.  He lacks the footwork to be a left tackle so he will need to move inside to guard until he develops the footwork.

Glenn has experience as a left guard and as a right guard.  Glenn has the versatility to play either guard position at left guard or right guard.

20. David DeCastro Right Guard Stanford Junior Redshirt 1st Round Talent David DeCastro is 6 foot 5 310 pounds.  The Stanford right guard has the intangibles to become an effective right guard.  DeCastro can be utilized as a run blocker or a pass blocker.

The only downside to DeCastro is that he is a right guard only.  People think that DeCastro can play left guard also.  DeCastro is mainly a right guard which is where he should play in the pros.

21. Stephon Gilmore Cornerback South Carolina Junior 1st Round Talent Stephon Gilmore is 6 foot 1 193 pounds.  He is excellent in man coverage considering the fact that he has to cover the arguably the top flanker receiver in the nation in Alshon Jeffery.

Last season Gilmore had 79 total tackles, 6 tackles for a loss, and 3 sacks at the cornerback position.  Gilmore can be an effective man coverage cornerback in addition to an aggressive blitzer when pass rushing.

22. Alfonzo Dennard Cornerback Nebraska Senior 1st Round Talent The Nebraska cornerback is a top 25 talent that does an excellent job in man coverage and zone coverage.  Dennard recorded 4 interceptions last season when playing next to Prince Amukamara.

23. Brandon Jenkins Right End Florida State Junior 1st Round Talent Brandon Jenkins recorded 13.5 sacks last season.  Jenkins is still a first round talent in 2012 despite his drop off in sacks.  Jenkins has had 3.5 sacks and 7 tackles for a loss so far in 2011.

24. Courtney Upshaw 3-4 Right Outside Linebacker Alabama Senior 1st Round Talent Alabama has the #1 run defense in the country and the game tape has been consistent.  Upshaw had 7 sacks as a junior and with 4.5 sacks through 8 games Upshaw is on pace to match his numbers from last season.

The 6 foot 2 265 pound linebacker can be utilized as a 3-4 right outside linebacker or a 3-4 middle linebacker.  Coaches love players pass rushing linebackers with Upshaw’s versatility in the 3-4 scheme.

25. Brandon Thompson Defensive Tackle Clemson Senior 1st Round Talent Brandon Thompson has been an effective run stuffer maintaining at least 1 tackle a game despite being double teamed thanks to the departure of former Clemson defensive tackle Jarvis Jenkins.

26. Andre Branch Right End Clemson Senior Redshirt 1st Round Talent Andre Branch has played the 4-3 right end role during each of his last two seasons at Clemson.  Branch beat out DaQuan Bowers for the starting right end job when both players were juniors.  Branch had 6 sacks last season and has had 7 so far in 2011.

27. Melvin Ingram Right End South Carolina Senior Redshirt 1st Round Talent Melvin Ingram has the versatility and skill set of a late first round pick.  Ingram can play right end or left end in a 4-3 scheme.  He could bulk up to defensive tackle or play the 5 technique in a 3-4 scheme by being utilized as a 3-4 defensive end.  Ingram could also lose some weight making a transition to a 3-4 outside linebacker role.

28. Zach Brown Right Outside Linebacker North Carolina Senior 1st Round Talent Zach Brown is 6 foot 2 230 pounds and is currently projected to run a 4.45 40 time.  Brown plays the WILL role in a 4-3 defense at the weak side linebacker position.

Brown had a mind boggling 72 total tackles despite being limited to 5 starts last season.  This season Brown has 53 tackles in addition to 4.5 sacks.

29. Chase Minnifield Cornerback Virginia Senior Redshirt 1st Round Talent Chase Minnfield has stepped up as the Virginia Cavaliers shutdown corner thanks to the departure of Chris Carr and Ras I Dowling.

30. Donta Hightower 3-4 Middle Linebacker Alabama Junior Redshirt 1st Round Talent Donta Hightower weighs 6 foot 4 260 pounds at the 3-4 middle linebacker position.  Hightower has stayed injury free in 2011 which has propelled him into late first round territory.  Hightower managed to record an interception against Tennessee last week.

Hightower’s numbers are off the charts in 2011 so far.  He has 48 tackles, 6 tackles for a loss, 1.5 sacks, and an interception.  Hightower is an effective run stuffer with experience to lead a 3-4 defense at the middle linebacker position.

31. Chris Polk Running Back Washington Junior Redshirt 1st Round Talent Chris Polk is 6 foot 222 pounds.  He had back to back 1,100 rushing yards seasons as a freshman redshirt and a sophomore redshirt.  Now Polk has 872 rushing yards through 7 games as a junior redshirt.

Polk had 15 carries for 144 rushing yards and 2 rushing touchdowns against a Stanford run defense that was ranked 2nd in the nation behind Alabama’s run defense heading into Saturday’s contest.

Current and former teammates at Washington believe that Polk could run a 4.3 40 time.  Polk has made me believe he is worth a late round flyer.

Polk has done a lot with a very weak offensive line at Washington running inside and outside while making catches out of the backfield like a playmaker.

Polk has averaged 5.8 yards per game this season.  Polk has rushed for 872 rushing yards in 2011 and is on pace for his 3rd consecutive season of 1,100 rushing yards or more.

If Polk aces the combine while Richardson performs poorly at the 2012 NFL Combine it would not shock me if Polk competed against Richardson to be the top back in 2012.  Those are a lot of miracles to ask for Chris Polk, but I could see those miracles happening for Polk if Polk capitalizes on every opportunity he gets.

32. Robert Lester Free Safety Alabama Junior Redshirt 1st Round Talent Robert Lester is the top free safety in the 2012 NFL Draft.  Lester lines up as a center fielder free safety boxing out hoping to capitalize on critical interception chances.

*33. Barrett Jones Left Tackle Alabama Junior 1st Round Talent There are two Alabama offensive tackle prospects who could work their way into the first round of the 2012 NFL Draft if they declare a year early.  One of those offensive tackles is Alabama left tackle Barrett Jones.  Jones started at right guard last season before making the transition to left tackle in 2011.

Jones has really excelled at the left tackle spot.  It would not be unrealistic to see Barrett Jones skyrocket up draft boards the same way his predecessor at left tackle James Carpenter did last season.

Barrett Jones is a sleeper.  He is a sleeper that you need to keep an eye on folks.  In the end, I believe that Jones returns for his senior year at Alabama.

*34. DJ Fluker Right Tackle Alabama Sophomore Redshirt 1st Round Talent At one point DJ Fluker was considered the top pick for the 2013 NFL Draft.  Fluker could not win the left tackle job at Alabama and he looks like a late first round pick for 2013 if he waits until next year.

He could be an early 2nd round pick if he declares as a sophomore redshirt.  In the end, I expect Fluker to return.

*35. Tyler Eifert Tight End Notre Dame Junior 1st Round Talent Tyler Eifert is a first round talent.  If he declares this year there is no guarantee he is a first round pick in 2012.  Eifert is pretty much a lock to be a first round pick in 2013 if he stays for his senior season.

*36. Lamar Miller Running Back Miami FL Sophomore Redshirt 1st Round Talent Lamar Miller is a sophomore redshirt.  I expect him to return.  Miller may end up challenging Chris Polk for that #2 running back spot if he does come out a year early though.

37. Justin Blackmon Wide Receiver Oklahoma State Junior Redshirt 1st Round Talent Justin Blackmon lacks the physical attributes to be a flanker receiver.  Plus he may need a year or two to get adjusted to the NFL.  I do not see Blackmon being a receiver who has an instant impact unlike most of the consensus.

I realize I will get heavy criticism for this due to Blackmon’s outstanding production at Oklahoma State the past 2 seasons.  One could call his ability to produce for the Oklahoma State Cowboys beyond mind boggling.  Blackmon had 111 receptions, 1782 receiving yards, averaging 16.1 yards per reception, and 20 receiving touchdowns as a sophomore redshirt.

This season Blackmon has recorded 61 receptions, 662 receiving yards, and 8 receiving touchdown

A lot of Big 12 receivers fail to live up to expectations in the NFL due to the fact that these receivers played in spread offenses.  Limas Sweed and Mark Clayton are two classic examples of this.  I realize Blackmon is far more talented than either prospect coming out of Oklahoma State.  I was just using those 2 receivers as an example to illustrate my point.  I am not saying Blackmon will flop, but I kind of feel like he is getting too much hype for a prospect who deserves to be drafted with a top 5 selection.

Sure Blackmon has the speed, route running, and hands that you look for in a #1 receiver.  Blackmon has the elite intangibles and production that front offices crave when evaluating NFL talent.

The thing I am concerned about with Blackmon is the fact that he lacks the elite physical tools that you look for in a wide receiver that Alshon Jeffery and Michael Floyd possess.  Blackmon is 6 foot 1 215 pounds.  A receiver with that size is more equipped to be a secondary receiver or a slot receiver rather than a primary target.

A team will obviously draft the 2010 Biletnikoff winner at least 30 picks higher than #37 overall.  I realize this.  At the same time, I feel like a receiver with Blackmon’s size should not be drafted in the top 10.  I will not completely scrutinize a team if they take Blackmon 15th or 16th overall because that team will have a need at wide receiver.  Plus they will address that need by drafting Blackmon.

Excellent coverage corners can limit Blackmon’s ability due to the fact that Blackmon doesn’t have the size to make cornerbacks miss by leaping in the air.  Sure Blackmon jumps well, but size plays a huge factor when making cornerbacks miss assignments in the red zone.

38. Travis Lewis Right Outside Linebacker Oklahoma Senior Redshirt 1st Round Talent Oklahoma State has 2 linebackers who may translate to first round talents.  Their right outside linebacker is Travis Lewis.  Lewis was supposed to be out for 8 weeks.  He returned for Oklahoma’s week 3 contest against Florida State which really illustrates his toughness as an NFL prospect.

39. Ronnell Lewis Left Outside Linebacker Oklahoma Junior 1st Round Talent Ronnell Lewis has already stated that he is going pro as a junior.  Ronnell Lewis can play the WILL, MIKE, or SAM in a 4-3 defense just like his Oklahoma teammate Travis Lewis.  I believe Lewis is best suited as a left outside linebacker playing a strong side linebacker role.

40. Cliff Harris Cornerback Oregon Junior 1st Round Talent

41. Jerel Worthy Defensive Tackle Michigan State Junior Redshirt 1st Round Talent Jerel Worthy looks like a first round talent that could fall to the 2nd round.  Worthy played well while struggling at times in Michigan State’s narrow victory over the Wisconsin Badgers on Saturday Night.

On some plays he managed to inflict tackles for a loss by stopping Wisconsin back Montee Ball flat on his tracks.  On other plays Wisconsin’s offensive line flat out abused Worthy.  Wisconsin’s offensive line would double team him, center Peter Konz would win the one on one battles, and right guard Kevin Zeitler inflicted a pancake block knocking Worthy down on the play that resulted in a temporary injury on Worthy’s part.

I believe Worthy is a first round talent due to his ability as a defensive tackle.  In the NFL I believe Worthy will bust because of how he handles himself against opposing offensive lines.

42. Landry Jones Quarterback Oklahoma Junior Redshirt 1st Round Talent Landry Jones is going to go 30 picks higher than this possibly 40 if he goes 2nd overall behind Andrew Luck.

Jones has elite physical attributes the cannon arm, better durability than his predecessor Sam Bradford, and the ideal size that you look for in a quarterback at 6 foot 4 230 pounds.

The thing is Jones lacks the mental attributes.  Whenever Jones makes a 5 step drop has a tendency to chuck the football deep.  That is a very predictable quality that NFL defensive coordinators will pick apart at the next level.  Jones plays in a shotgun no huddle offense rather than a pro style offense.

The bottom line is there are mixed reviews on Landry Jones.  Some people think so highly of Landry Jones that they see him rivaling and potentially surpassing Andrew Luck as the top pick in the 2012 NFL Draft.  Then there are other critics like myself who really doubt Jones ability to translate his skill set as an NFL franchise signal caller.

Your probably asking yourself why you should believe me.  I have watched 5 hours of film and 5 games of Landry Jones on tape and I have not bought into what I have seen from Jones at this point.

People are comparing Andrew Luck to Peyton Manning.  Landry Jones reminds me of the quarterback who challenged Peyton Manning for the #1 pick in 1998.  Isn’t it ironic that Luck is getting compared to Peyton Manning yet some people believe Jones could surpass him for the top pick?

Jones sends mixed signals in interviews.  In his summer interviews he appeared cocky, but now he has matured in some of his interviews.

Jones has thrown double digit interceptions in his first two seasons at Oklahoma with 14 and 12 respectively.  Jones has thrown 7 interceptions in 7 games as a junior redshirt which has to be somewhat of a glaring concern.

Jones had a 65.6 completion percentage as a sophomore redshirt.  Through 7 games in 2011 that completion percentage is down as Jones has a 65.3 completion percentage.

I realize Jones will get selected a lot higher than 42nd overall.  I just have Jones ranked 42nd because I believe he is severely overrated as a quarterback prospect and this is the earliest that I would select him.

Landry Jones has the ability to ignite an offense when their trailing in the 4th quarter like Tim Tebow.  He is not going to produce mind boggling statistics that will put your team in a position to put opponents away very early.

Besides the physical tools and the ability to rally a team in the 4th quarter there are no other remote positive things to say about Landry Jones at this point.  I realize Jones has over 10,000 passing yards in a 3 year period.  That is mainly due to Jones tendency to fire deep passes.  On short and medium passes there are major questions with Jones accuracy.

Landry Jones has to correct his accuracy issues on short and medium passes because defenses can operate a cover 4 shell, play the deep pass by having everyone on secondary play zone, force Jones to adjust, and see how he reacts to using short or medium passes until he gets that first down by throwing shorter passes by moving the chains.

Landry Jones does not have the ability to scramble out of the pocket like Cam Newton did so Jones is one dimensional as a pocket passer.  Plus when defenses pressure Jones he moves out of the pocket making bad throws.

43. Ryan Broyles Wide Receiver Oklahoma Senior Redshirt 1st Round Talent Ryan Broyles is an excellent route runner with soft hands.  He is currently 4th in receiving yards with 899 receiving yards for Oklahoma this season.

44. Nico Johnson 3-4 Middle Linebacker Alabama Junior 2nd Round Talent Nico Johnson has the ability to be used as a linebacker in practically any scheme.  He can play anywhere as a 4-3 linebacker or anywhere as a 3-4 linebacker.  Nico Johnson’s versatility as a linebacker to plug himself into any situation while making an impact will get him drafted into the top 50.  You have to love Johnson’s work ethic and determination if you have managed to see him play.

45. Chase Thomas 3-4 Right Outside Linebacker Stanford Junior Redshirt 2nd Round Talent Chase Thomas had 7.5 sacks last season.  Stanford was 4th in sacks and 2nd in run defense heading into Saturday’s game against Washington.

Shayne Skov suffered a season ending injury and Chase Thomas has stepped up in Skov’s absence.  Chase Thomas has had a huge impact leading Stanford’s defense in Skov’s absence.

46. Mohammed Sanu Wide Receiver Rutgers Junior 2nd Round Talent Mohammed Sanu is 6 foot 2 215 pounds.  There is some speculation that he is 1st round worthy.  I will say this much.  I would rather have Sanu over Ryan Broyles.  In the end, I think Broyles impresses scouts at the Senior Bowl and somehow jumps ahead of Sanu on NFL draft boards.

Sanu’s best game came against the Ohio Bobcats.  Sanu had 16 receptions for 176 receiving yards and 2 receiving touchdowns.  Sanu was the main reason why Rutgers defeated Ohio 38 to 26 back in week 4.

47. Kevin Zietler Right Guard Wisconsin Senior 2nd Round Talent Kevin Zietler had a monster game on Saturday.  His best block came when he put Jerel Worthy in his place with that pancake block.

*48. Peter Konz Center Wisconsin Junior Redshirt 2nd Round Talent Peter Konz is going to be a top 50 pick in 2012 if he comes out.  Konz will be a first round pick in 2013 if he returns for his senior season.

49. Montee Ball Running Back Wisconsin Junior 2nd Round Talent Wisconsin running back Montee Ball is 5 foot 11 210 pounds.  He had 18 rushing touchdowns and nearly 1,000 rushing yards in 2010.  Ball has 17 rushing touchdowns in 2011 through 7 games.

Ball could be an effective goal line power back for a team like Tampa Bay, Green Bay, Detroit, or Pittsburgh who wants to add another back for depth.  Ball has not fully convinced me that he is first round material yet.

While some people believe Ball is a first round pick this is more of a testament to Wisconsin’s offensive line.  You have Ricky Wagner with Josh Oglesby as a bookend.  Peter Konz is at center and Kevin Zeitler is at right guard.  Your only major hole on the offensive line is left guard due to the loss of John Moffitt from last season who played left guard for Wisconsin.

50. Dwayne Allen Tight End Clemson Junior Redshirt 2nd Round Talent

51. Kheeston Randall 3-4 Right End Texas Senior 2nd Round Talent Kheeston Randall can play anywhere on the defensive line.  I have seen Randall play defensive tackle in the 4-3.  I have seen Randall play 3-4 right end, 3-4 left end, or nose tackle in the 3-4.

52. Tydreke Powell Defensive Tackle North Carolina 2nd Round Talent

53. Mark Barron Strong Safety Alabama Senior 2nd Round Talent

54. TJ McDonald Free Safety USC Junior 2nd Round Talent

55. Ray Ray Armstrong Strong Safety Junior 2nd Round Talent

56. Desmond Trufant Cornerback Washington Junior 2nd Round Talent

57. Ryan Tannehill Quarterback Texas A&M Senior Redshirt 2nd Round Talent Ryan Tannehill has Eli Manning’s awareness when it comes to good decision making and Tim Tebow’s scrambling ability.  Pretty good for a quarterback.

58. Kirk Cousins Quarterback Michigan State Senior Redshirt 2nd Round Talent Kirk Cousins can step in as a backup and potentially win a starting job down the road with the proper development.  I see a little of Drew Brees in Kirk Cousins with his intangibles.  Cousins has a better arm than Brees coming out of college so that is another plus too.

The downside to Cousins is that his accuracy is inconsistent and that his accuracy will never be as good as Drew Brees.  Cousins did prove he was clutch though with that hail mary pass against Wisconsin.

59. Mike Adams Left Tackle Ohio State Senior 2nd Round Talent Mike Adams was a late first round pick who got suspended for the first 5 games.  Adams has been a tremendous pass blocker and run blocker for the Buckeyes since.  Mike Adams bulked up from 6 foot 8 307 pounds to 6 foot 8 320 pounds during his 5 game suspension.

Say what you want about Mike Adams.  This 5 game suspension may have been a blessing in disguise because now he is bigger and stronger.  He is more tenacious when it comes to being aggressive off the snap whein it comes to run blocking.

60. Marvin McNutt Wide Receiver Iowa Senior Redshirt 2nd Round Talent Iowa wide receiver Marvin McNutt is 6 foot 4 215 pounds.  McNutt had a monster game against Indiana last week and is looking like a legit 2nd round talent.

61. Elvis Fisher Left Tackle Missouri Senior Redshirt 2nd Round Talent

62. Devin Taylor Left End South Carolina Senior Redshirt 2nd Round Talent

63. Eddie Whitley Free Safety Virginia Tech Senior 2nd Round Talent

64. Donte Paige Moss 3-4 Left Outside Linebacker Junior 2nd Round Talent

65. Nate Potter Left Guard Boise State Senior Redshirt 2nd Round Talent

66. Michael Egnew Tight End Missouri Senior 2nd Round Talent

67. Vinny Curry 3-4 Left Outside Linebacker Marshall Senior 2nd Round Talent Vinny Curry is 2nd in the nation with 9.5 sacks.  Curry is starting to move up NFL draft boards with his performance this season.

68. Jerrell Harris 3-4 Left Outside Linebacker Alabama Senior 3rd Round Talent Jerrell Harris is mainly used a 3-4 left outside linebacker in Alabama’s defense.

69. Alameda Ta’amu Nose Tackle Washington Senior 3rd Round Talent Alameda Ta’amu can play the 0 technique, the 1 technique, the 2 technique, or the 3 technique.  Ta’amu can be used in a 4-3 or a 3-4 scheme.  The 6 foot 3 337 pound nose tackle struggled against Stanford.

Ta’amu needs to have strong games against Oregon, USC, a big bowl game, and a dominant 2012 Senior Bowl to regain first round consideration.

70. Jeff Fuller Wide Receiver Texas A&M Senior 3rd Round Talent Jeff Fuller is a legit steal at this point.  Fuller has the speed and size that you look for in a flanker receiver.  He can stretch downfield making big plays on offense.  His production in big games has not been the best which is why Fuller could drop to this spot.

71. Whitney Mercilus Right End Illinois Junior 3rd Round Talent Whitney Mercilus can play defensive end in a 4-3 at either right end or left end.  Mercilus has the size of a 3-4 outside linebacker at 6 foot 4 265 pounds.

Mercilus leads the NCAA with 10 sacks.  Whitney Mercilus is also an effective run stuffer.

72. Bruce Irvin 3-4 Right Outside Linebacker West Virginia Senior 3rd Round Talent West Virginia pass rusher Bruce Irvin has played defensive end in the 4-3 scheme.  Irvin can line up as a right end or a left end in the 4-3.

Irvin is better suited for a 3-4 scheme though.  Irvin was 6 foot 3 232 pounds.  He now weighs 245.

Irvin had 14 sacks in 2010 as a junior.  Irvin has struggled this season which is why he falls to this spot.  I could see Irvin becoming a pro bowler with the proper development.

Fun fact Bruce Irvin has the same name as his video game counter part Bruce Irvin who appears in the fighting video game Tekken.

73. Brandon Lindsey 3-4 Right Outside Linebacker Pittsburgh Senior Redshirt 3rd Round Talent Brandon Lindsey recorded 10 sacks last season.  Lindsey is an excellent pass rusher.  He can play defensive end on either side.

Same thing goes in a 3-4 defense.  You can plug Lindsey up on the right side or the left side of a 3-4 scheme.  Lindsey is a very versatile player who knows how to get to the quarterback.

74. Jerry Franklin 3-4 Middle Linebacker Arkansas Senior Redshirt 3rd Round Talent Jerry Franklin is a versatile player for a 3-4 scheme.  He can  play 3-4 middle linebacker or 3-4 right outside linebacker.

75. Janoris Jenkins Cornerback Northern Alabama Senior 3rd Round Talent Janoris Jenkins was involved in an incident where he got ejected for punching a player.  He got expelled from Florida.  Jenkins has top 15 talent.  Character issues cause Janoris Jenkins to fall this far.

76. Ryan Steed Cornerback Furman Senior 3rd Round Talent After Janoris Jenkins Ryan Steed the shutdown coverage corner who plays for Furman is the top coverage cornerback.

77. Trumaine Johnson Cornerback Montana Senior 3rd Round Talent Trumaine Johnson was a promising prospect.  Johnson is 6 foot 2 215 pounds.  He can play cornerback or free safety.

Johnson was recently arrested for an incident where he was tasered.  This could affect his draft stock.

78. Sean Spence Right Outside Linebacker Miami FL 3rd Round Talent

79. Nick Foles Quarterback Arizona Senior Redshirt 3rd Round Talent Nick Foles has pro bowl potential.  He needs 3 years to learn an NFL playbook.  He needs to learn how to make better throws while improving his composure.  The physical tools are there.  I liked Foles better than Blaine Gabbert last year.  Foles has the rocket arm, the 6 foot 5 240 pound frame, and the potential.  Foles has to learn to adjust to the NFL making NFL like throws while displaying his composure in the pocket.

Foles is excellent at pump faking defenders and can be used as a dual threat quarterback.

80. Bobbie Massie Right Tackle Ole Miss Junior 3rd Round Talent Bobbie Massie is 6 foot 6 320 pounds.  He is a run blocking right tackle who knows how to open up running lanes.

81. Levi Adcock Right Tackle Oklahoma State Senior Redshirt 3rd Round Talent

82. Matt Reynolds Left Tackle BYU Senior Redshirt 3rd Round Talent Matt Reynolds can play left or right tackle.  He is 6 foot 6 322 pounds.  That is the upside with Reynolds.  The downside is that Reynolds is 23 or 24 years old.

83. Vince Browne Right End Northwestern Senior Redshirt 3rd Round Talent

84. Delano Howell Free Safety Stanford Senior 3rd Round Talent

85. Dwight Jones Wide Receiver North Carolina Senior 3rd Round Talent

86. Ray Graham Running Back Pittsburgh Junior 3rd Round Talent Ray Graham will leave Pittsburgh a year early to go pro this season.  Graham should be a 3rd round selection.

87. Edwin Baker Running Back Michigan State Junior 3rd Round Talent I have Michigan State back Edwin Baker here for now.  He could move down though if he continues to struggle though.

88. Jared Crick 3-4 Right End Nebraska Senior Redshirt 3rd Round Talent Jared Crick was a first round pick at one point.  An injury to Crick could drop him to this pick.

89. Baker Steinkuhler 3-4 Left End Nebraska Junior Redshirt 3rd Round Talent Baker Steinkuhler could go in the 3rd round due to his production at Nebraska.  Even with Crick’s injury, Crick will still get drafted before Steinkuhler.

90. Trevor Olsen Left Tackle Northern Illinois Senior Redshirt 3rd Round Talent Trevor Olsen can play left tackle or right tackle.  Olsen has been outstanding as the blindside for Northern Illinois senior redshirt signal caller Chandler Harnish.  Like Harnish, Olsen could be a sleeper to keep an eye on.

91. William Vlachos Center Alabama Senior Redshirt 3rd Round Talent William Vlachos could be a huge sleeper at center.  Vlachos has the mental attributes to start at center.  The problem is he lacks the size weighing 6 foot 1 294 pounds.

*92. Andre Ellington Running Back Clemson Junior 3rd Round Talent Andre Ellington left Clemson’s game with an injury on Saturday.  Ellington should return to school for his senior year.

93. Casey Heyward Cornerback Vanderbilt Senior 3rd Round Talent Heyward is great in man coverage.  Heyward is 2nd in the country in interceptions.  Heyward will impress scouts with his performance in the 2012 Senior Bowl assuming he gets an invite.

94. Jayron Hosley Cornerback Virginia Tech Junior 3rd Round Talent Hosley was once a top ten pick.  His lack of size has caused him to take a huge drop on my 2012 NFL Draft board.

95. Omar Bolden Cornerback Arizona State Senior 3rd Round Talent

96. Jaye Howard Defensive Tackle Florida Senor Redshirt 3rd Round Talent

97. Aaron Henry Free Safety Wisconsin Senior Redshirt 3rd Round Talent

98. Jake Bequette Left End Arkansas Senior Redshirt 3rd Round Talent

99. Orson Charles Tight End Georgia Junior Redshirt 3rd Round Talent Orson Charles is one of the more overrated prospects in my mind.  Charles could surge up draft boards with an amazing NFL Combine if he comes out to declare in 2012.  Charles is undersized for a tight end and looks like more of an H Back at best.

100. David Paulson Tight End Oregon Senior Redshirt 3rd Round Talent Paulson has elite physical tools and top notch production.  He could develop into a blocking tight end or a #2 tight end who is a playmaker in the red zone.

101. Colby Fleener Tight End Stanford Senior Redshirt 3rd Round Talent To be honest I like Colby Fleener better than David Paulson.  Its just that Paulson has the elite physical tools that scouts love in a tight end plus Paulson has been just as productive.  Like Paulson I believe Fleener could become a solid #2 tight end in the NFL.

102. Ryan Miller Right Guard Colorado Senior Redshirt 3rd Round Talent

103. Rashard Hall Free Safety Clemson Junior Redshirt 3rd Round Talent

104. Juron Criner Wide Receiver Arizona Senior 3rd Round Talent

105. Coryell Judie Cornerback Texas A&M Senior Redshirt 3rd Round Talent

106. Brandon Boykin Cornerback Georgia Senior 3rd Round Talent

107. Christine Michael Running Back Texas A&M Junior 3rd Round Talent

108. Cyrus Gray Running Back Texas A&M Senior 3rd Round Talent

109. Billy Winn 3-4 Left End Boise State Senior Redshirt 3rd Round Talent

110. Greg Childs Wide Receiver Arkansas Senior 3rd Round Talent

111. Josh Chapman Nose Tackle Alabama Senior Redshirt 3rd Round Talent Josh Chapman is considered a first round talent by some talent evaluators.  I disagree with that evaluation because he is undersized and splits plays with fellow teammate Kerry Murphy as a 3-4 nose tackle.

112. Kerry Murphy Nose Tackle Alabama Junior Redshirt 3rd Round Talent

113. Ty Hilton Wide Receiver Florida Atlantic Senior 3rd Round Talent

114. James Michael Johnson Middle Linebacker Nevada Senior Redshirt 3rd Round Talent

115. Keenan Robinson Right Outside Linebacker Texas Senior Redshirt 4th Round Talent Keenan Robinson could become an effective Weak side linebacker in a 4-3 defense playing a WILL role.

116. Emmanuel Acho Left Outside Linebacker Texas Senior Redshirt 4th Round Talent Emmanuel Acho is the brother of Sam Acho.  Unlike Sam, Emmanuel is more of a 4-3 SAM linebacker rather than a 3-4 pass rusher.

117. Nigel Bradham Right Outside Linebacker Florida State Senior 4th Round Talent Nigel Bradham is underrated.  He can play a WILL, MIKE, or SAM role in a 4-3 defense.  Bradham is best suited for a weak side linebacker role though.

118. Chris Gallipo Middle Linebacker USC Senior Redshirt 4th Round Talent USC Middle linebacker Chris Gallipo can play the WILL, MIKE, or SAM role.  He can even be used as a 3-4 middle linebacker.  Gallipo would be best used as a mike linebacker though.

119. Ben Jones Center Georgia Senior 4th Round Talent Georgia center Ben Jones has a 2nd round talent.  Jones had some sloppy games against Boise State and South Carolina to start the year which causes him to slide to this spot.

120. Brian Quick Wide Receiver Appalachin State Senior Redshirt 4th Round Talent Brian Quick has the size 6 foot 4 215 pounds, speed, soft hands, and route running that you look for in a flanker receiver.  Quick is the best small school receiver in this draft.

121. Daniel “Boom” Herron Running Back Ohio State Senior Redshirt 4th Round Talent Daniel “Boom” Herron got suspended for the first half of the season.  When he plays though he is a powerful explosive rusher out of the  backfield.

122. Nick Perry Right End USC Junior Redshirt 4th Round Talent

123. Cam Johnson Right End Virginia Senior 4th Round Talent Cam Johnson is considered a 2nd round talent by some.  I believe he lacks the potential to translate as a starter.  His run stuffing needs some work which is why Johnson falls to this spot.

124. Tank Carder 3-4 Middle Linebacker TCU Senior Redshirt 4th Round Talent

125. Mike Ryan Left Tackle Connecticut Senior Redshirt 4th Round Talent Mike Ryan was 6 foot 5 330 pounds to start the year.  The Huskies left tackle has added 5 pounds and he has the powerful run blocking ability to play right tackle.

Mike Ryan could end up playing left tackle or converting to the right side in the NFL.

126. Jake Stoneburner Tight End Ohio State Senior 4th Round Talent Ohio State tight end Jake Stoneburner is my sleeper at tight end.  Stoneburner is an excellent blocking tight end plus he can make a big play in the clutch when your team is near the red zone.

I love the hands, route running, and playmaking ability that Stoneburner displays.  Stoneburner was one of the players who had to step up for the Buckeyes offense at the beginning of the year when the teams star players got suspended.

127. Korey Williams 3-4 Middle Linebacker Southern Miss Senior Redshirt 4th Round Talent

*128. Brock Osweiler Quarterback Arizona State Junior 4th Round Talent Brock Osweiler will probably return to school.  He has a lot of size at 6 foot 9 240 pounds.  Maybe too much.  The last quarterback to go pro with Osweiler’s size and be a first round pick was Dan McGuire the former Seahawk first round pick.  He was a huge bust.

Not saying Osweiler will have the same fate.  Just something teams may want to consider before drafting Osweiler.  Osweiler has pro bowl potential.  The odds of Osweiler reaching that potential are highly stacked against him at this point.  Osweiler will likely return to school.  That would be a wise decision on his part.

129. Ryan Lindley Quarterback San Diego State Senior Redshirt 4th Round Talent Ryan Lindley has the ability to be a sleeper.  He lost his 2 best wide receivers which is why his accuracy is down in 2011.

130. Chandler Harnish Quarterback Northern Illinois Senior Redshirt 4th Round Talent Chandler Harnish has elite physical tools that scouts love.  His mental attributes have potential, but the kid is a 2 year work in progress.  Harnish is the perfect mid round developmental quarterback to take a flyer on.

*131. Bernard Pierce Running Back Temple Junior 4th Round Talent Another MAC player with this pick.  Bernard Pierce will likely return for his senior year.  Pierce will be a 4th to 5th round pick if he forgoes his senior season at Temple.

132. DeQuan Menzie Cornerback Alabama Senior 4th Round Talent DeQuan Menzie is a #2 cornerback who plays next to Dre Kirkpatrick at Alabama.   Menzie managed to beat out DeMarcus Milliner for the #2 cornerback job at Alabama this season.  Menzie and Milliner rotate snaps at the #2 corner role.

133. Brad Madison Right End Missouri Junior Redshirt 4th Round Talent

134. Jacquies Smith Left End Missouri Senior 4th Round Talent

135. Kendall Wright Wide Receiver Baylor Senior 4th Round Talent Baylor wide receiver Kendall Wright has the ability to stretch the field in a Mike Wallace type of fashion.  Wright is the perfect slot receiver to build your vertical passing game around.

136. Russell Wilson Quarterback Wisconsin Senior Redshirt 4th Round Talent Wisconsin quarterback Russell Wilson has excellent intangibles.  His lack of size has him drop to my 136th overall player.  He would be a top 100 pick if he were 6 feet.  Wilson is 5 foot 11.  That lack of height really hurts Wilson.

Wilson could contribute as a backup.  Wilson could play a Seneca Wallace or Troy Smith type of role on teams.

137. Keith Tandy Cornerback West Virginia Senior Redshirt 4th Round Talent

138. Derek Wolfe Defensive Tackle Cincinnati Senior 4th Round Talent

139. Kendall Reyes Defensive Tackle Connecticut Senior Redshirt 4th Round Talent

140. Devon Still Defensive Tackle Penn State Senior Redshirt 4th Round Talent

141. Isaiah Pead Running Back Cincinnati Senior 4th Round Talent

142. Jermaine Kearse Wide Receiver Washington Senior 4th Round Talent

143. Micah Hyde Cornerback Iowa Junior 4th Round Talent

144. Shaun Prater Cornerback Iowa Senior 4th Round Talent

145. Brandon Weeden Quarterback Oklahoma State Senior Redshirt 4th Round Talent Brandon Weeden is the signal caller for the #3 ranked Oklahoma State Cowboys.  Problem is he is 45 days older than Aaron Rodgers and 11 months younger than Ryan Fitzpatrick.  Age is an issue with Weeden.

Weeden plays in a shotgun no huddle offense.  He is a backup who could develop into a starter by the time he reaches his 30’s.  Even if Weeden develops he is a short term quarterback due to his age.

146. Case Keenum Quarterback Houston Senior Redshirt 4th Round Talent Case Keenum is now the NCAA’s all time leader in passing yards.  Houston is undefeated so I have to believe that Keenum could be a late 4th rounder if everything goes his way.  If things for Keenum begin to decline he is a 7th round pick worst case scenario.

147. Logan Harrell Defensive Tackle Fresno State Senior 4th Round Talent

148. Doug Martin Running Back Boise State Senior Redshirt 4th Round Talent

149. Kenny Okoro Cornerback Wake Forest Junior Redshirt 4th Round Talent

150. Chris Owusu Wide Receiver Stanford Senior 4th Round Talent

151. David Molk Center Michigan Senior Redshirt 4th Round Talent

152. Emanuel Davis Cornerback East Carolina Senior Redshirt 4th Round Talent

153. Marquis Maze Wide Receiver Alabama Senior 4th Round Talent

154. Bobby Wagner Left Outside Linebacker Utah State Senior 4th Round Talent

155. James Rodgers Wide Receiver Oregon State Senior 4th Round Talent

156. Phillip Blake Center Baylor Senior 4th Round Talent

157. Ryan Van Bergen 3-4 Right End Senior Redshirt 4th Round Talent

158. Kevious Watkins Right Guard South Carolina Senior Redshirt 4th Round Talent

159. Renard Washington Defensive Tackle Eastern Washington Senior 4th Round Talent

160. Nick Toon Wide Receiver Wisconsin Senior Redshirt 5th Round Talent The reality is Wisconsin wide receiver Nick Toon should go in the top 100.  Some mock drafts have him sliding to the 5th round.  I would take Toon in the 2nd round.  That is how good I believe Toon is.

The problem is Toon has not shown scouts he can have a game where he gets 10 receptions, 100 receiving yards, and a receiving touchdown against a quality opponent.  Even though I have Toon ranked 160, this is a player with the talent to climb 100 spots up on my draft board.

I love Toon’s size, hands, and route running.  Nick Toon could be a late round receiver who works up draft boards because he has the elite physical tools and mental intangibles that you look for in a flanker receiver.

That means that Nick Toon would be my 60th best player in April if everything goes his way.  60 is a much better ranking for Toon than 160 don’t you agree?

161. Carmen Messina Middle Linebacker New Mexico Senior Redshirt 5th Round Talent Simply put, Carmen Messina is a huge sleeper.  He may be the best middle linebacker prospect to come out of New Mexico since Brian Urlacher.  Too bad his team has no talent around him and that the team is winless.

162. Cameron Chism Cornerback Maryland Senior 5th Round Talent I could see Cameron Chism becoming a very good field coverage cornerback who contains flanker receivers.  Chism will impress scouts at the Senior Bowl.

163. Anthony Armstead 3-4 Left End USC Senior 5th Round Talent

164. Chris Marve Middle Linebacker Vanderbilt Senior Redshirt 5th Round Talent

165. Blair Walsh Kicker Georgia Senior 5th Round Talent Georgia has the top kicker and punter in the country.  Blair Walsh is the Bulldogs kicker.  Walsh can nail 50 yard field goals with 1 hand tied behind his back while 10 mile per hour winds occur.

166. Drew Butler Punter Georgia Senior Redshirt 5th Round Talent The other elite Georgia prospect on special teams is Bulldogs punter Drew Butler who has the ability to punt the football inside your 20 yard line.

167. David Ruffer Kicker Notre Dame Senior 5th Round Talent

168. Bryan Anger Punter California Senior Redshirt 5th Round Talent

169. Frank Alexander Right End Oklahoma Senior 5th Round Talent Frank Alexander could be a sleeper.  Some mock drafts have Alexander going in the 2nd round.

170. Montel Harris Running Back Boston College Senior 5th Round Talent

171. Blake Gideon Free Safety Texas Senior 5th Round Talent

172. Christian Scott Strong Safety Texas Senior Redshirt 5th Round Talent

173. Winston Guy Jr. Strong Safety Kentucky Senior 5th Round Talent Winston Guy Jr. is a huge sleeper at strong safety.  This is a guy with elite blitzing ability.  Winston Guy Jr. reminds me a bit of Bob Sanders.  You could say he is a poor mans Troy Polamalu.

174. Amini Silatolu Left Guard Midwestern State Senior Redshirt 5th Round Talent The Midwestern State guard could be a sleeper at left guard in this 2012 NFL Draft.  Silatolu is the top small school offensive lineman.

175. James Brooks Right End Arizona State Senior Redshirt 5th Round Talent James Brooks a pass rusher who can play right end or left end in a 4-3 defense.  Brooks has amazing pass rushing ability while being a quality run stuffer.  Brooks could be a decent starter with the proper development.

176. Donnie Fletcher Cornerback Boston College Senior 5th Round Talent

177. Andrew Datko Left Tackle Florida State Senior 5th Round Talent Andrew Datko once a first round talent falls to this spot because of the season ending injury he suffered.

178. Joe Suhey Fullback Penn State Senior Redshirt 5th Round Talent Joe Suhey is the son of Matt Suhey.  Matt Suhey was the fullback who blocked for Walter Payton way back in the day.  Suhey is the top fullback in the 2012 NFL Draft.

Joe Suhey has paved the way for a 1,000 yard rusher each year he started at Penn State which is a testament to Suhey’s resume as a potential NFL fullback on Sunday’s.

179. Cody Johnson Fullback Senior Redshirt Texas 5th Round Talent The one fullback who could rival Suhey for the top fullback spot is Texas bruiser Cody Johnson.  The longhorn fullback is 6 foot 2 250 pounds.

180. Cordarro Law 3-4 Right Outside Linebacker Southern Miss 5th Round Talent

181. Danny Trevathan Right Outside Linebacker Kentucky Senior 5th Round Talent

182. Travian Robertson Defensive Tackle South Carolina Senior Redshirt 5th Round Talent

183. Mitchell Schwartz Right Tackle California Senior Redshirt 5th Round Talent

184. DJ Holt 3-4 Middle Linebacker California Senior Redshirt 5th Round Talent

185. Jack Crawford 3-4 Right Outside Linebacker Penn State Senior 5th Round Talent Jack Crawford may be the next pass rusher to come out of linebacker U AKA Penn State.  Crawford has some durability issues so he may be a poor mans Aaron Maybin if these injuries continue to linger.

186. Jarrett Boykin Wide Receiver Virginia Tech Senior 5th Round Talent

187. Lance Mitchell Free Safety Oregon State Senior Redshirt 5th Round Talent

188. Marc Tyler Running Back USC Senior Redshirt 5th Round Talent

189. Oliver Vernon Right End Miami FL Junior 5th Round Talent

190. Adewale Ojomo Left End Miami FL Senior Redshirt 5th Round Talent

191. Greg McCoy Cornerback TCU Senior Redshirt 5th Round Talent

192. Rhett Ellison Tight End USC Senior 5th Round Talent

193. Tashaun Gibson Cornerback Wyoming Senior 5th Round Talent

194. Stephen Good Left Guard Oklahoma Senior 5th Round Talent

195. JR Sweeney 3-4 Left End North Carolina State Senior Redshirt 5th Round Talent

196. Matt McCants Left Tackle UAB Senior Redshirt 5th Round Talent

197. Nathan Stupar Left Outside Linebacker Penn State Senior Redshirt 5th Round Talent

198. Scott Wedgie Center Northern Illinois Senior Redshirt 5th Round Talent

199. Malik Jackson Left End Tennessee Senior 5th Round Talent

200. David Pickard Left Tackle West Virginia Senior Redshirt 5th Round Talent