Chandler Harnish Scouting Report, QB, Northern Illinois


This information comes from writer Chris Ransom.

Chandler Harnish Quarterback Northern Illinois #12


Senior Redshirt

6’2 219 pounds, 32 3/8 inch arm length, 9.25 inch hands

4.76 forty yard dash, 32.5 inch vertical, 112.0 inch broad jump, 6.78 3 cone-drill, 4.15 20 yard shuttle.

STATS: Redshirted in 2007.  Harnish started 9 games as a freshman redshirt throwing 8 touchdowns and 9 interception.  By the time Harnish entered his sophomore redshirt year he became a household name at Northern Illinois.  Harnish threw 11 touchdowns and 6 interceptions as a sophomore redshirt.

In 2010 Harnish improved his completion percentage from 64.1 to 64.7.  Harnish also exceeded the 2,500 passing mark at Northern Illinois as a junior redshirt.

Northern Illnois has gotten off to a 3-3 start in 6 games in 2011.  Harnish is not to blame for any of the Huskies early misfortunes.  Harnish has thrown a completion percentage of 67.9 as a senior redshirt.  Harnish has thrown 12 touchdowns and 3 interceptions.  Harnish has also rushed for 7 rushing touchdowns for Northern Illinois this season.

DRAFT STATUS: Harnish graduates this season.  Harnish should be a backup for the North team in the 2012 Senior Bowl.  Harnish has a chance to become a day 2 pick possibly a late 2nd round pick if he impresses scouts in the Senior Bowl, NFL Combine, and pro day workouts if he gets any.

PROS: Harnish has physical tools that scouts love.  Harnish has the rocket arm, toughness with his durability, and good size for a mid round pick.  Harnish is a dual threat quarterback who provides amazing production.  Harnish has a chance to be a sleeper quarterback among the 2012 senior prospects.

Harnish is very mobile and does well throwing the ball out of the pocket, a plus athlete, good enough arm

CONS: Mental attributes are a project at this point.  The mental aspects of Harnish’s game have potential.  Coaches just need to work with Harnish improving these aspects of his game.  Harnish just needs to improve his accuracy.  He has the capacity and intangibles to adjust to an NFL playbook at the next level. Harnish has a really good offensive line that buys him time in the pocket.  This may compensate for some of Harnish’s throws to a certain degree.Needs to improve reading his progressions.  Sometimes Harnish sits like a duck in the pocket and waits to take off if his primary reciever does not get open.  Harnish needs to wait for 2nd and 3rd progressions before taking off and scrambling.Harnish plays against weaker opponents in the MAC Conference.  This is another disadvantage that could work against Harnish on draft day.

His accuracy is also below average.

Summary: Harnish is a project player.  He could end up becoming the best senior quarterback of this class the way he is playing right now.

NFL Player Comparison: Dan LeFevour

Projected Round: 4th round Talent Harnish is a 4th round talent right now.  That could change depending on how Harnish performs in late January.


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