2011 Fantasy Football: Mr. Freakin’ Fantasy’s Week 6 Start/Sit


Week six is here, hope I was able to help you to a big win last week. I had some hits, but also had some misses. In Fantasy Football (just like in real life) you can have all the information in front of you and still have it blow up in your face. (OUCH!)Well, lets not have that happen again. My goal is to be perfect as crazy as that sounds. I put to much time and effort into Fantasy Football not to be.

For those of you that don’t know. I don’t tell you to start your studs. I give you players to start/sit that aren’t so obvious. Anyone can tell you to start AP or Foster. Ok, on to my week 6 start/sit list

QB Starts

Colt McCoy. I thought I was trying to be perfect?? Colt McCoy to start for Fantasy?? Yes Sir. Listen, the Browns throw the ball a lot. Also, Greg Little is in the starting lineup finally. This kid has talent, he won’t kill you with his speed but his yards after the catch will. Oh yeah, pick up Mr. Little before he blows up this week and is the number one add next week. Hey, If you have a big hole at QB this week, roll the dice with Colt. 200-230 with 2 td’s sounds about right. The Raiders secondary is nothing to brag about.

Eli Manning. Keep riding this hot hand until it cools off. Eli is turning out to be a better Fantasy QB than a real life QB. So unless you’re a Giants fan….who cares. (Sorry Jesse) Eli gets the Bills this week and the way Nicks, and Cruz have been playing he should have another big week. Think 250-300 and 2-3 td’s.

Jason Campbell. The Raiders WR’s are starting to play some ball. Jason gets the Browns this week, and I think just like Colt, that Campbell is in for a good game if you need him. On a great side note it sure looks like stud CB Joe Haden is out for the game. That is great news for Campbell. Get him in your lineup if you need him. 200-250 and 1-2 td’s should be the result.

QB Sits

Sam Bradford. I know some of you may think he’s a great start this week against Green Bay. Well not so fast. The Packers just put the smack down on the Falcons. Matt Ryan had a horrible game. I know the Ram’s are coming off a bye week and should have a great game plan in place, but look for a better option if you can. Bradford without Danny Amendola is just not the same QB this year, and Green Bay is at home. They shut down the Falcons on the road last week.

Matt Schaub. Matt is a little banged up with a shoulder injury, and if that wasn’t bad enough he gets the Ravens on the road this week. I can see this going bad for him….real bad. I know with all the bye weeks in place you have to start him, but look for a better option if you can. Sometimes you have to make hard sits.

Rex Grossman. It’s not that I hate Rex this week, it’s just the game plan is going to be run, run, and after you’re done running…..yeah, run some more. This is how you beat the Eagles. Don’t start Rex this week.

RB Starts

Ryan Torain.  I already told that I thought the Redskins will run the hell out of the ball. Hightower is listed as questionable. So, I believe Torain will be the lead back for at least for this week. You never can tell though with Mike Shanahan. Even if Torain is not the lead back I still think he’s in for a good game. 60-80 and a td sounds right.

Daniel Thomas. Thomas gets the Jets this week on MNF, and while in most years I would tell you to sit any RB going up against the Jets. The Jets have been horrible against the run. The Law Firm just killed them last week (even though I thought it was going to be Ridley…sorry about that). So, with that said, get Thomas in as a great number 2RB this week. He should have 80-100 yards and a td.

Darren Sproles. Darren is very quietly having a great season. Now, while he might not be the goal line back he is a good bet to get a 100 total yards on Tampa Bay this week. They have been bad against RB’s all year. If you need to fill a hole, plug Sproles in this week as your number 2RB.

RB Sits

Jahvid Best. Last week I told you to start him, and it worked out great. Best had over 20 Fantasy points. Well, it’s a different week. Best get’s the 49ers this week, and even though he is at home. The 49ers have been one of the “best” teams against the run. I know you have to start him with all the bye weeks, but Best won’t find the same holes to run threw as he had last week.  

BenJarvas Green-Ellis. Yep, another RB that had a big game last week I’m advising you sit. The Pats had a game plan last week, and it was to run the ball. I new that, (I just picked the wrong guy for you to start…can you tell I’m bitter??).  Anyway, the Cowboys have been great against the run. The Pats will be throwing the ball all over the field this week. Lo0k for Green-Ellis to come back down to earth this week.

Steven Jackson. I know, I know….sit SJ39 after a bye week when he is finally completely healthy?? The answer is…YES. Green Bay is going to kill the Rams at home. Furthermore the Packers have been one of the best teams against the run. The Rams will have no choice but to start throwing the ball all over the place just to keep up. SJ39 is not the same guy catching the ball out the back field anymore. You have been warned.

WR Starts

Victor Cruz. Now while he may be the number three WR for the Giants he’s playing like the number two. Cruz has been on fire lately, and while some of his catches some may call lucky. He’s still making them. With all the bye weeks Cruz is a great WR2/WR3 play this week at home against the Bills. On a side note, Cruz even had more targets than Nicks last week. Think 80 yards and a td.

Deion Branch. Hey, I think the Pats plan is to throw on the Cowboys this week. I believe there is more than enough to go around. Branch did have a td last week. I think 50-80 yards and a td this week will be the result. This should be a shoot out.

Pierre Garcon. I may be a few weeks late to the party, but I never really liked Garcon or trusted him for that matter because he has hands of stone. There is no disputing he has Painters trust. Also, Reggie gets all the stud CB’s and Garcon gets to pick on what’s left. Garcon won’t go for over 20 Fantasy points this week agains the Bengals. I do think 50-80 yards and a td is possible though.

WR Sits

Santana Moss. The way you beat the Eagles is on the ground not via the air. The Eagles have shut down every number one WR, and Moss will be no different. Let him ride the bench this week.

Mario Manningham. Until he shows you something leave him on the bench. Victor Cruz has Eli’s trust, and Manningham is just trying to keep his head above water and not lose his job.

Percy Harvin. What a bust. It’s not really his fault for whatever reason the Vikes don’t know how to use him. He has a great matchup this week against the Bears, but Harvin is listed as questionable because of a rib injury and not worth the gamble. Look for a better option.

TE Starts

Aaron Hernandez. He returned to the lineup last week and had an ok game. He should have had a td….but he dropped it. Still, Aaron had over 50 yards to go along with 9 targets. Aaron needs to be started as a number one TE in all formats. For those of you that don’t know even though Hernandez is listed as a TE he really is a WR, and the number two target on the Pats behind only Wes Welker. Start him. 80-100 yards and a td this week against the Cowboys.

Dustin Keller. This really is a gut call because Keller has been horrible the last two weeks, but the way you beat Miami is via the air. I think that Keller has a serviceable game against Miami. Miami hasn’t been good at slowing down TE’s either. Think 50-70 yards and maybe a td.  

Fred Davis.  The Eagles do shut down WR’s, but they have a hard time against TE’s. Look for Davis to have a nice game this week. Think 60-90 yards and a td.

TE Sits

Kellen Winslow. The the hell is going on with Tampa Bay?? Winslow has been bad all year, and it won’t change against the Saints this week. Sit him until he has a good game.

Dallas Clark. For those that still have hope he will turn it around….don’t. Clark is needed to block for Painter, not catch passes.

Mercedes Lewis. Not only can you sit him this week I think it’s safe to say go ahead and drop him. Find a better option.

Alright, I’m going to start giving you a bonus section every week called………

 “Player’s Ready To Freak Out“.  It’s a play on my name…Funny?? No?? Hey, At least I try…

I will name one player from each position that will come out of no where and have a good game, here we go.


Andy Dalton. For those of you in two QB leagues Dalton is my Freak Out player for the QB postion. He Gets the Colts this week, and Matt Cassel just threw four tds on them. Give him a shot. 250 yards and 2 td’s could be the result.


Earnest Graham. Mr. Blount has an MCL tear so Mr. Graham is going to take over at RB for Tampa Bay. Give him a shot in your flex spot or even as a number two RB this week against the Saints. They can be run on.


Greg Little. Earlier I told you to pick him up before he goes off this week. Well? What are you waiting for….go get him. The Browns want to make him their number one WR. I think he puts it on the Raiders this week to the tune of 80 yards and a td. Pick him up.


Ed Dickson. If you really need a TE this week I think Ed gets it done at home against Houston. He gets a lot of targets from Joe, and should be used a lot because Houston is solid against WR’s this year. 50 yards and a td this week. Ed gets it done for you in a pinch.

Well that does it for this week Fantasy people.

Thanks for the time,

Christopher Halfer…AKA…Mr. Freakin’ Fantasy