2011 Fantasy Football: Mr. Freakin’ Fantasy’s Week 5 Start/Sit


Yep, the bye weeks are here, but have no fear because Mr. Freakin’ Fantasy is here! Funny?? I thought that was a good one. Anyways, the bye weeks are here and you may have some trouble filling your lineups. With six teams on bye, this is where we separate the men from the boys…. so to speak. Matchups start to come into play more, and  if you are 0-4, or 1-3 you may be trying to sweat out a big win this week. Don’t worry, because I will get you where you need to be. If you have been keeping up with my start/sit lists you know I have been doing ok. Also, I hope that you traded for Ryan Mathews last week. The Chargers are looking to get Ryan about 25 carries a game moving forward.

I will point out again I won’t be telling you to start your studs, but giving you other players to start/sit that will, or won’t have good weeks. Ok, lets get started.

QB Starts

Mark Sanchez. Go ahead and laugh if you want to, but Mark is going to have a good week. I know Rex has said he’s going to get back to the “gound and pound”. I say really?? How can you do that when the Pats put up over 30 points a game? No, Mark will be throwing, and throwing a lot. Plus, the Pats secondary is a joke. I think Mark’s good for 250-300 yards and 2 td’s.

Josh Freeman. Yes I had freeman in the sit section last week and said he needed to show you something. Well, if you watched that MNF game, he did. Freeman gets the 49ers this week. You can’t run the ball against them, but you can sure throw on them. Vick went for over 400 yards last week. Hey, I’m not saying Freeman will do that but 225-275 plus 2 td’s will be very possible if you need him.

Ryan Fitzpatrick. Don’t let his horrible last week get you down. I know he goes up against the Eagles this week, and on paper it might look bad, but Alex Smith….yes Alex Smith had a good game against the Eagles… I know Ryan can. Plus, I think this turns into a shoot out. If you need a QB don’t be sacred to roll with Ryan this week.

QB Sits

Ben Roethlisberger. I am doubling down on Big Ben, I had him in the sit section last week and I’m putting him here again. Big Ben has only thrown 3 td’s this year, and that offensive line is still a mess. On top of that Rashard Mendenhall looks like a game time decisison. Also, the Titans are very underrated on defense. Look else where this week if you can.

Kyle Orton. I know you may have to start Orton, but I would feel better starting any of the players I have listed in my start section over him, and yes, even Mark Sanchez. The Chargers have a great pass defense, and Orton has looked bad. It won’t be long before they put Tim Tebow in as the QB.

Matt Hasselbeck. He sure has been killing it lately, and while I don’t think Matt is a horrible start. I think the Titans will run, run, and run some more with Chris Johnson this week. The Steeler’s have been bad against the run. Matt will be ok, but if you can find a better option, do it. I don’t think he throws for more than 200 yards and 1 td. This is the week CJ blows up!

RB Starts

Jahvid Best. Best has slowed down the last two weeks, and hasn’t been able to find very many holes to run threw. This will change on MNF as the Chicago Bears have been bad against the run of late. The Bears also have problems against the screen pass which just happens to be Jahvid’s strong area. Roll him out there. Best is a strong play this week.

Stevan Ridley. I think a changing of the guard happened last week with the law firm and Ridley. As Ridley clearly is the more talented RB. I know the Pats will be up big this week, and I think Ridley gets 15 or more carries. You could do a lot worse than Ridley if you need a 2RB to fill a bye week hole.

Joseph Addai. The Colt’s showed some signs of life last week against Tampa Bay. The Colt’s get the Chiefs at home this week, and the Chiefs have been horrible. I think the Colt’s get there first win, and Addai will be serviceable for your team. Think 80 total yards and a td is very possible.


RB Sits

 Shonn Greene. Well, if you read my before season prediction’s, you know I was one of the few people that thought Greene would bust….again. You can’t start him until he wakes up. The Jet’s will be down and throwing the ball a ton. LT is a better start than Greene this week. He’s a sit until further notice.

LaGarrette Blount. Sometimes you have to make hard decisions even when six teams are on their byes. Blount gets a hard match up against the 49ers who have been able to shut down the run. You most likely have to start him, but I think Tampa attacks via the air this game, and Blount is left on the side line.

James Starks/Ryan Grant. Even when the Packers are up big they still throw the ball. Grant is do back the week, and the Falcons are tough against the run. Leave them both on your bench.

WR Starts

Jordy Nelson. Nelson is becoming a great number 3WR this year. I know the Packers will light the Faclons up. Also, remember what he did to them last year in the playoffs? Some other people think he’s a sit this week or have them in their “hate” section.  Don’t be the person that left points on the bench. Start Nelson. 60-80 yards and a td is very possible.

A.J Green. Another great 3WR this year. This rookie has a ton of talent. I think he lets the Jags have it this week. 60-85 yards a td. The Jags have been ok against the run and pass, but this kid is special. Plug him in as a bye week filler.

Eric Decker. Hey, just because I don’t like Orton as a starter doesn’t mean I don’t like any of his WR’s. I think the Chargers will be up, and that Brandon Lloyd will get a lot of attention. Decker had two td’s last week, and while I don’t think that happens again. 50 yards and a td is very possible. Start him.

WR Sits

Steve Johnson. He gets a tough draw this week against Philly. I know you have to start him, but you have been warned. They held Hakeem Nicks to 25 yards.

Marques Colston.  Wait for him to show you something, even with all the bye weeks.

Mike Thomas. Bengals are tough against the pass, and he has to deal with a rookie QB. I’m staying away.

TE Starts

Brandon Pettigrew. Had him here last week and he has even a better matchup this week against the Bears. They are the worst in the NFL against TE’s. Start him.

Aaron Hernandez. If he plays start him. No need to wait a week. He killed the Jets last year.

Dustin Keller. Get him in your lineup, the Jets will be down and having to throw….a lot.

TE Sits

Randy McMichael. He is no Gates, and way over the hill. I wouldn’t roll the dice with him.

Dallas Clark. 46 yards last week was his most of the season. They need Clark to block. Don’t start him. I even cut him in one of my 12 team leagues. Enough said.

James Casey. Even with AJ out for three weeks don’t look for Casey to blow up. Houston has Daniels. You will be chasing points if you think the number 3 TE on the team will have big weeks.

Thanks for the time Fantasy people,

Christopher Halfer…AKA…Mr. Freakin’ Fantasy.