2011 Fantasy Football: Mr. Freakin’ Fantasy’s Week 4 Start/Sit


Ok people, just like Michael Jordan I have two words to say….”I’m back”. ( I’m from Chicago so I thought that was  funny).  No need to worry about little old me as I just got back from Las Vegas the other day. Needless to say, it was the most fun I ever had….in my whole  life! I would love to share more, but we all know what happens in Vegas…..stays in Vegas. Now, on to Fantasy Football. There have been some interesting things going on the past few weeks. It sure looks like Ryan Mathews has become the real deal, and Tolbert is an after thought in the Chargers offense. If Mathews puts up another big game against Miami, it’s a done deal and Ryan is a must start for the rest of the year. I would really make a push to trade for him if you don’t have him. The price has gone up, but it will be worth it. I would trade Rashard Mendenhall for him in a heart beat right now.

Again, I will be giving you players to start that aren’t your studs. You don’t need my help with that. Now, on to my start/sit  list for week four.

QB Starts

Eli Manning. Hey, if Eli can throw four td’s against the Eagles, what do you think he has in store for the Cardinals. Plus, it sure looks like Mario Manningham will play this week. He has been cleared to play, and now Eil has found a new target in Victor Cruz. Big things in store for Eil this week. 300 yards with 3 td’s very possible.

Rex Grossmen. He really didn’t have a great game against the Cowboys last week, but that defence is improved.  look for him to tear up the Rams secondary this week. Did any of you see what Torrey Smith did to them last week?? Over 150 yards and 3 td’s. Grossman should be a top 12 QB this week. 250 yards and 2-3 td’s should be the result.

Jason Campbell. I know this is a reach, but if you are in a 14 team league or higher, he’s not a bad start against New England. Their secondary is horrible to say the least.

QB Sits

 Ben Roethlisberger. Ok here me out. If you have a better option I would sit Big Ben this week. Ben has three offensive line men that are questionable this week. The Run game is horrible, Houston pass defence is much improved, and Mike Wallace is nursing some sore ribs. Again, I would look for a better option this week if you can.

Joe Flacco. He’s not playing the Rams this week people. The Jets are going to be pissed after  losing to the Raiders last week.

Josh Freeman. He has been horrible so far this year. Unitl he shows you something leave Freeman on the bench.

RB Starts

Ryan Mathews. Well what do you want me to say after I just told you to trade for him? Miami is no push over with their run defence, but you need to ride the hot hand. Miami hasn’t seen a RB with this much talent yet. Plus, I think the Chargers will be up and running the ball a lot. Get him in your lineup.

Daniel Thomas. Reggie Bush went from hero to zero in about one week. Funny how football can have vast swings. I think Thomas will put up soild number the rest of the year. I know Miami just signed Steve Slaton….I’m not worried about that though. Look for Thomas to dominate the touches this week against the Chargers.

Update: Daniel Thomas is ruled out. Do not start him.

Ahmad Bradshaw/Brandon Jacbos. Love Bradshaw this week against the Cardinals, and in deeper leagues I like Jacbos as well. The Cradinals run defence is really bad. Bradshaw is a top ten start this week and Jacbos is a great start for the deeper leagues.

RB Sits

Arian Foster. Funny,  I won’t tell you to start your studs,  but I’m going to tell you to sit’em. Listen, they play the Steelers this week, Foster is coming off another set back from his hamstring, and Gary Kubiak already said he’s not getting a full load. Add that all up, and it spells wait another week to play Foster.

Update: Gary Kubiak has changed his mind yet again, and will now give Foster a full work load. START HIM!

Chris Johnson. Yeah I’m going there. My advice to you is if you have a better option go with them. CJ has shown nothing yet. Unitl he starts playing better I wouldn’t play him. That’s just me. Some times the truth hurts, but CJ looks really bad as of now.

Felix Jones. Jones is coming off an ok game against Washington, but I don’t like him going against the Lions. They have a great defence just in case you aren’t paying attention. Plus, this will become a shoot out. Jones might be ok in the passing game, but not enough to merit you putting him in your lineup. On top of that he’s still dealing with a shoulder injury.

WR Starts

Lance Moore. Moore is finally healthy, and it showed up last week as he had over 80 yards and a td. I know it looks like Colston will be back this week, and that’s fine because Moore will start anyway. The Saints play the Jags this week and Bress is going to have a field day. Start’em with a smile on your face.

Sindey Rice. Rice came up with an ok game in his first game back with over 100 yards. I think he makes a great WR3 this week going up against the Falcons secondary. They should be throwing the ball a lot as I expect the Seahawks to be playing from behind all game. Get Rice in your lineup this week.

Denarius Moore. New England’s pass defence is a joke. I expect another shoot out. I would ride the hot hand with Moore.

WR Sits

Auquan Boldin.  Boldin has a date Revis Island. Do I really need to say anymore?

Brandon Lloyd. This one could come back to bite me, but Lloyd has been a non factor since the groin injury. He also will have to deal with Charles Woodson. I’m just saying.

Nate Washington. I know Kenny Britt is out for the year and Nate is the number one now, but I don’t like him this week against the Browns. They have a solid pass defence and Nate will get the draw against Joe Haden. Look for a better option.

TE Starts

Greg Olsen. Greg goes up against his old team this week. Ron Rivera has already said this is not just another game to him. Plus, the Bears just got by burned by Jermichael Finley for three td’s. I see a big week in store for Olsen. Start him.

Brandon Pettigrew. 13 targets 11 catches and over 100 yards in his last game. Brandon is healthy again, get him in your lineup.

Jermaine Gresham. He’s not putting up great numbers, but he’s playing ok. He did have 8 targets last week to go along with 50 yards. I like him against the Bills this week. They just gave up over 100 yards and 2 td’s to the Rob Gronkowski. I know he’s no Gronk, but I can see Jermaine getting half of those stats. Think 50 yards and a td.

TE Sits

Kellen Winslow. Not sure what’s going on with the whole Tampa Bay team. I really thought  Tampa was in for a big year. Guess not. Don’t start Kellen until Freeman wakes up.

Dallas Clark. WOW….Clark has turned into a below avergae  TE with Collins at QB. Clark is needed to block more than ever now, and that’s not what he does well. I wouldn’t start Clark, the TE position is to deep this year.

Marcedes Lewis. Until he shows you something leave him on the bench.

Thanks for the time Fantasy people,

Christopher  Halfer…AKA…Mr Freakin’ Fantasy.