2011 Fantasy Football: Mr. Freakin’ Fantasy’s Week 2 Start/Sit


Hi all, hope all is going well for your fantasy teams. There have been a ton of injuries so far, but this is what happens when players show up out of shape. I hope you started off the season with a win……. Ok, for my start/sit addition I’m not going to tell you to start AP, Foster, AJ or Megatron. I will be addressing the fantasy players that are not clear cut starters in other people’s mind. You don’t need me to tell you to start your studs. Alright, lets get started.

RB Starts

Reggie Bush. I know he didn’t have a great game rushing the ball, but he did put up over 90 total yards and a td. Bush had ten targets….yes, ten. I think he’s a solid start this week against Houston. Daniel Thomas is still nursing an injury, though he might play this week. With that said, Bush should come close to 20 touches again.

Beanie Wells. I know some of you are still down on him for past seasons of  Wells busting, but this is a new year. First game Wells had over 100 total yards and a td. Get him in your lineup as a number two back this week. I see 100 total yards and a td against Washington.

Jahvid Best. This is one player I’m high on for the year, and he didn’t disappoint in his first game. Best had over 100 total yards, but failed to get into the end zone. I think that changes this week against the Chiefs. If Fred Jackson and get over 100 yards I know Best can.

RB Sits

DeAngelo Williams. Well, They payed him all that money and it looks like it’s going to be a 50/50 split with Jonathon Stewart. Find a better option until he shows you something.

Ryan Grant. It looks like Starks is the better option. I hope you didn’t draft Grant very high. Starks will be the starter before long.

Legarrette Blount. He was highly over drafted in fantasy leagues. If Tampa Bay is down, Blount will be off the field. Five carries in a game is horrible. Blount can’t be trusted yet.

WR Starts

Mario Manningham. Hakeem Nicks could miss the game with a bone bruise, but even if he doesn’t, Super Mario is a great play against a beat up Ram’s secondary.

Robert Meachem. I know the Bears shut down the Falcons, but I don’t see this happening with the Saints. Drew Brees has too much talent. With Colston out, Meachem is the number one target. Get him in the lineup.

Santana Moss. If Cam Newton can light up the Cardinals no reason Rex can’t. I think Moss puts up top ten WR numbers for this week.

WR Sits

Percy Harvin. I know the Chargers have one of the better pass defences, but when your QB doesn’t even throw for 40 yards, how can you start him? Harvin saved his day with a td, but I would wait for McNabb to show you something before you start him again.

Steve Smith (Panthers) You must think I’m crazy…. right? Nope, not crazy. Listen people, the Cardinals secondary is horrible. The Packer’s are anything but horrible. Also, look for Charles Woodson to be on Steve Smith. Look for a better option.

Dwayne Bowe.  He did have eight targets, and the Bills do have a better than average secondary.  Still, I don’t think his QB is healthy. I wouldn’t start him until I see signs of life from the Chiefs.  They were down all game and Bowe didn’t even get 20 yards….wow. (That was not a good “wow” for the record).

TE Starts

Aaron Hernandez. Ten targets, seven catches, all added up to 103 yards and a td. Do I need to say more? He’s a top ten TE for the year. Plus, the Chargers are great against WR’s…..not TE’s.

Owen Daniels. He did have a bad game against the Colts, but that was because it was a blow out. I don’t think that happens against Miami. Look what the Pats TE’s did against Miami. Need I say more?

Jimmy Graham. He saved his day at the end with a td against the Packers, but with Coslton out his stock goes up. Start him against the Bears.

TE Sits

Dallas Clark. Ouch…that hurt to say. You most likely don’t have a better option, but I’m saying it anyway. Clark can’t be trusted without Manning under center. I wouldn’t start him. Clark only had five targets for 39 yards when the Colts were down the whole game….not good.

Fred Davis. He did have over 100 yards in the first game, but don’t trust him just yet. Chris Cooley is still the number one TE for Washington.

Jared Cook. That was disappionting. Wait until he shows you something. Seven yards is not going to cut it.

QB Starts.

Chad Henne. Hey, if you don’t have a top QB, Henne is not a bad start this week against Houston.  Don’t expect 400 yards passing again, but I could see 300 and another two td’s.

Rex Grossman. Yeah, I said Rex Grossman. The Cardinals secondary is horrible! 250-300 yards and 2 td’s sounds about right.

Ryan Fitzpatrick. Kyle Orton threw for over 300 yards on the Raiders, I don’t see why Fitzpatrick won’t.

QB Sits

Cam Newton. Not against Green Bay people….don’t even think about it.

Josh Freeman. I would start any of the QB ‘s in my start section over him. Wait for him to play better. Tampa Bay is off it’s game right now.

 Matt Schaub. I really don’t like him, so that doesn’t help, but Houston runs the ball a lot these days. I would look for a better option. Schaub is not a top eight QB.

Thanks for the time,

Christopher Halfer…AKA…Mr. Freakin’ Fantasy