Houston Texans Round out the Top Ten: Week 1 Power Rankings


Week one brought out some exciting games and also some real snoozers. cam Newton the overall number one pick tied a rookie passing record and Green Bay Packers rookie Randall Cobb electrified on special teams. Houston Texans defense looks totally refurbished and Tony Romo is giving critics added ammunition that he is merely a stats quarterback but meltsdown when it comes to crunch time.

It was indeed an exciting and much anticipated week one of football and we still have sixteen weeks left in the season. Those weeks will fly by and we will be doing power ranking updates each week at Toro Times. Be sure to check out the rest of the rankings.

Without further ado working our way from worst to first here are the post week one power rankings.

 1. Seattle Seahawks– 12th man or not it’s looking grim for a superstar-less team.

2. Cincinnati Bengals– Bengals and Andy Dalton will have his growing pains. Over under on Bengals win this season is?

3. Tennessee Titans– No one wants to mention the word “rebuild” inNashvillebut wake up people! It’s happening.

4. Denver Broncos– Orton is the starter inDenver.Denverwill try to run the ball in order to keep opposing offenses off the field but this past Sunday the run game never materialized. The passing game will be the Broncos strong suit and likely will be faced with being one dimensional all season due to playing from behind.

5. San Francisco 49ers– The Niners beat up on Seattle but still aren’t very good. New Coach/new staff.