2011 Fantasy Football: Finding Gold On The Waiver Wire


That was a great start to the season….wow. Lots of points were flying on the board. I hope you started off the season with a win. If you didn’t, don’t worry, because I may have the answers to help you find gold on the waiver wire. Here are my top pickups of the week.

Cam Newton. I want to start off by saying that the Cardinals defence is really bad. With that said, Newton needs to be owned in all leagues. 422 yards with 2 td’s and 18 rush yards with another td on the ground can’t be ignored.  Pick him up.

Carnell Williams. Well, Well, Well….that didn’t take long for Steven Jackson to get injured. If you are a SJ39 owner he’s a must add for this week and moving forward.

Aaron Hernandez. If for some strange reason he’s on the wire…. PICK HIM UP! That wasn’t luck what Aaron did on MNF. 103 yards and a td. Aaron looks like a top 10 TE to me. He’s a matchup nightmare!

Brandon Gibson. With Danny Amendola likely out for awhile, if not the season. Gibson  becomes someone I would want to take a look at. I have heard rumors that MSW will he moving to the slot. I see Gibson getting more targets if that happens. Pick him up. Gibson started off the season with 50 yards, so there is room for improvement.

David Nelson (WR, Bills). I put his position and where he’s from because you most likely won’t know who he is. Stevie Johnson will be getting double teamed more and more as the season goes on, and Nelson will benefit from it. Nelson started the season with a cool 66 yards. Take notice.

Dexter McCluster. He didn’t have a monster game, but I like how they are using him. Thomas Jones looks done. Dexter looks like the back up to Jamaal Charles now. Also, the Chiefs look like they are in for a long year, and will be playing from behind….a lot. This will bump up the stock of Dexter even more. Dexter had 42 rush yards and 25 receiving. Look for him to get better as the season moves on. Also, in some leagues he can be used as a  (RB/WR).

Greg Olsen. Greg has moved on from the waste land that was Chicago. He will be utilized a great deal by Newton. 78 yards in there first game together, and Greg just missed a td grab. Pick him up if he’s there.

Chad Henne. Ok, I know he won’t throw for 416 yards 2 td’s and  rush for 59 yards with one td, but this is a new look Miami offence. Chad is taking more shots down field this year. He looks like a great back up QB.

Hope this helps you out.

Thanks for the time,

Christopher Halfer…AKA…Mr. Freakin’ Fantasy.