2011 Fantasy Football Packers vs. Saints: Mr. Freakin’ Fantasy’s Picks to Click


Ok everyone, the NFL season starts today….I can’t wait! Fantasy Football is upon us, so please don’t forget to set your lineups for tonight. Let’s get right to the point with my picks to click.

Picks to Click for Packers

Aaron Rodgers: This goes really without saying, but just in case….make sure you start him. This will be a shoot out. I think 300 plus yards and 3 td’s sounds about right.

Greg Jennings/Donald Driver: Greg is a number 1WR for tonight, and I would even use Driver as a capable number 3WR for tonight as well. Driver isn’t done yet, as he is still ahead of Nelson, and Jones.  Greg should be good for 100 yards and 1-2 td’s, and I can see Driver getting 60-80 yards and a td as well.

Jermichael Finley: This kid is a beast as long as he is healthy. Get him in your lineup. 80 yards and maybe a td for tonight.

Better left on the Bench

Ryan Grant/James Starks: Reports are that this will be a 50/50 split to start the season. Do you really want that headache to start the season…I sure don’t. I’m sure Starks will be the starter very soon, but until that happens stay away from this mess.

Jordy Nelson/James Jones: Until Driver goes down with an injury….stay away from both of these guys. They will be way to inconsistent for your fantasy team.

Packers Defence: I could be wrong on this one, but I think this turns into a shoot-out. I would stay away.

Picks to Click for Saints

Drew Brees: Not like you need me to tell you….but I will….start him. At least 300 yards and 2 td’s for tonight.

Marques Colston: He might have a hard time tonight with Charles Woodson, but still should put up ok numbers. Get him in as a solid number 2WR.  Think, 60-90 yards and one td.

Robert Meachem: With Lance Moore  already listed as Out for tonight, get Meachem in as a number 3WR for your team. Like I said before, this will be a shoot-out. I don’t think Meachem has a lot of catches, but I think he  breaks a long one. I’m thinking….three catches 65 yards and one td.

Jimmy Graham: Don’t forget about this breakout candidate for this year. The Packers will lose track of this kid tonight, and he will eat up this middle. Jimmy will put up top five TE numbers tonight.  Think 70-100 yards and one td.

Better left on the Bench

Pierre Thomas/Mark Ingram: The Packers run defence is very good, I also have no idea how the carries will be spilt. It looks like  a 60/40 split to favor  Thomas to start the season….but I’m not sure. Again, I would stay away from these RB’s (just like the Packers RB’s) unless you really don’t have any better players to start the season.

Devery Henderson: If you even have to think about starting him, your team is in trouble this year….enough said.

Lance Moore: He’s  listed as…. OUT….do not be the guy that leaves him in your lineup.

Saints Defence: Like I said with the Packers defence, I think this is a shoot-out. Find a better defence to play.


Well, I believe this will be a shoot-out. Get both QB’s and most WR’s in your lineups, as well as both TE’s. I don’t like the RB’s in this game because of the time shares and too many unknowns, and the defence’s should be left on the bench. Oh, just in case you are wondering where in the world I came up with Picks to Click. I live in Chicago and it’s a saying the White Sox use.

Thanks for the time,

Christopher Halfer…AKA…Mr. Freakin’ Fantasy