www.withtheifrstpick.com have decided a weekly Q and A session where we alternate ..."/> www.withtheifrstpick.com have decided a weekly Q and A session where we alternate ..."/>

Three and Out: College Football Questions that Need Answers for this Weekend


NFLmocks and it’s sister site www.withtheifrstpick.com have decided a weekly Q and A session where we alternate asking each other questions about the upcoming college football games.

This week I interviewed Ty MacDonnel.

1). What’s the Game you’re most looking forward to this weekend, first as a fan and second as an amateur scout?

A The game I am most looking forward to this weekend from both a scouting perspective and as a fan is the LSU/Oregon game on Saturday night.  Both teams have the talent to compete for the National Championship in January, but a loss will most likely prevent one of them from doing so.  I am also a fan of Oregon’s running back LaMichael James and I am anxious to see how he develops this year and where he is graded as a prospect come April.  This should be a really great match up for him as LSU as a very fast defense and it should be an exciting game to kick the season off with.  Also, from a scouting perspective I will have my eye on Georgia/Boise State on Saturday night as well.  That could also be another great game and I cant believe that NCAA scheduled the two best games of the week at the same time on Saturday night.  Thank God for DVR!

2) Assuming you Watched the Wisconsin and Mississippi State opening game for college football’s season, which prospects jumped out at you in this game?

A) To be honest I was devastated last night when my power went out just before game time and it didn’t come back on until the start of the fourth quarter.  Thankfully neither game was very close, but I would have still have liked to of watched a few players.  But I cant really answer your question until I see some game film or at least highlights from the games. It was not a  great way to start the year though, that’s for sure!

3).  Prediction: There always seems to be some big upset on opening weekend? Which team do you think could start off the season with a very disappointing loss?

A) You are right, there does always seem to be a major upset in week one!  I am going to chose one of my favorite rivalries in college football and say that Marshall will upset West Virginia on Sunday afternoon.  West Virginia is currently ranked 24th in the country and last I check the spread favored them by 23 1/2 points.  But Marshall always comes to play against West Virginia.  I always like to look for teams in rivalry matches when it comes to choosing an upset.  Last year West Virginia and Marshall played in week two of the season and it was one of the best games of the year.  West Virginia came back in the fourth quarter and ended up winning in over time, but it was a really great football game.  So I will stand by the Thundering Herd this week!!

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