NFL Mocks Fantasy Football Draft Review


I wasn’t going to do this, but since I seen three of my fellow writers did, I thought I jump in and join the party. NFL Mocks had it’s Fantasy Draft this past Tuesday. It is a 12 team standard draft with  two flex positions. One was a W/R and the other was a W/T/R. This totally changed my mind set and how I was going to draft. I was going to target RB’s, and target them hard, then draft WR’s later. I had the 4th pick in the draft.

1st Pick: Ray Rice. Now to my surprise Foster was still on the board at this point, but I didn’care. I don’t trust Houston and how they are with RB’s. Foster is already dealing with a pulled hamstring and lost his lead blocker in Leach. Leach just happens to be blocking for Rice now. Also, Willis is gone and the Ravens said that Rice is getting the goal line carries. I was sticking with my guns and went with Rice. I think he’s in for a breakout year in the TD department.

2nd Pick: Peyton Hillis. Both of the stud QB’s were off the board, meaning Vick and Rodgers. I could have picked a WR at this point,  but with the ability to start four running backs at a time I had to pick another RB. I know most people are down on Hillis this year with the Madden Curse and all. I was too, but have now come around. Would I want Hillis as my number one? No, but as number two he should be just fine. I was worried about Hardesty, but he can’t stay healthy and is still dealing with that knee. I was happy to get Hillis here.

3rd Pick: Matt Forte. I know Barber looked good in the Bears 1st preseason game and may steel some td’s from Forte, but I couldn’t believe he was still on the board at this point. Great value with Forte in the 3rd in a 12 team draft.

4th Pick: Tony Romo. All of the top QB’s were gone at this point which is Vick, Rodgers, Brady, Brees, Rivers, and Manning. So I didn’t want to get stuck with a bad QB. I really like Romo even better the Manning for this year. I love the weapons that Romo has with Dez, Miles, Witten, and Jones this year. Love the upside…..lets hope he stays healthy.

5th Pick: Marques Colston. This is what happens when you wait on WR’s this year. You can still get a great guy in the 5th round. I know most people are down on Colston because of his knees problems. I am a little worried as well, but in the 5th I couldn’t pass him up.

6th Pick: Chad Ochocinco. I would like to point out that I called the Pats would make a move for Chad back in May this year. Yes, I did just “Pat” myself on the back….(I know that was lame) Anyways, I think Chad is being undervalued just a little. I’m not saying he’s going to blow up like Randy Moss did, but I think he will put up at least his 2009 number’s with Brady throwing him the ball…which was over 1,000 yards and 9 td’s.

7th Pick: Marshawn Lynch. I know I’m going RB crazy at this point, but I  have drafted four RB’s that I can start. Lynch is a nice sleeper this year. The Seahawks did up grade their O line. Lets also not forget Lynch is still just 25. He’s got a lot left in the tank. On another note….do you really think that T-Jackson is going to throw the ball 40 times a game?? No way, Lynch is great a number four RB.

8th Pick: Julio Jones. I almost picked Jones ahead of Lynch back in the 7th,  I did not think he would come back around in the 8th….so gald he did. Love how Jones looked in the 1st preseason game. He’s a beast. I think Jone’s will make a great number three WR this year, with the upside to be a good number two.

9th Pick: AJ Green. Yep, I’m going WR slap happy at this point. This pick was more on the fact that AJ already is the number one WR for the team. I hate the fact that a rookie QB will be starting, which will limit most of AJ’s upside. I have a saying though. When in doubt draft talent, and AJ has a lot of that.

10th Pick: Jets D. The Jet’s D can be a difference maker. I love not having to search the W-Wire every week for a Defence to start. Peace of mind my friends, peace of mind.

11th Pick: Micheal Crabtree. Well, that didn’t take me long to draft another WR. Crabtree is just a flyer as this point, he’s been injured almost the whole preseason, and they brought in Edwards.

12th Pick: Greg Olsen. The TE’s are very deep this year, very deep. Do not waste a high draft pick on a TE this year. Most of you will laugh at this pick….well don’t. Did you see Greg’s 1st preseason game? Over 50 yards and a td, on 4 targets. Also, his TE coach is none other then Gate’s old TE coach. I see a breakout year on the way for Olsen now that he’s out of  Chicago’s waste land for TE’s.

My lasts few picks:

13. Mark Sanchez. He’s an ok back up QB.

14. Brent Celek. Lets hope Vick stays true to what he said and uses Celek more.

15.  Sebastian Janikowski.

16. Delone Carter. If Addai and Brown go down he could he the man.

That’s my draft in a nutshell. How do you think I did?  Good? Bad? Great? Ok? I’m open to any thoughts.

Thanks for the time,

Christopher Halfer…AKA…Mr. Freakin’ Fantasy.