2011 Fantasy Football: Updated Top 10 WR Rankings


Wide Receivers are becoming a huge part of Fantasy Football. The NFL has turned into a throwing league. You Really need to draft a WR with in the first three rounds of your draft, or be left out in the cold looking for the scraps. Making sure you don’t swing and miss with your first WR pick is very important, but rest assure I’m working very hard to make sure this won’t happen to you.

1. Calvin Johnson. I must be crazy not to put AJ at number one right? Wrong. Everything that I’m hearing about Megatron so far has been outstanding. Johnson added ten pounds of  muscle this off season, and apparently he’s having the best training camp of his life from reports I’ve seen. I know this is sacrilegious not to have AJ at number one, but let some else use a first rounder on AJ and take Johnson is the second. You will thank me later. Megaton could have 20 td’s this year. NOT KIDDING.

2. Andre Johnson. Hey, I never said I didn’t like AJ I just think Megatron is in store for the year of his life. Remember that AJ has never reached ten td’s in his whole career. Let’s make him earn it before he’s number one. All in all, AJ will still have a great year.

3. Larry Fitzgerald. Larry at three? Yes. If you miss out on AJ or Megatron don’t look anywhere else. Kolb is a huge up grade over anything they had at QB. Did you see the first preseason game highlights?? 60 yards on two receptions. Yea, Fitz will rebound in a big way this year.

4. Hakeem Nicks. Guess what….Steve Smith is gone. Nicks is looking even better this year. I see a huge year in store for Nicks. He was already Manning’s favorite target and will see even more looks with Smith gone. If Nick’s plays all 16 games big things will happen. Nicks is a td machine with ton’s of upside for this year.

5. Roddy White. Listen when I say I’m a little worried about Roddy this year, and it has nothing to do with him. Two words… Julio Jones. This rookie is going to put up numbers this year. When Tony Gonzalez says this is the best rookie WR he has ever seen…… I take notice. Roddy’s numbers are going to dip a little. He’s still top five though.

6. Mike Wallace. Ward is done, Wallace is Big Ben’s go to guy now. Over 1,200 yards and 10 td’s is nothing to laugh at when your QB misses the first four games of the year. I know Wallace is kind of a home run hitter, but I think he works over the middle more this year with more short routes. Wallace should even improve on last year numbers.

7. Greg Jennings. I do like Greg’s talent, but there are a lot of mouths to feed in Green Bay. Before Finley went out Greg was have a bad year. The Packers also resigned Jame Jones, so that won’t help. Still, Jennings is the number one WR on the Packers. He will put up points. Just don’t take draft him as a top five WR this year.

8. DeSean Jackson. I’m moving Jaskson a little higher up my list because of the news about Jeremy Maclin. I really don’t know what’s going on with him. Other then Maclin is sick. Even when Maclin comes back he  likely will be brought a long slowly. My hope with Jackson for this year is that they work him over the middle more. We already know he’s the best home run hitter in the game.

9. Reggie Wayne. I know Reggie is on the down side of his career, but he’s still putting up big numbers. I do realize that Reggie only had six td’s last year. Guess what…I don’t care, because he had over 1,300 yards and thats what I look for…yards. Td’s are harder to predict . The Colt’s are still a pass first team with Peyton. Reggie isn’t done yet.

10. Vincent Jackson. I see a breakout season on the way for V-Jack this year. What  I’m hearing he looks great at camp, and he also had a nice couple of grabs in the Chargers first preseason game. The Chargers offence is going to be explosive. V-Jack  will be top ten this year. Don’t miss out.

Just missed the Top Ten

11. Miles Austin. I really like Miles this year, but Dez will get lots of looks as well.

12. Dwayne Bowe. Don’t over pay far a career year, no way he gets 15 td’s again.

13. Mike Williams (Tampa Bay). I love the whole Tampa Bay team this year. I expect him to imporve on this yards, but the td’s should stay the same.

14. Dez Bryant. Same thing with Dez as with Miles. It will be hard to tell who’s going to blow up from game to game, but I  expect them both to have 1,000 yards and 7-10 td’s.

15. Brandon Marshall. If he only had a good QB. I still hold out hope that Miami trades for a QB. Did you see Chad Henne in the first preseason game…..OMG was he bad! Marshall’s top ten with Kyle Orton there.

Thanks for the time,

Christopher Halfer…AKA…Mr. Freakin’ Fantasy.