2011 Fantasy Football: Updated Top 10 RB Rankings


The first preseason games have been played, and I must say, it was nice to have some football to watch on television. The season is fast approaching. Things will change with depth charts, and players will get hurt. For those of you that like to roll the dice and draft early. I’m going to keep updating my rankings throughout preseason.

1. Adrian Peterson. I have had AP at number one since early May, and nothing has changed. AP all day baby. Don’t pick Foster over him. Never pay full price for a players career year.

2. Ray Rice. You might not have to reach this high for Rice, but this is where I have him ranked. I really love the upside of Rice this year. Vonta Leach came over from Houston, Willis is gone. I know they brought in Ricky Williams, but I’m not worried about him. Also, the Ravens have already said that Rice will be the goal line back this year. What’s not to love. I smell I breakout year on the way for Mr. Rice.

3. Arian Foster. I’m not in panic mode yet, but Foster has a pulled hamstring, and as I’m writing this Foster still hasn’t practiced since the injury. Foster also lost Vonta Leach. The good thing for Foster is that Slaton, and Tate are hurt as well. So they won’t be wooing the coaches anytime soon. Let’s just say I’m not as high on Foster as I once was.

4. Jamaal Charles. I can’t believe the Chiefs still have Charles listed as the number two running back. I don’t care. Charles is a stud with a boat load of talent. I always love to draft talent in fantasy football. Don’t let this bother you. Charles is still a top five RB this year.

5. Chris Johnson.  Still a no show at training camp, I’m starting to worry. The more time Chris misses the better chance of him not being in football shape, and getting hurt when he does come back.

6. Rashard Mendenhall. He will get all the goal line carries and has no one threatening to take his job. I’m starting to love Rashard more and more for this season.

7. LeSean McCoy. He’s a Flat out stud, but I’m a little more worried about Ronnie Brown then most. Not sure who will be getting the goal line carries. Still, in this offence McCoy will get tons of yards, and still score td’s.

8.  Steven Jackson. SJ39 is flying up my draft board this year. The more I look over the NFL for stud RB’s that don’t have RBBC. The more I can’t find them. I think the Ram’s offence takes off this year. Jackson will get more chance’s at the goal line, and more receptions with McDaniels there. What’s not to love. You can bring up that he might get injured if you want, but this year everyone has an increased chance because of the lockout.

9. Michael Turner.  Are you worried that the burner has been over worked the last two years?? Yes, but he’s the number one back and no one is taking his job this year. The Falcons will score a lot of td’s and Turners getting all the goal line carries.

10. Darren McFadden.  Man, if this kid wasn’t made out of glass he would be even higher. Love the upside that Darren has but he’s hurt already with a broken bone in his face. He’s top ten because of his talent.

Just missed the top 10

11. Maurice Jones Drew.  Not only worried about his knee, but this offence is not going to be good.

12. Matt Forte. I like Forte in this offence, but he might lose the goal line carries to Barber.

13. Peyton Hillis. So far he looks good in camp and  Montario Hartesy can’t stay healthy (still having knee problems).

14. Shonn Greene. Ok stop me if you heard this one before, but Rex said that Greene is the man this year, and the reports are Greene might get 300 touches. Call me crazy, but I believe them.

15. Jahvid Best. To bad the rookie when down with a season ending injury, buts that’s good news for Best and his value.

Thanks for the time,

Christopher Halfer…AKA…Mr. Freakin Fantasy