2011 Fantasy Football: Players Under The Fantasy Radar


Hello everyone, hope all is going well. I know most of you are getting ready for your drafts, and will be looking for all the help you can get. I have listed my undervalued and overvalued players already, but would now like to talk about some players that are under the fantasy radar. What I mean by that is not sleepers, but good players that for some reason are dropping in fantasy drafts further then they should.

Shonn Greene.  Rex Ryan has given his approval for Shonn this year. Most people won’t want anything to do with Shonn because of what happen last year. First round pick that was a major bust. I think this is the year for him to blow up. LT has been reduced to a third down back, and I have heard rumors they want to give Shonn over 300 touches this year. That’s music to my ears. Now, I’m not saying there isn’t any risk with drafting Greene because there is, but I feel like landing him as a number two RB this year will pay off great. Funny, Greene is being drafted in the 3rd and 4th rounds this year, and it looks like this is the year he should have been drafted in the 1st. Use this to your advantage and drafted Greene as a number two RB and get number one value in return.

Tony Romo. I know Tony was hurt last year and that will scare some people off. Also,countless other so called “Fantasy Experts” call Romo a second tier QB. I want to know what in the heck are they thinking. Reports so far are that Romo has been very sharp in camp, making the defence look silly at times. Also, lets look at his weapons. Miles, Des, Witten, and Jones. That’s a lot of talent. With Manning, Rivers, Brees, Brady being taking over him (Not including Vick or Rodgers because they are in a tier by themselves) Romo is under the radar. People are down on him. Romo could out perform all of them this year and can be drafted in the 5th round of most drafts. Do yourself a favor and go with Tony this year, it will pay off when you have stud RB’s, and stud WR’s because you had the knowledge to wait on a QB. Waiting on the QB position could win you the league this year by drafting Romo.

Kellen Winslow. This is the first year in a long time that Winslow isn’t coming knee surgery. So far he has looked great in camp. I really like Wilslow this year,  Freeman loves him, and  Tampa Bay is on the rise. If you miss out on the top 5 TE’s Gates, Finley, Clark, Davis and Witten. Wait until the 10th round or so and draft Winslow. You will thank me later. Kellen has 1,000 yards and 5- 8 td’s written all over him this year.

Percy Harvin. In case you have not heard….. Sidney Rice got traded along with Tarvaris Jackson. In comes Donovan McNabb. That’s a big upgrade at the QB position in my view. Harvin is the number one WR on the team now. He will be targeted a great deal more this year, and reports are that Harvin has been migraine free for months now and looking like a stud at camp. Also, Harvin will get more work on ground this year, and still return punts and kickoffs at times. McNabb already has said that he loves this kid and sees no reason why he can’t become a pro-bowler this year. Harvin is being drafted in the 6th round or later as a number 3 WR. Harrin could have his first 1,000 yard season with 7-10 td’s this year. Love that people are not feeling him, and letting him slip to far in drafts. Do not miss out on him.  A break out year could be on the way.

Thanks for the time,

Christopher Halfer…AKA…Mr. Freakin’ Fantasy.