2011 Fantasy Football: Players That Will Be Undervalued Come Draft Day.


A fantasy football draft is all about getting the most value from your picks. Why select a guy like Jeremy Maclin in the 3rd or 4th round, when you can take Mario Manningham in the 6th or 7th that has the same value?? There are a great deal of players with tons of value I’m finding while mock drafting. The mock drafts have been 12 teams

Here’s  just a few undervalued players I’m finding.

DeAngelo Williams. D-Will is still consistently going in the 4th round, and sometimes later in  mock drafts. WOW, I know the Panthers won’t be a great team, but they just signed him to a big contract. D-Will is going to get the rock. I see Ryan Mathews and Shonn Greene being taken before him all the time. Ask yourself this…what have the done yet?? I think Williams is a steel in the 4th. D-Will  is a solid number two RB this year.

Austin Collie. I know he is an injury risk, but from the reports I seen so far/hearing. He looks outstanding. Remember this kid was killing it for the first part of the season. Collie was having a great year with Clark and Reggie on the field. So it’s not like Collie got his numbers because someone was injured. Collie is going in the 5th and 6th rounds of most mock drafts. Smile, and take him there. Collie is worth the risk at that point. Draft him as a number three WR and he might end up being your number one.

Mario Manningham. If you have read any of my other blogs you know I love this kid. Mario’s ADP is rising though because it looks like Steve Smith will start the season on the PUP list.  Still, Manningham is going in the 7th and 8th rounds of most mock drafts. That’s a steel for him. I expect 1,000 yards and seven to ten td’s from him. If you can draft Mario as your number three you just hit the jackpot.

Felix Jones. Dallas sent Barber to the trash, and from what I here the rookie DeMarco Murry can’t stay healthy. Jones looks to have the starting RB spot locked up. Felix is being drafted in the 5th and 6th rounds, usually as a number 3 RB or Flex. I think Jones ends up a solid number two RB this year. The Cowboys offence is going to be explosive, and if you play in a PPR Jones is even a better pick up.

Steven Jackson. Jackson is being drafted as a number two RB this year. I like SJ39 to produce like a number one for 2011. Players like Peyton Hillis, Matt Forte, Frank Gore, and Darren McFadden are being taking over him. I think the Rams offence is going to take off this year with Josh McDaniels there. Some people think this will translate into less work for SJ39. I beg to differ. I do think his rushing attempts may drop from over 300 to around the 280 range, but SJ39 reception total is going way up this year. Don’t look for 90 like in his prime. Think 60 to 70 is more then possible….a PPR killer. I also think SJ39 will get a lot more goal line carries because of the offence being better. Furthermore, the Rams just signed Mike Sims-Walker. That will give Sam a nice target. The Ram’s arrow is pointed up, and so is SJ39.  If you can get SJ39 as number two back, be very happy.

Ben Roethlisberger. I have seen Big Ben going in the 8th round. That’s great value for Big Ben. Remember he missed the first four games last year and still put up good numbers. If you miss out on Rodgers, Vick, Brees, Brady, Manning or Rivers. Wait on a QB and take Big Ben. This will allow you to stack up on top tier RB’s and WR’s without that much of a drop off at QB.

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Thanks for the time,

Christopher Halfer…AKA…Mr. Freakin’ Fantasy.