Report: Marion Barber To Be Cut


The crazy morning continues to get crazier. Earlier reports have player like Nick Barnett, Leonard Davis, Tully-Banta Cain, Gerald Hayes, and Rich Seubert all going to be axed from their respective teams. We can now add another fairly prominent name to that list. According to NFL insider Adam Schefter, Marion Barber the RB to the Dallas Cowboys will be released. This doesn’t come as much of a surprise. Barber just turned 28 has struggled with some injury problems. Last year he played in 13 games and ran for just 374 yards and 4 touchdowns. Barber had a few very good years for the Cowboys including the 2007 season when he ran for 975 yards and 10 touchdowns, but his time with the team has come and passed.

Barber will sign on with another team and likely play the back-up role. He still has a few good years left in him if he can stay healthy. Barber is a work horse who plays with great energy that can really get his team going. He is a perfect complimentary player. With so many moving pieces, it’s almost impossible to guess where he is going to end up. Nevertheless, I am going to give it a shot. Barber could fit in nicely with the Denver Broncos as well as the Atlanta Falcons and Detroit Lions.

Stay tuned for more breaking news. As I type this report, I am hearing that the Giants are going to cut Shawn O’Hara. It’s the busiest day in the NFL so come back often!