Can’t Miss TV: Terrelle Pryor on ESPN’s Gruden QB Camp


Breaking news: there is nothing going on in professional football right now. Perhaps in the long run, no news is going to be good news, but this is about as dull a time as I can remember in my years of paying attention to sports. This is just absolutely awful.

Having said that, the horrible set of circumstances that happened at Ohio State the last month or so have given way to a special episode of Jon Gruden’s QB Camp on ESPN tonight at 9 PM EST (8 PM CST for me), and this is absolutely must-see television. Gruden himself is fantastic television, but add a former star quarterback at one of the biggest name quarterbacks in the country, and you have compelling stuff.

Pryor left the Ohio State University when he faced a five game suspension this season, and possibly longer with some of the new developments that were set to be released by the school. Pryor had a very nice career at OSU, putting two BCS bowl game trophies in the large trophy case and winning MVP awards for both games.

Despite the fact that he is being painted as a major villain, the short clips that have been shown thus far of the QB camp show Pryor as a pretty likeable guy and he definitely knows what he is talking about. I am a lot higher on Pryor than most NFL Draft analysts, but that’s because nowadays most people evaluate the draft based on immediate impact. Two or three years down the road in the right system, and Pryor is really a blue-chip quarterback prospect with his athletic ability and size.

Pryor will be in the supplemental draft whenever that happens, but for the first time, he will really open up to the general public and show what he has as a quarterback both on and off the field. Be sure to tune in tonight to ESPN to this one hour special, or set your DVR!