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2012 NFL Mock Draft


2012 NFL Mock Draft

The 2012 NFL Draft is the year of the quarterback.  It has three quarterbacks who could all be franchise building players.  My prediction of team placement is based upon situation and observation on my part.  Enjoy

1. Carolina Panthers: Alshon Jeffery            WR     SC

While I believe Andrew Luck will be the first pick, he will not be taken by Carolina.  This would be traded.  However, I will not predict trades in my mock so the Panthers receive a weapon for Newton.

2. Washington Redskins        Andrew Luck              QB      Stanford

This team needs Andrew Luck and I believe he would do well with Mike Shannahan.  If anyone is to buck the Redskins trend of losing with Daniel Snyder it is this kid.  He has Uncle Ricco like potential.

3. Seattle Seahawks               Matt Barkley             QB      USC

Pete Carroll is only kidding himself if he believes Whitehurst is his QB.  If the Seahawks do this badly than I suggest taking a QB who is both talented and comfortable with the head coach.  Boom, this kid hits both criteria.

4. Jacksonville Jaguars         Quinton Coples          DE       NC

Team needs defense, plain and simple.  Though the back seven is in worse shape I don’t believe there is a player that is worth this pick.  Coples would look nice next to those young DT talents they have.

5. Denver Broncos                 Dre Kirkpatrick         CB       Alabama

I know their DT is a problem but they should have taken Dareus last year.  Don’t be too mad though for the second straight year they get an impact defensive player.

6. Minnesota Vikings            Jonathan Martin        OT       Stanford

They just got Christian Ponder last year.  Whether you think he is or is not a franchise QB: he still needs to be protected.  This guy will do this.  Ask Luck.

7. Buffalo Bills                       Landry Jones             QB      Oklahoma

I don’t mind Ryan Fitzpatrick…I just don’t believe he will ever take you too deep into the playoffs.  Though Jones arm strength might not be enough for their climate I believe he is talented enough to take a risk on.

8. Cleveland Browns              Justin Blackman        WR     Oklahoma St

Holgram is doing a solid job with this team.  Problem was it was going to take 3-4 years to catch up with the Steelers and Ravens…well at least close the gap.  Blackman gives them a target to fear as well as open up the middle of the field.

9. Tennessee Titans               Jerel Worthy              DT       MSU

I am a Spartan fan.  Believe me when I tell you Worthy will be a rock solid DT.  He is an anchor vs. the run as well as a pass rushing threat.  Will replace those who miss Haynesworth.

10. Cincinnati Bengals           Matt Khalil                 OT       USC

Dalton will have all kinds of chances to succeed.  He has tons of young talent to grow with.  This could be the making of a rock solid offense.

11. San Francisco 49ers         Stephen Gillmore       CB       SC

12. Miami Dolphins               Dontay Paige Moss   OLB    NC

13. Tampa Bay Buccs            Alfonzo Dennard        CB       Nebraska

14. St. Louis Rams                 Trent Richardson       RB      Alabama

15. Oakland Raiders              Jayron Hosley            CB       VT

16. Chicago Bears                  Vontaze Burfict          MLB   Arizona St

17. Dallas Cowboys               Jared Crick                DL       Nebraska

18. Kansas City Chiefs          Riley Reiff                  OT       Iowa

19. Houston Texans               Robert Lester                        FS        Alabama

20. New England Pats (T)      Kelechi Osemele        OG      Iowa St

21. Pittsburg Steelers            Chase Minifield         CB       Virginia

22. Philadelphia Eagles          Michael Brewster      C         Ohio State

23. Arizona Cardinals            Mike Adams              OT       Ohio State

24. San Diego Chargers        Courtney Upshaw       LB       Alabama

25. New York Jets                 Brandon Jenkins        OLB    FSU

26. Detroit Lions                    Manti te’o                  MLB   ND

27. Cleveland Browns (T)      Luke Kuechly MLB   BC

28. Baltimore Ravens            Michael Floyd            WR     ND

29. New England Pats            Brandon Lindsay        OLB    Pittsburg

30. Green Bay Packers         David DeCasto          OG      Stanford

31. New York Giants             Travis Lewis               OLB    Oklahoma

32. Indianapolis Colts            Ray Ray Armstrong  SS        Miami