Where Will Vince Young Land? Titans Quarterback Has Uncertain Future


Vince Young may be working out with some of his Titans teammates, but he won’t be working out with them for long. The Titans have made it known that they intend on letting the former third overall pick go, whether it’s by trade or via release.

If indeed Young’s time in Tennessee is done, what is a good fit for the former Texas star? Sure, Young might not have it all together mentally, but he’s helped the Titans win some games, and he even made the Pro Bowl at one point. This is certainly not a guy lacking talent, but he does have some major flaws in his game and thus, the Titans felt it prudent to draft Washington’s Jake Locker and move on from the Vince Young era.

Here are some teams that would be both good and interesting fits for VY.

Minnesota Vikings

I know it might take Vikings fans to warm up to this idea, but it could be a good move if Young wants to sign a one or two year deal to try and get his name back on the map. The Vikings have Adrian Peterson, so handing off to him is definitely not the most complicated offense in the NFL. Plus, Young would still be free to make plays with his legs and play his style of football while the Vikes develop Christian Ponder. You could make a case that Minnesota wants Ponder to start right away, but I’m not so sure. Bringing in a veteran like Vince Young and letting him play for a year, possibly two would be good not only for Ponder but also future competition.

Buffalo Bills

Young has the athleticism that the Bills have seemingly been looking for and liking in young quarterback prospects, and I believe he could challenge Ryan Fitzpatrick right now for the starting job. That is a pretty wide open offense, and Young would be an exciting fit for Buffalo. Their offensive line isn’t great, so they need someone that can move around and escape pressure. The Bills are an interesting team to keep an eye out for.

Miami Dolphins

Miami’s quarterback situation is terrible, and the team drafted Pat White a couple years ago, so they are obviously interested in that style. I don’t think Chad Henne can be the answer at quarterback, but who knows–maybe Vince Young can. The running game is already getting an infusion of youth with the arrival of Daniel Thomas and the departure of Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams, so why not bring in Vince Young, who can also run their wildcat packages?

Seattle Seahawks

If Matt Hasselbeck is gone, Young is the starting quarterback in Seattle right now. Pete Carroll knows first-hand what kind of skills Young possesses, and he might be interested in having him on his side. The Seahawks have Charlie Whitehurst, but he was really a poor investment, and isn’t really a good developmental guy at this point. If Seattle wants to invest in a cheaper alternative as a veteran quarterback, Young could be the answer.

Oakland Raiders

Young is big and has good speed. Do I really need to write anything else? You know Al Davis would overpay to get this guy.

Arizona Cardinals

If the Cardinals are interested in Kyle Orton as a stop-gap, why wouldn’t they be interested in bringing in Vince Young? Kevin Kolb is on their radar, why not Vince Young? We will have to wait and see on that one.

Washington Redskins

Vince Young in the nation’s capital with Mike Shanahan and a stable of rookie wide receivers? Sounds like the next season of Hard Knocks, to me!