NFL Networks Top 100 Players: Aaron Rodges is 11th


NFL Networks controversial top 100 players continued on Sunday night with the countdown from the 20th to 11th best players. Holding the 20th spot overall was Eagles quarterback Michael Vick.

Aaron Rodgers came in 11th, and as the fourth best quarterback in the league, which I think is fair. The argument could be made that he’s better than Drew Brees right now, but I think Drew Brees should still get his due until he’s dethroned.

Rounding out the 20th through 11th spots were:

20th Michael Vick

19th Clay Matthews

18th Nnadmi Asmougha

17th Haloti Ngata

16th Charles Woodson

15th Dwight Freeney

14th Larry Fitzgerald

13th Chis Johnson

12th DeMarcus Ware

11th Aaron Rodgers

The Entire list can be found here.

The list while controversial has been interesting to say the least. There are certainly a few that I really disagree with headlined by Arian Foster all the way at 25, DeSean Jackson at 29th, Brandon Lloyd at 58th.

I think these rankings are a reflection of Prisoner of the moment. I’d like to see Arian Foster have another good season before I consider him such a great player and I’d also like to see the same from Brandon Lloyd.

As far as DeSean Jackson is concerned, I’m surprised this list, which is done by the players disregards all around abilities from the WR position. Yes, DeSean Jackson is the most explosive wide receiver in the game, but he can’t go over the middle, he doesn’t block well and he’s very hit or miss kind of wide receiver. He’s ahead of a lot of very talented players. I”m also surprised to see young Buccaneers WR Mike Williams making the list over many other talented young players (Dez Bryant for one)

What’s also interesting is how much credence the players have given to special teams players. Both Devin Hester and Joshua Cribbs are in the top 100.

As far as under-rated players go: I think

Justin Tuck (60), Mario Williams (71st), Jon Beason (95) are some of the more underrated players.

Tuck is one of the two way defensive ends in the league and on top of that he still had 11.5 sacks and 8 forced fumbles last year. He can also stop the run. How’s he so low?

There are many more rankings I’d adjust, and hopefully I’ll finish my list soon.

Interestingly enough in the Fan rankings Aaron Rodgers is #2 overall.

Players also ranked Much higher by the fans than the players include:

Frank Gore (51 by the fans, 94 by the players)

Greg Jennings (19 by the fans, 74 by the players…the fans are kidding, right?)

Clay Matthews (5 by the fans,19 by the players…Im’ seeing a trend here with the fans rankings)

Vernon Davis (53 by the fans, 88 by the players)

Jared Allen (36 by the fans, 81 by the players)

On the other side of the coin:

Jahri Evans and Logan Mankings are top 40 in the NFL network’s list, but not even ranked in the fans top 100 list. Carl Nicks and Andre Gurorde as well.

Interesting, not many offensive linemen are ranked highly by the fans.

One last quirky thing, On NFL networks list Tony Romo is 72, but unranked by the fans.

What are your thoughts so far on the NFL networks top 100?

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