NFL News and Notes: Lockout Nearing an End? And more


There’s actually some very interesting news out there in the cyber world. Let’s take a look at the stories I find most interesting.

First the required lockout updates:

Negotiations will continue on Wednesday

There is a new proposed money split share

“Under the new formula being negotiated, players will receive 48 percent of all revenue and will never dip below a 46.5 percent take of the money, sources said.”

Other proposed CBA items:

• Teams required to spend close to 100 percent of the salary cap.

• Rookie wage scale part of deal but still being “tweaked.”

• Four years needed for unrestricted free-agent status. Certain tags will be retained, but still being discussed.

• 18-game regular season designated only as negotiable item and at no point is mandated in deal.

• Full 16-game Thursday night TV package beginning in 2014.

• Owners still will get some expense credits that will allow funding for new stadiums.

• Retirees to benefit from improved health care, pension benefits as revenue projected to double to $18 million by 2016.

The one that’s very interesting to me is that there will be a full 16 game Thursday Night T.V. package. What’s not written right here, but that I’ve read from various accounts is that the T.V. Package is likely to NOT be on NFL Network, or at least exclusively. What’s most likely is that the package will be given out to the highest bidder, meaning that ESPN, FOX, CBS, NBC or some other major outlet is likely to win the package. What might also happen is that the NFL Network will retain some of the late season games, but most of the season will be on another station. For those of you who don’t have the NFL network this could be one huge positive development resulting from this whole mess. What the NFL Network will do is show two CFL network games a week (according to

Big Ben believes the Steelers are putting in more work than most other teams.

“Well, we are working out. We’ve probably worked out more than most teams. It’s just that we choose to keep it quiet”

I took that a little bit out of context. Big Ben was saying that he’s getting letters from fans complaining that they are not working out, and his response is that they’ve tried to keep it to themselves for the most part. Don’t worry Steelers fans, they are working out regularly.

It may be Playoffs or bust for Gary Kubiak. To which I say FINALLY! This Texans team has a lot of talent, and have had Major inconsistency problems. This is a reflection of the coach. I know Kubiak can coach offense, but I want to see the Texans finally make the playoffs (and I’m not a Texans fan). So buck up, Kubiak and show the N.F.L. what you’re made of this year; make the playoffs.

Thurman Thomas says the Falcons need someone to give Michael Turner a break. They need to start looking for another running back,”  “Michael Turner, when you carry that ball 300 times a year for a few years, it puts some wear and tear on your body. I think they need another running back to give him a break every now and again.”

Thomas went on to say something a little less humble.

“I talk to Emmitt and Barry Sanders a lot too,” Thomas said. “I said you know what, you guys have about two or three thousand yards more than I do, but come December I was playing in ice. I was playing in snow. If I was playing in Dallas or inside like Barry I’d probably would have another 3,000 yards. I could have been the all-time leading rusher if I didn’t play on ice, sleet and snow.”

Pro Football Weekly Brings up the Possibility of the Chiefs releasing Brian Waters

For the past decade, OLG Brian Waters has been a premier player for the Chiefs, earning five Pro Bowl appearances while being a leader both on and off the field. However, he might be nearing the end of his Kansas City career. According to our team sources, Chiefs management is very high on reserve OG Jon Asamoah, a third-round pick a year ago. GM Scott Pioli comes from New England, which was known for getting rid of veterans with big salaries and replacing them with younger players. That scenario might play out soon with Waters. has a few “scouting the _________ (conference)”  Here’s their take on the Big East Teams of UCONN and Cincinnati

There is no wrongdoing by the Ohio State players in regards to the “purchased car scandal” takes a look at the best twitter feuds. I’m going to plus our twitter account in a second, but what good has come from an athlete’s twitter account? There has to be some athlete out there putting it to good use. Ohcocino maybe. Print is much more difficult to deny than a soundbite. It’s hard to deny what you say online. Unless you’re Kenny Britt and have your account hacked briefly for two posts and then regain control of it almost immediately after.

Peter King believes the Eagles and Cowboys are the favorites to land Nnadmi Asmougha in what he calls the “race for the best defensive free agent since Deion Sanders.

Click on that link and you can also see Peter King’s 21st through 30 best N.F.L. Players.

The biggest standout and most unusual selection is Lawrence Timmons all the way at 28th overall. Patrick Willis comes in at #29. I’m skeptical and dislike that selection. Lawrence Timmons better than Patrick Willis? I Think if Willis played with that surrounding cast and coaching that Timmons did, Willis would be even more impressive, if you can imagine that.

Justin Tuck representing at #24 and Matt Ryan is #26.

There should be enough here to amuse you or distract you from work or the fact that there is no football yet. I’ll save some of the other stuff for the next News and Notes.

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