Best and Worst Uniforms in The N.F.L.


Everywhere else people are writing lockout this and lockout that. We’ve been trying to provide unique and different commentary. Something I’ve been thinking about the last few days since I posted the NFL News and Notes about the Bills new helmets being leaked is what are my favorite and least uniforms in the N.F.L.

Whenever I play Madden Franchise I like to do a fantasy draft and I usually pick the team based on the uniforms. Here are my favorites.

Carolina Panthers

I can’t resist the baby blue. These uniforms are sweet. But it’s not just the Blue uniforms I like from the Panthers, even the black ones look good.

The biggest problem here is that it’s possible neither of these talented players will be on the Panthers next year.

I’m in the huge minority here, but I actually don’t hate these Seahawks uniforms, but maybe that’s because I’m color blind (no, not really. But in full disclosure: my wife will tell you that I don’t color coordinate well)

I’m not generally a big fan of the white uniforms, but these ones look pretty cool to me.

And Some that I’m not a huge fan of.

But these pop

Giving my penchant for favoring colorful uniforms, I’m surprised I don’t love these uniforms

All right those are just some of my favorite and least favorite uniforms in the league. There are many more I like and I think generally teams do a good job with their uniforms, but I favor uniforms that are colorful. And I generally even am delighted when teams go to the throwbacks.

What are your favorite and least favorite uniforms?