NFL Supplemental Draft: Mike Mayock Says Terrelle Pryor Is A 4th Round Pick


Hot shot agent Drew Rosenhaus made the ludicrous comment that his client and former Fine Line ink frequenter Terrelle Pryor would be a first round selection in the NFL’s supplemental draft. Rosenhaus’ comments come despite the fact that many informed scouts have Pryor rated as a 4th-7th round pick.

One of the most respected draft experts, Mike Mayock, says Pryor will likely go in the fourth round, with a possibility to go in the third.

“I would set the over-under line on the fourth round,” Mayock said on NFL Total Access. “Can somebody take him in the third round? Absolutely.

“The value for him as a rookie is in packages. I think the New York Jets are the best wildcat team in the NFL offensively. Why? Because Brad Smith can throw the football just well enough to keep you honest. That’s what I think this kid can do. He can be a package quarterback in Year One while you develop his skill set.”

There is more and more talk that teams are looking at Pryor as a wide receiver, so using him in packages could make the most sense. He fit the Brad Smith role that Mayock is hinting at.

Pryor does deserve a shot to play quarterback at the next level due to his freakish natural talent, but he will have to show a new sense of maturity and put forth all of the effort to develop that potential. If Pryor’s attempt at NFL glory fails with him behind center, he has a back up plan and it isn’t a bad one. Hey, being the next Brad Smith is not a terrible thing.