2012 NFL Quarterback Projections Ranking the Top 15 Quarterbacks in 2012


1. Andrew Luck Quarterback Stanford Andrew Luck is the top overall player on every draft board along with being the #1 pick on nearly every mock draft right now.  That is probably because he was a clear cut lock to go #1 overall to Carolina last season after his sophomore redshirt campaign.

Projected Round Top Pick

2. Matt Barkley Quarterback USC After Andrew Luck Matt Barkley is hands down the clear cut #2 quarterback in this draft.  Barkley played in a pro style offense like Andrew Luck at USC.  You would be crazy to pass on Matt Barkley with a top 5 pick for Landry Jones.

Projected Round Top 5 Pick

3. Landry Jones Quarterback Oklahoma Jones will be a top 10 pick.  If he wins the Heisman Trophy he puts himself in consideration to be the top quarterback selected after Andrew Luck.  Jones does not play in a pro style offense.  He plays in the gimmick no huddle offense at Oklahoma.  Sam Bradford didn’t have the arm, but he had the pinpoint accuracy.  Jones has the arm, but needs to improve his accuracy which is why I am not sold on him as a quarterback.  The fact that Jones doesn’t play in a pro style West Coast offense like Luck or Barkley along with the fact that his accuracy is not up to par with a quarterback like Sam Bradford concerns me.  I really believe that Landry Jones has the highest chance of busting among all of the first round quarterbacks.

Projected Round Top 10 Pick

4. Robert Griffin Quarterback Baylor I really believe Griffin may be the best quarterback in the big 12.  Baylor was 7-2 last season and Griffin would have put himself in the first round discussion this year if he won out those games.  Griffin has first round talent if he can stay healthy.  Plus he is twice the dual threat that Cam Newton ever will be.  Griffin has a good arm, accuracy, zip, mechanics, size, and elusiveness that you look for in a quarterback.

Projected Round Top 10 Pick

5. Nick Foles Quarterback Arizona The Arizona quarterback might be a project at this point, but he has the upside and potential of a pro bowl quarterback.

Projected Round 2nd Round

6. Kirk Cousins Quarterback Michigan State Kirk Cousins is a 2nd round talent, but may slide to round 3 due to the fact that most teams are set with long term starting quarterbacks.  Cousins would likely enter the NFL as a developmental backup.

Projected Round 3rd Round

7. Ryan Lindley Quarterback San Diego State Lindley plays in an NFL pro style offense.  Plus he took a 4-8 team and turned them into a 9-4 team.  Lindley could be the sleeper of 2012 at quarterback if his accuracy and intangibles improve.

Projected Round 3rd Round

8. Ryan Tannehill Quarterback Texas A/M Tannehill really gained some experience in 6 starts down the stretch.  Tannehill has Cyrus Gray at running back and Jeff Fuller at wide receiver returning as members of his supporting cast.

Projected Round 4th Round

9. Kellen Moore Quarterback Boise State Size is an issue for Kellen Moore at 6 foot 187 pounds.  His two best wide receivers Titus Young and Austin Pettis are both gone.  Moore has left tackle Nate Potter returning who will either move to right tackle or guard in the NFL.

Projected Round 5th Round

10. Brandon Weeden Quarterback Oklahoma State Weeden plays in a gimmick offense which is why he will be a late round pick.  Weeden has the physical tools and size, but a great supporting cast with Justin Blackmon and the rough transition going from a shotgun spread offense to a pro style offense limits his ability to make a transition to the next level.

Projected Round 5th Round

11. GJ Kinnie Quarterback Tulsa GJ Kinnie threw 31 touchdowns and 10 interceptions in Todd Graham’s gimmick offense.  He is 6 foot 2 215 pounds so you may hear some talk about him going a round or 2 earlier.  A new coach could cause Kinnie’s numbers to revert.  If that is the case Kinnie may go undrafted.  Kinnie is still a 5th round pick at this point.

Projected Round 5th Round

12. Chandler Harnish Quarterback Northern Illinois Harnish is a 3 year starter with adequate size 6 foot 2 220 pounds for a 5th round pick.  Harnish plays in the shotgun spread offense.  Harnish threw 8.7 Yards Per Attempt, had a 21 touchdown to 5 interception ratio, and managed to rush for 7 rushing touchdowns in 2010.  Harnish does not play in a pro style offense, but I can see why you would be tempted to take a flyer on him in round 5.

Projected Round 5th Round

13. Case Keenum Quarterback Houston Case Keenum has thrown for 13,586 passing yards in his career.  Due to his injury he got a medical redshirt pass and is going to get one more year as a quarterback.  If Keenum can throw for 3,500 passing yards he will suprass Timmy Chang as the all time leader in passing yards.  The former Hawaii quarterback Timmy Chang capped his career with 17,072 passing yards.

Projected Round 5th Round

14. John Brantley Quarterback Florida John Brantley is a 6 foot 3 220 pound quarterback who enters his second year as a starting quarterback at Florida.  Right now I have Brantley graded out as a 6th round pick, but if Charlie Weis grooms him properly I could see him going anywhere in between rounds 2-5 as a late 2nd round pick or an late 5th round pick.  Brantley is not going in the first round like former Gator who transferred in Cam Newton who went to Auburn or Tim Tebow the other former Gator who guided Florida to the 2009 BCS National Championship.

Projected Round 6th Round

15. Dominique Davis Quarterback East Carolina Dominique Davis also runs a shotgun spread offense.  He threw nearly 4,000 passing yards throwing 3,995 passing yards in his first year as a starter.  Davis threw 37 touchdowns and 16 interceptions weighing in at 6 foot 3 222 pounds as a dual threat quarterback.

Projected Round 7th Round