Terrelle Pryor’s Image Rehab Off to a Good Start


Newly hired agent Drew Rosenhaus held a “press conference” regarding former Ohio State quarterback Terrelle Pryor on Tuesday afternoon as Pryor begins his image rehab and road to the NFL. Rosenhaus has nothing but glowing reviews for Pryor, as one might expect, as he threw to fellow Rosenhaus clients Donte’ Stallworth (Ravens) and Chad Johnson (Bengals) in a short session as somewhat of a pro day for whoever will watch.

Rosenhaus really talked up Pryor in the short presser:

“I’m very excited about this process,” Rosenhaus said. “When there is a supplemental draft, look for him to go early. Right now, people can say what they want. We both have something to prove. There’s no doubt. I believe in this young man. He’s going to be a real asset to the National Football League. I hope that the people at Ohio State will embrace him in the future, will forgive him and will give him an opportunity to come back. He said to me, ‘Drew, I’m going to be a Buckeye for life.’

“I expect [Pryor] to be a first round pick,” Rosenhaus said. “Middle rounds for this guy?”

“He said, ‘Drew, I didn’t make this decision. I didn’t want to leave Ohio State. I wanted to finish at Ohio State even knowing that I would lose five games, but I lost that opportunity through my own conduct. I’m not making any excuses’ is what he said. But he is going to make it up to those fans. They’re going to be very proud of him. I don’t know what other questions you might have. I think I’ve said it all. So, I’d like to thank everybody for coming. Guys, we’re going to shut it down right now. I appreciate your time.”

As I watched my Twitter feed for updates earlier today, I also noticed a glowing review from Bengals wide receiver Chad Johnson:

“Unbelievable arm strength n superb timing with it just being our first day,” Johnson tweeted.

ESPN reporter Chris Mortensen also tweeted that Jon Gruden and Terrelle Pryor have a date on what I assume will be another of Gruden’s QB camp specials, which are already must-see TV as it is without this kind of story line. This might be ESPN’s best gig yet.