Early Top 10 Fantasy Football Defense/Kicker Rankings


Well, I know this really isn’t that important to most people, but a good defense and kicker can help you win on a weekly basis. I can remember times where I was down by six points with only a kicker left, or down by ten points with only a defense left to go and won the week. So, having a solid kicker and defense is important, and can be the deciding factor in pulling out that win! I’m not going into to much detail on this one, just give you a general idea of the rankings for the defense/kickers.

I will start with the defense rankings and move on to everyone’s favorite…..the kickers.

1. Green Bay Packers. Super Bowl Champs. Most teams have a let down the following year, but I don’t see it for this young and talented team. They get a ton of sacks, interceptions, and throw in some td’s also. Don’t shy away from them this year.

2. Pittsburgh Steelers. When Troy is healthy and playing well this is a solid defense. He is the heart for them. Also, James Harrison is a beast. They will be good again.

3. New York Jets. The Jets have a solid all around defense. You can’t pass or run on them. Most of the time it’s a low scoring  affair when you play the Jets. No body wants to go to Revis Island, because you don’t come back the same person. You leave broken and demoralized with a two catch for 32 yards performance.

4. Chicago Bears. I believe the bears will be good again. My hope is the Bears sign a free agent WR when the lockout is over, and the Bears let Hester go back to what he does best……returning kicks/punts!

5. Philadelphia Eagles. This is a team where the arrow is pointing up! They have a homer run hitter with Jackson that can take it to the house, and Samuel that has hands like glue! The Eagles will be up a lot this year, and that’s when they unleash their pass rush that is really, really good.

6. Atlanta Falcons. The Falcons have been a clock control team. I don’t see that changing this year. The Falcons threw the ball around 600 times last year. I don’t see that happening again. When the Falcons are ahead, they run the ball and keep your offense off the field. The falcons can make plays on defense, and I see a good year in-store for them.

7. Baltimore Ravens. Ray Lewis isn’t getting any younger. The Ravens run defense isn’t what it used to be, and teams will be able to run even more on them this year. I still believe they will be ok, just not as good as they were in past years.

8. New England Patriots. The Pat’s will have another great season. They are always up, and their defense is good when that happens. The Pat’s defense  has the ability to make plays. I believe it was on MNF last year when they played the Miami Dolphin’s….. their Defense  scored 3 td’s!!

9. San Diego Chargers. The Charger’s defense hasn’t been that good lately, but I see a bounce back year. I think they will make the playoffs this year. I don’t see them playing from behind a lot this years. The Chargers defense can also make some plays. Darren Sproles is fast…. and in a blink of an eye he’s in the end zone after returning a punt!

10. New Orleans Saints. I hope the Saints keep Reggie Bush. He is a nightmare with returning punts and kick offs. The Saints can also makes some plays at times. They have a great ability. They should win a lot this year, and be up most of the time.

Now time of the kickers…..no detail needed.

1. Nate Keading.

2. Mason Crosby.

3. David Akers.

4. Neil Rackers.

5. Rob Bironas.

6. Stephen Gostkowski.

7. Garrett Hartley.

8. Josh Brown.

9. Robbie Gould.

10. Billy Cundiff.

Thanks for the time,

Christopher Halfer…”AKA”…Mr. Freakin’ Fantasy.

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