Top 10 PPR Fantasy Football WR Rankings


Fellow fantasy people…. this is where you make your money…so to speak, in PPR leagues….WR’s!  They are so important, especially if you have to start three WR’s for your fantasy team. These rankings will be a great deal different than they are in  a standard league. You won’t see players like DeSean Jackson very high on my list. He’s a great talent, but doesn’t have a ton of receptions.  Having good WR’s that can bring home  catches is essential for your success in  PPR leagues. Even more so than RB’s in my opinion. So,  with  NFL teams throwing the ball at an all time high; you better make sure you draft  the best talent  for your fantasy team. NFLMOCKS is here for you! While other sites are sleeping, we are on the ball giving you the latest up to date fantasy information.

1. Roddy White. He is so valuable in PPR leagues. White had 115 receptions lasts year!! Not to mention the 1, 389 yards and 10 tds! He has Matty ice throwing  him the football, and now J. Jones just got drafted and will take some of the double teams away. White’s reception total will go down a little because of Jones, but not enough for White to move from the number 1 spot.

2. Andre Johnson. AJ might be in store for his best year ever. If AJ can stay healthy he will be a monster for PPR! 86 receptions last year with a hurt ankle, WITH 1,126 yards and 8 td’s. The single digit td’s are getting a little old. AJ has never reached double digit td’s in his whole career!! That will change this year! I see 95-110 receptions with 10 plus td’s Mr.  Foster will command 8 or 9 in the box, and Owen Daniels will be healthy. Also, if Jacoby Jones can due anything it will help, le’ts not forget that Houston still has Kevin Walter. Big things on the way for AJ!

3. Hakeem Nicks. This may be high, but he missed three games last year and still had 79 receptions! Nicks also had 1,052 yards and 11 tds. Nicks might end up the number 1 PPR fantasy WR this year! Manning has been a lot better. Nicks is a great all around target. Don’t miss out on him! He could have 100 receptions, with 12-16 td’s (editor’s note: especially if Steve Smith is going to start the season on the PUP list, which has been speculated a lot).

4. Calvin Johnson. The most receptions Megatron has ever had is 78. Last year he came close with77, but with 1, 120 and 12 td’s it’s hard to move him down anymore. If Stafford can stay healthy….LOOK OUT! he might get close to 20 td’s! NOT KIDDING. Calvin is that good in the end zone, and Stafford will look for him…. a lot!

5. Larry Fitzgerald. Yep, even with no QB as of right now Fitz is top 5! Larry had his worst year in a long time and still managed to hall in 90 receptions! If that’s Larry’s floor, count me in!! I expect the Cardinals to bring in Keivn Kolb, and if they don’t get him, Kyle Orton at the very least. Either player would be a huge upgrade. Look for Fitz to reach around 100 receptions, and get back to 10 td’s or more. If that happens he’s a steal at the 5th spot.

6. Reggie Wayne. Seems like I have Reggie Waye locked in at the sixth spot. I have him in the same spot for standard leagues. Reggie had 111 receptions last year. That will go down with a healthy Dallas Clark and Austin Collie. I do believe his TDs will go up from 6. So, Reggie stays in the 6th spot, be happy to get him there!

7. Greg Jennings. The most receptions Mr. Jennings has ever had was 80! Last year he had 76. With a healthy Finley back that could actually go down. I can’t argue with the 1,265 and 12 tds though. He will be good, but I just have a weird feeling. You can’t pass on him at 7.  Draft him and hope Finley doesn’t eat to much into his production.

8. Brandon Marshall. Boy was he bad last year. It was the first time in forever that Marshall didn’t have 100 receptions in a season. Listen, this guy is very talented! He will not be that bad again. Brandon had 86 rec last year, and that’s a hell of a floor to have. Also, Marshall had just 1,052 yards and 3 td’s…..yuck! No way they don’t give him more red zone targets this year. I see a bounce back year! Marshall gets back to 100 receptions and 8 plus td’s. I am calling it now!

9. Dwayne Bowe. I know I gave him the snub in the standard league rankings, but not in a PPR. Bowe has had 70 or more receptions in all but one year. Bowe’s numbers last year were 72 rec 1,162 yards and a whopping 15 td’s. I believe the td’s will go down, but the yards and receptions with go up. Jon Baldwin will help take some of the double teams away, and free up D-Bowe for more catches.

10. Wes Welker. Wes will be another year removed from injury. Wes is a PPR league killer. Do not be fooled by last year’s numbers. 86 receptions 848 yards and 7 td’s. Wes can catch 100 receptions in his sleep! The year before last he had 123 rec!! I see a big bounce back year! Look for over 1,000 yards, 110 receptions and 5 plus td’s! (It’s also a contract year for Wes)

Just missed the top ten.

11. Vincent Jackson. Yep, he got the snub again. Also, let’s not forget the best year he ever had was 68 rec, 1,167 yards and 9 td’s. Not exactly a PPR monster!

12. Miles Austin. Not sure how the ball will be spread around this year. A lot of mouths to feed with Jason, Dez, and Miles.

13. Mike Wallace. I need to see the reception totals go up before he cracks the top ten.

14. Marques Colston. 84 rec, 1,023, and 7 is an ok line. He just needs to stay healthy.

15. Mike Williams. Love this kids talent. 65 rec, 964, and 11 is a hell of a rookie year. I think he gets 80 rec and 1,200 this year.

Well, that does it again for another PPR ranking.

Thanks for the time,

Christopher Halfer…AKA…Mr. Freakin’ Fantasy.

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