Interview with Texas Longhorns and Pittsburgh Steelers CB Curtis Brown

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Curtis Brown was one of the top cornerback prospects in all of the draft and NFLMocks friend, Perry Biggerstaff, had a chance to interview him. Here’s what he had to say.

SU: This is Perry Biggerstaff with and we want to welcome Steelers third round pick Curtis Brown. How are you doing today, Curtis?

CB: Pretty good, and yourself?

SU: I’m doing good. We want to thank you very much for taking the time to talk with us. You know we all thought that we might be looking at you as a possible second round pick this year and I tell you, I know that I speak on behalf of everybody in the entire Steeler Nation when I say that we were really excited to see you still there at the end of the third.

CB: I feel the same exact way, man. It couldn’t have worked out any better. I’m pleased with the results.

SU: Well, you know, just looking at some of your tape, you have great speed, great ball skills, but the thing that I find most impressive about you is your agility. You start and stop as well as any cornerback that I have seen in years. Do you think that is your best attribute?

CB: I really do. My coaches said that they have never seen a more agile person. They said that I was the quickest thing they have ever seen. I take pride in it, so I say it’s something that I’m pretty good at.

SU: Your shuttle speed at the combine was just phenomenal. I mean it was elite shuttle speed. I was really impressed with that. There seems to be some scouts who do question your functional strength, though. Is that something that you have heard before and how do you answer those critics?

CB: Well, I have heard it before, but one thing that I know that I do is that I am aggressive. I know that if I get into this Steelers program and have all the weight and strength that I need, I’ll come up and challenge. That’s not a problem for me.

SU: You know that’s what I told someone too. I said this is a guy who is probably going to put his sleeping bag in the weight room if that’s what it takes.

CB: Definitely.

SU: Go through that moment that you were drafted by the Steelers. Where were you at and what were the emotions?

CB: I was back home, chilling in the yard. We had a big get together and we had about 10 pounds of crawfish, étouffée, and all kinds of things barbecued. It was getting real late and I was getting nervous and weary but when I seen that 412 area code pop up on my phone it was just a feeling of….I cant even explain it, I really couldn’t.

SU: Well, who was on the other end?

CB: I don’t even really remember. I talked to everybody on the staff.

SU: You received high praise from Coach Lake. What are your thoughts about being groomed in not only Dick Lebeau’s system, but being under the tutelage of a Steelers icon like Coach Lake?

CB: Just being under all of them, I mean, this is the best opportunity for me. I mean, if I want to be a great player in the future this had to happen, something like this. For me to be in this program with these Hall of Famers, to just work and learn from them, I’m just thankful and grateful for them finally finding me and them considering taking me. I’m just happy, I’m just blessed.

SU: I take it you got to tour the facilities when you had your visit there. What were your thoughts when you visited the Steelers and when you stood in front of those six championship trophies?

CB: Well, one thing that I stood in front of was the team photos. I mean I couldn’t stop looking at all the teams, every team, and the trophies showed they were so successful, and I just wanted to be a part of that. To be a part of a team that brings home another trophy here in the future.

SU: You know, I talked to Baron Batch a couple of days ago and we talked about the friendly rivalry that the front office seemed to be instigating between the two of you. So, you tell me….right now, who is going to win? You or Baron?

CB: Oh, man. I talk on the field. (laughing) That’s how I’ve always been and that’s how I am going to continue to be.