Top 10 PPR Fantasy Football RB Rankings


Who here likes a ton of points?? I do, I do! Well, that’s exactly what get when you play in a Points Per Reception league (PPR). This type of league is very different than your standard Fantasy Football League. Adding the element of a point per catch changes everything! If you read my top 10 RB rankings for FFB standard leagues you’ll see that these rankings will be a little different, but some of the big names won’t change  much.

Ok, lets get started.

1. Adrian Peterson. How can I put AP number 1 in a PPR league! Easy!! AP is consistent, consistent, and when he’s done being consistent he’s consistent. Get the point?? Hey, AP had 36 receptions last year and that is nothing to laugh at. He could of had 42 rec, but he droped six. Not to mention the 1, 298 rush yards 13 total td’s and 341 yards receiving. That was a down year for him.  Also, I hear Christian Ponder is leading some player only work outs for the Vikes. I see a ton of check downs to AP this year. Look for AP’s reception total to go up. Most likely between 45-60 range for this year with a rookie QB at the head of the snake.

2. Chris Johnson. Nope, the top two won’t change for me. Yes, Chris is still number two for the RB rankings. In a horrible year for Chris’ standards he amassed 44 receptions. Same thing goes for Chris as it did for AP, with a rookie QB at the helm (Jake Locker) look for his reception totals to go up. Check down city baby! I say at least 60 rec this year. No need to think twice about this. Do Not over think it….. CJK2 is a beast!

3. Jamaal Charles. Now, we shake things up! 45 rec is ok, but when you turn those into 468 yards and 3 tds. I can’t put Jamaal any lower. The offense will be better this year, and so will Charles. Jones will still take some touches away, but not in the passing game. In a PPR league I love this guy. Throw in his 1,467 rush yards and 8 total td’s. That’s a product I won’t miss out on. Look for 50-60 rec, but he could even surpass that!

4. Arian Foster. It pains me again to put him this low, but before I put him top three in a PPR I want to see that production in the passing game again. Last year 66 rec…wow! I do not think he will have that many catches again, but 40-50 is very possible. Remember AJ was hurt a lot last year with the ankle. Matt checked down a lot last year because no one was open. Also, Owen Daniels was hurt for almost the whole year. See a trend here? Matt will not check down as much this year with his army at full strength. Still, Arian the “barbarian” will get his. YES, Arian gets that nick name now….Barber is toast!!

5. LeSean McCoy.  Yes!! McCoy in the 5th spot….I now knight him with the nick name of….. “Bird Man” because he flies through the opposing defenses. Take a guess at how many rec McCoy had last year….Anyone? He had 78!! Holy PPR!! I should put him top three, but I need to see that again. LeSean turned those 78 rec into 592 yards with 2 tds…wow. No way can I put him any lower. Michael Vick love’s this kid, and so do I.

6. Ray Rice. Most people would say Ray had a bad year last year. Well, in a PPR league he did just fine. Ray had 63 rec that amounted to 556 yards with 1 td. I know this year that will only go up!. The year before that he had 78 rec with 702 yards…man!! Ray’s down fall his whole career so far has been his lack of td’s. I think this year he gets over 10! He would be a steal at the sixth spot if that happens.

7. Maurice Jones-Drew. Pocket Hercules was hurt last year with his knee. He still did amass 34 rec with 317 yards and 2 td’s. Not great! The two years before that though, he brought home 53 and 62 receptions respectfully. I expect that is where he will be again this year. MDJ could be a steal at the 7th spot, but he needs to stay healthy. I expect a bounce back year with the td’s also. MJD only had 7 last year, but the year before he had 16. Look for 50-60 rec, and 10 plus td’s from a healthy MJD!

8. Frank Gore. Frank the tank was well on his way to 60 plus rec last year before he broke his hip, Frank had 46 before he got hurt. Man, what’s Frank like 80 years old, who brakes their hip at 28?? Anyway, reports from his agent say he’s 100 percent….hope he’s right! I really like Frank’s talent, but he always gets hurt. Let]s hope he stays healthy this year. If he does, I believe Frank could bring home 55-70 receptions!

9. Matt Forte. Remember even in standard leagues when he was top 3 pick just a few years back?? I have Matt ranked 12th  in standard leagues this year, in a PPR he goes up. Listen, Matt is still just 25, and has many good years left. Last years numbers were 1,069 rushing with 6 tds and 51 rec for 547 and 3 td’s. That puts him over guys like Turner, and Mendenhall who do not catch the ball. Last year was Forte’s fewest reception total of his career. Look for Matt to put up between 50-60 rec again this year for your fantasy team!

10. Darren McFadden. He could be in line for a big year. Last years number were 1,157 rushing with 7 td’s and 47 rec with 507 and 3 td’s. If  McFadden can stay healthy he will be great this year. He has the ability to carry your fantasy team, but also not show up the next week. I want to see how consistent he will be this year. Next year he could be top 5 in a PPR league.

Just missed the top ten.

11. Peyton Hillis. I know, I know he was number two in points for PPR Last year, he did have 61 rec. Yes what??…I still don’t trust him.

12. Steven Jackson. He’s getting older, but still should be in for a good year. Jackson had 46 rec last year.

13. Ahmad Bradshaw. He will have a good year catching the ball, last year 47 rec for 314 yards.

14. Jahvid Best. Might have a brake out year. Last year, 58 rec for 487 and 2 td’s. I can’t put him any lower!

15. Rashard Mendenhall. Only had 23 rec for 167, but is soild for rush yards and td’s.

Hope you liked that. Look for my Top 10 PPR WR rankings coming soon!!

Thanks for your time,

Christopher Halfer…”AKA”…Mr. Freakin’ Fantasy.

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