NFL News and Notes: USC Stripped of Its 2004 BCS Championship


A busy day out there for NFL News and notes, though no lockout endings. I’ll just give you a few. Sorry about the lack of posting today. I had jury duty. I’ll have a 2012 Mock draft coming out tommorrow or Wednesday.

The Big News, USC has been stripped of it’s 2004 National Championship

Stanley Arnoux, a Saints linebacker has reported his superbowl ring stolen. That’s a tough break for a guy who’s career highlight might be owning a superbowl ring.

Marv Albert will now replace the departed Gus Johnson on CBS
He was most recently on with Boomer Eisason on WestwoodOne radio.

Jake Locker is already showing a ton of improvement.

Peter King has his top 100 list out. And he compares it to the players top 100 list. One player he has much, much higher than I do is Peyton Hillis at 58. In my preliminary 100 players (will rank them this week) I didn’t even have Hilis as a top 100 player .

Lastly, Plaxico Burress was released from jail today. It’ll be interesting to see if he lands on a team next year in the N.F.L. He’s an older WR now, who was losing a step in his final season with the Giants already. This is not a Michael Vick situation in my opinion. Vick is an ELITE N.F.L. athlete. Burress was a plus NFL athlete, plus Vick was much younger coming out of prison. I’m not saying Plax can’t still play in the league, I’m saying I don’t think he’s a number one or two option. Maybe more of an instant Red Zone Threat. One team I think we can definitely cross of the list is the New York Giants, despite some of their fans nostalgic feeling about them reuniting.

Nothing important is happening with the lockout! That’s not a real link. That’s just me starting to vocalize my frustration with this lockout. I’ve been mum on it, but it’s really starting to grate on me a bit.