Texas LongHorns: Players in the NFL Today


How well have the Texas Longhorns done in the N.F.L. Let’s take a look at the players drafted recently that are still in the league and look at how they have performed in the N.F.L.


Colt McCoy

Vince Young

Even though Young has had a tumultuous experience in Tennessee, he has been a  winner. Young has an excellent blend of size and speed and is a physical specimen. Young can make some beautiful throws, but lacks on his consistence. Still, in the right situation Young could succeed in the N.F.L.

Running backs:

Jamaal Charles

Cedric Benson

Ricky Williams

Benson, Williams, and Charles have all had excellent seasons in the N.F.L. They are nice complements to each other as well. Charles is the home run threat, Benson the bruiser, and Williams the combination back. This has to be one of, if not the, best running back trio in the N.F.L. from the same college.

Wide Receiver

Roy Williams

Jordan Shipley

Limas Sweed

As good as the running backs have been, the Wide receivers leave a lot to be desired. Sweed went into a great situation with a top quarterback and a great stable organization, but has been unable to capitalize. Jordan Shipley has a chance to be pretty good slot receiver in the league. Roy Williams, despite all of the good publicity in the N.F.L. only has one season with over a 1,000 yards receiving in his career.

Offensive Line

Jusin Blalock, Jonathan Scott, Leonard Davis,  Derrick Dockery, Kasey Studdard, Tony Hillis

A lot of top level interior offensive line play, but no dominating tackles in the league.

Tight End

Jermichael Finley, Bo Scaife, David Thomas

This is the first top school I’ve looked at (Michigan state, Nebraska are others) that has any talented tight ends in the league. All three of these players are good pass catchers, and Jermichael Finley is a Troy Aikman/Joe Buck man crush.

Defensive Line

Casey Hampton, Shaun Rodgers,  Brian Robison, Lamaar Houston, Tim Crowder, Roy Miller, Henry Melton, Frank Okam, (Sam Acho)

The defense this line would play is clearly the 34. Rodgers isn’t the player he once was, but at one time was pretty good. Tim Crowder is actually much better now that he’s off the Broncos than he was on it. Houston had a very nice young career.


Brian Orakpo, Sergio Kindle, Derrick Johnson,

Orakpo is one of the brightest young stars in all of the league. Derrick Johnson has had a very solid career. And Kindle is in a good situation, we will see what comes of his time with the Ravens.


Aaron Ross, Cedric Brown, Tarell Brown, Nathan Vasher, Quentin Jammer,

(Cykie Brown, Aaron Williams, Curtis Brown)

Aaron Ross had an excellent rookie season and a pretty good 2008, but leg injuries, and a possible lack of passion (he has been quoted as saying things along the lines of “wasn’t trying hard enough before my injuries and things of that nature) have led him doing be a disappointment for the Giants


Earl Thomas, Michael Griffin, Michael Huff

Huff had a shaky start to his career, but has become a good playmaker for the Oakland Raiders. Earl Thomas had an excellent rookie season.


The Texas Longhorns are one of the Nation’s top College Football programs and that is reflected in the N.F.L. Michigan is still the most impressive college football team in the league from a top talent level, but overall depth and talent at all levels of offense and defense Texas might be the best. So far in my limited reviews Texas is the only team with talented tight ends in the league now.

All in all Texas has done a good job of getting players into the N.F.L. and having some of those players be successful.

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