Detroit Lions Should Be The Next Team on Hard Knocks


The Detroit Lions is one of the emerging teams in all of the N.F.L. They are a team that is just loaded with young talent thanks to the best player available philosophy deployed by the new regime. And in a poll from, the fans have selected Detroit Lions as the team they most want to see on Hard Knocks. Unfortunately, that won’t happen because the Detroit Lions have already said no.  The Lions have come a long way from a team that no one wanted to see on Thanksgiving day anymore to a team that thousands of people have chosen over all other teams to get in an depth look at the players behind the pads. The interesting thing is the team that is second to the Lions right now (poll still on going, but the Lions have a significant percentage of the votes) is the Oakland Raiders.

It’s just an interesting observation and an unexpected result. The team I root for would never agree to do Hard Knocks either, but other than that team I’d love to see is the New Orleans Saints. They seem like a team that would be interesting to follow. I’ve always liked Drew Brees and that team seems to have great cohesion.

What about you guys, if Hard Knocks was not going to show your favorite team what’s the team you’d want to see?