2011 Fantasy Football Potential Busts


Fantasy Football busts…..who will bust in 2011???

This is one of the most valuable pieces of information you can have in fantasy football to me. There is nothing, and I mean nothing worse than wasting a first or second round pick on a player that busts for the year. Take a look at Randy Moss last year, he was taken by almost everyone in the second round. Randy then went on to have his worst statistical season ever. Now, no one in their right mind could have seen that one coming, or at least not to that extent. I expected a drop off from Randy, but not for him to fall off the planet!

Needless to say, this is what you can try to avoid if you start your planning early. By coming to NFLMOCKS you will Gain the knowledge you need to steer clear of potential fatal moves by making the right decisions in your fantasy draft. I will try to help you with that by giving  you a few players who might be in for a “Moss” type of year.

Peyton Hillis. Ok, do I think he has the potential of busting totally?? Yea! Will I draft him as my number 2 RB and take my chances? YES. So, take this with a grain of salt,  BUT do not draft Hillis as your number one RB. I have one rule in the first and second rounds when drafting: Safe! Safe! and more Safe! I want security with my pick. The question you need to ask yourself is, would you feel safe and secure with picking Hillis for your lead RB?? Look, Hillis had the most carries of his career with 270 last year. We all saw how he broke down at the end of last year. The most carries he’s ever had before the 270 was 68, and the most yards he’s ever had was 343 before he broke out with 1,177 last season. Also, early round draft pick,  Montario Hardesty will be healthy next season. He will eat in to Peyton’s carries this year, how much is anyone’s guess at this point. For the final point, Hillis is on the Madden cover this year….oh boy. Now, do I believe in curses?? No, but that cover has a strange aura around it that makes me nervous for fantasy football purposes!

On to the next one…..On to the next one…..(Sorry, I have JayZ  playing in the back round)


Dwayne Bowe. Look, I like his talent, but teams will be focused on stopping him this year. No way will he come close to 15 td’s again! His most td’s he had before last year were only 7! Also, Dexter McCsulter will be healthy and take some looks away, and Jon Baldwin just got drafted. I expect Baldwin will start this year! Also, the TE Tony Moeaki will be better this year, and get more targets in the offense. Further more, Matt Cassel can be a little inconsistent at QB, which plays into this pick as well. I think Bowe will be ok, but for some season I have my doubts! If you can get Bowe for your number 2 WR, count me  in. Most people though will draft Dwayne as their number 1, Bowe is just to risky for me at that price!

Mercedes Lewis. Listen up good. Before last year (Which by the way was Mr. Lewis’s contract year) he had never had more than 518 yards or 2 td’s in any season. Do I really need to go on?? I won’t put any stock in this guy as a high number 1 TE. I know he had a good year with 700 yards and 10 td’s, but the TE field is so deep this year there is no need to gamble with Lewis as your starting TE. I would feel a great deal safer drafting Kellen Winslow, Owen Daniels, or even Rob Gronkowksi over him. I am warning you now. Draft someone else!

Jay Cutler. That hurts…..If you haven’t heard yet Mr. Freakin’ Fantasy is a BIG Chicago Bears fan. So, as much as it pains me to put Cutler in my busts for 2011, I have to. The Chicago Bears don’t have to true number 1 WR as of right now. Also, Culter’s pass attempts went WAY down last year. Culter only had 432 in 2010, compared to a whopping 555 in 2009. Hey, when Mike Martz came to town I thought Cutler was going to wing it around the whole field?? Well, that just  wasn’t the case last year. The Bear’s realized at about midway point in last years season they would have to give the ground game more work to have any chance to win, which was precisely what they did. I don’t think they get more pass happy this year. Jay’s numbers last year. 3,274 yards, 23 tds and 16 interceptions! Most Fantasy players will draft Jay as a starter in a 12 team league. I would feel better drafting Big Ben, Matt Ryan, and my sleeper pick Josh Freeman over Jay. I suggest you do the same.

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