Breakout Player: Gerald McCoy, DT, Buccaneers


There are many reasons why I think Gerald McCoy could be a breakout player this year, but at the top of the list is the way he is approaching the off-season. (In an interview from )

McCoy is doing great things in the community

Africa was a different type of experience. It was a life-changing experience,” said McCoy. “It was an eye-opening experience. I’ve altered the way I’ve lived after being over there in Africa. You realize how much you take for granted, and how much we really do have over here. I’m a lot more cautious with how I live and spend my money. You don’t expect to see people live that way, but we had fun with it. We got to do a lot of stuff as far as giving out water, feeding children, we dug water holes, we laid the foundation for a new school that is being built, we did a lot of good stuff, a lot of great things and fun things.

McCoy seems to be one of the players that just gets it. The other thing McCoy has been doing this off-season is very intense training. McCoy says he’s in the best shape he’s been in, and he’s focusing on losing weight to be explosive and elite.
Gerald McCoy was a very high draft pick last year (3rd overall). He didn’t start the season on fire, but came on very strong at the end of the season. Last season he had 16 tackles in the first 8 games and 12 tackles in the last five games. He also had all of his sacks in his final five games last season before a biceps injury forced him to miss the rest of the season.

Gerald McCoy has excellent explosiveness and potential as a dominant pass rusher. I think that McCoy is poised for a big season this year and is one big reason why the Buccaneers are one of the emerging teams in the N.F.L.

What are your thoughts people? Is Gerald McCoy out for a big breakout season? I know this seems like a lay up pick, but I just wanted to point out the off-season work McCoy’s been doing and the great second half of the season that McCoy had last year and the big season I expect him to have this year.

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